Why Men Never Get Over A Breakup

Why Men Never Get Over A Breakup

It’s commonly thought that women hurt more after a breakup. Is there any truth to this?

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Study: Women hurt more by breakups but recover more fully
“Women experience more emotional pain following a breakup, but they also more fully recover, according to new research from Binghamton University.”

Why breakups hurt more for women

“Men and women’s hearts are equally prone to breaking—but does one gender suffer more soul-crushing agony along the way?”

The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups
“Julie Spira isn’t just any writer. She bills herself as an expert on Internet dating, and wrote a book called The Perils of Cyber-Dating.”


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20 Responses

  1. Gemeral dis says:

    So,now men are cute ,Butthurt,overemotionals?Is that the
    feminists-Amazonian propaganda to put men into slavery as boy-mens?is itr?

  2. Andrew Baker says:

    how to get over a break up:

    kill yourself.

  3. NeedMoneyNow says:

    I can’t even get risky sexual behavior.

  4. keenan jones (Cool Story Bro) says:

    Ugh, this bloooows!

  5. David Galvin says:

    The main reason I’ve never gotten into a relationship. Ever. Not worth it.

  6. Yacobus Fitri says:

    +DNews What about homosexual breakup….what happens when they break up.
    What kind of emotional roller coaster do they go through? How do they cope?

  7. Marcus crassus (nathan reed) says:

    well this is surprising

  8. clayton8or_2 says:

    Doubled with the fact that if females are upset/depressed everyone goes to
    them and comforts them and stuff, whereas if a guy is upset almost nobody
    even attempts to help them emotionally, so they are stuck with no moral

    This happened to me awhile ago where my gf broke up with ME and people were
    jumping in to comfort her when i was sitting there all alone thinking about
    weather my life should proceed no longer…

    People say i am too dramatic but that is because of all the shit i have
    experienced from relationships, i get emotional when someone breaks up with
    me, that makes me even more worried someone is going to do it again…

    Also when i AM in a good relationship i feel like the happiest person on
    the planet, that usually does not last long.

    I just wish i could start over. Nothing in this world is fair unless you
    are insanely lucky.

    “I have never made anybody as upset as they have made me”

    Damn this is a long youtube comment sorry for wasting your time

  9. Xathos says:

    Dunno, Trace looks like he’s still dealing with the slow loss of his hair.

    Dat receding hairline.

  10. joecugo says:

    Its pretty shocking to us when we find out how evil women are.

  11. the dude says:

    Is there a female version of Drake?

  12. ZaHermit says:

    I dont wanna hear anymore of this.


    It seems to me like a more plausible explanation for the difference in how
    men and women handle a breakup is that society teaches men and women to
    handle emotion differently. Women are more free to express their emotions,
    while men are taught to conceal them. And if you ask any therapist, they
    will tell you that suppressing emotions (which men do all the time) often
    leads to a kind of emotional PTSD which can cause those emotions to be
    triggered by anything that remind you of what caused them in the first
    place (in this case the break-up).

  14. lakajd says:

    This explains things, but is also really discouraging.

  15. Kitsch Puffer Fish says:

    Lust will tear us apart.

  16. Leung CheukYin says:

    where can I get your Tee, correlation=/=causation??

  17. Neo Genesis Gaming says:

    It’s been 3 years since I split with my girlfriend of 7 years after I found
    out they were cheating… My life has been in the toilet ever since. :/

  18. Heero yuy says:

    dated this chick for 3 years (in high school) coming up on graduation 1
    week away we split she moved away i know from talking to her best friend (
    who im friends with) she never got over it,and honestly nether did i
    however that was 3 years ago and b/c of that relation ship I’m now a cold
    harted demon that shuts everyone out, except close friends and family. and
    what sucks about that 3 year relation is even when we split we where both
    still emotionally involved in it.

  19. deadasfak says:

    Weird, I always the breaker not the one who gets broken up with. I don’t
    know how would I take it. But considering what a whining little pussy I
    become when I want to get a girl and/or I get rejected, I’d probably be a

  20. UDavidT says:

    i figured this out already.

    Just dont be emotionally invested in the relationship. And keep yourself
    happy in the relationship.

    Been doing this for 7 years and so far so good.