Why monks had that haircut

Why monks had that haircut

There was a lot of thought behind the style — and controversy.

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What was the deal with that monk haircut? In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explores the history and controversy behind the style.

Known as “tonsure,” the typical monk hairstyle has many variations throughout religions. The particular hairstyle worn by Christian monks has its own variations and controversies as well. Three different types of tonsure were popular: a coronal tonsure, a Pauline tonsure, and a third Celtic tonsure that came to represent the differences between the Roman Catholic and Celtic Catholic church.

The winding path of this tonsure is a new way to look at the division within the religion and the unpredictable ways something like hair can represent faith.

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86 Responses

  1. mohammed sufy says:

    Always thought they were just bald…

  2. Friendship says:

    Monk: **took off his hat**

    Everyone: BALD! BALD! BALD! BALD!

    Me: *_My EYES!!!_*

  3. Kim Jong Un says:

    Haha my haircut is better

  4. EL. says:

    imagine their twitter
    “got a new cut for the #SalemWitchTrials this finnaa be littt!!!!! ✂️✂️????”

  5. Dave Fabella says:

    the “reverse bowlcut” basically

  6. Jy Yeüng says:

    1:50 I thought someone was calling me on skype loll

  7. all things fascinating says:

    Because monks like to sport a halo over their heads . ? ? ?

  8. Chris Jays says:

    *Barber:* What you want fam?
    *Monk:* that 4th century tonsure cut.
    *Barber:* …
    *Monk:* …You ever watch the three stooges?
    *Barber:* I got you fam.

  9. Vandana Thakur says:

    How DO you come up with these ridiculously curious topic? Great video.

  10. Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos says:

    Being a good person and believing in God is not enough. You have to have the perfect haircut too ? Early fashionistas! ?

  11. Hieronymus di Colonna says:

    I always appreciate it in character creators when they let me give my character a tonsure for a hairstyle.

  12. blitzwaffe says:

    Monk’s haircut: What I studied for on the exam
    Bald spot: What’s on the exam

  13. Dantoxism says:

    That ain’t hair mate, that’s a ring! A head-ring

  14. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    It’s circumcision for the head.

  15. soapy sandals says:


    C O N T R O V E R S I E S

  16. Mohd Saif says:

    Barber: How may I help you?
    Monk: I like Saturn
    Barber: Say no more

  17. Abhijeet Singh Deora says:

    That haircut was cheat for celibasy ???

  18. Tony C says:

    I always thought they were just balding, so they would cut it that way.

  19. phototristan says:

    I have a nice fade, does that mean I’m super holy?

  20. Fabricio Larios says:

    They had that haircut to ensure a celibate life.

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