Why More People Go To MLB Games Than Any Other Sport

Why More People Go To MLB Games Than Any Other Sport

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41 Responses

  1. The Caveman says:

    I just love how he can always come up with topics for a sport that doesn’t exist

  2. barelyillegal says:

    Historically going to a baseball game was a leisure activity. In the old days people used to picnic in the outfield as the game was going. All these side attractions and leisure activities I think are all a part of what makes baseball special.

    • randomstuff508 says:

      Although you’re right, baseball games historically were fast, like 1 hour 30 minutes fast. It’s only recently that games have been going on longer than 3 hours (before this season).

      The teams should adapt by opening the gates earlier, along with promoting them to be opened earlier. Have events that happen before games to encourage that as well.

    • Skinny Sweaty Man says:

      That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t like the pitch clock. It feels less relaxing now.

      It’s nice that games move faster now but it’s become a different experience.

  3. James Patrick says:

    Imagine if they made games as hyped as the Japanese league.

    • Larry Dana David says:

      @Kevin Haskey You went to a sporting event and walked away intrigued not by the skill level on the playing field, but by the colorful clothing the spectators wore. 😆

    • Bowman Bros says:

      @kirihara manager rides on hovercraft to enter the game, and fans are electric

    • david johnson says:

      they’re called minor league games. Used to go to the AA team with my grandparents all the time cuz they always had shit going on to keep us entertained with gimmicks and promos. 1$ hot dogs was also an easy way to keep us fed without going broke like a football game where they want 10 for a hot dog

    • Texas Ranger says:

      @kugashira101 Same reason anyone does anything, like your comment. Freewill, not complicated.

    • kugashira101 says:

      @Grady Milholen Then why did he allow slavery and all the other atrocities?

  4. Flip n' Co says:

    I think that baseball can definitely grow its attendance from the changes it made this year

    • Bennett Slavin says:

      @WillyGee as a younger person I kinda disagree on of my favorite things about the game is the tension built with every pitch, that is completely gone now.

    • WillyGee says:

      @tom f yeah but they don’t see it that way they think it feels forced and that they’re taking away game time when they’re only cutting down on no action time

    • tom f says:

      @WillyGee the odd thing is the old timers should like this as games are now about as short as they were 30-40 years ago

    • webgem14 says:

      Attendance is up approximately 120 fans per game. That’s not very significant. You’d have to figure it was bound to go up as Covid rules and concerns have lessened. It’s actually down about 1500 from 2019, which was the last year pre-Covid.

    • LHK Kang says:

      They have. It’s up compared to same time last year.

  5. Guyro says:

    I saw a graph with ticket sales for all the major sports leagues and was kind of stunned. Then I remembered that the MLB plays 162 regular season games.

  6. 猴王小明 says:

    Last year I got a lot of my friends who really dont know anything about baseball to watch a Jays vs Twins game. I got about 11 people and we sat on the 5th deck of rogers centre, and it was a blast! Firstly the game was actually exciting and even though we lost, there were lots of homers and Jays almost made a comeback, it was exciting and a few of my friends (who originally came because they didnt have anything else to do) really wanted to watch another game if we had the chance. I think its because the game is slower paced and I had a lot of chances to explain what was happening and we had a lot of time to talk. The crowd was also made it fun with all the chants and boos. The last reason was definitely because of the back-and-forth action.
    I do think that MLB has the potential to get a even higher attendance if there were cheerleaders like they do in Taiwan (where im from), Korea and Japan. Also if MLB stops making changes to the game it can let people understand easier.
    Blackouts and other restriction that makes it harder to watch games should go as well so people dont need to pay a lot of money to watch games and make it easier to watch games. That way people who are just introduced can get more of the action.

    • Justin Yerkes says:

      @ryan. most people don’t want to watch people standing for 2 hours

    • Thomas Jellis says:

      I’ve been in Taiwan for over 7 years, I go to about 50 games a season and it’s great fun. The cheerleaders are a nice side attraction. I personally love cheering on my team (Uni Lions), do the players dance, and sing the players song. Can be 10-0 down on the road, it’s still fun.

    • ryan. says:

      @Justin Yerkes Pitch clock is just lame, i don’t care if it takes 3 minutes for the dude to throw a pitch. Just makes us boo harder 🤷

    • 𝒹𝑒𝓇 says:

      baseball is not a cheerleading sport.


      I went to that one the twins won.

  7. Dante_boost17 says:

    these videos are genuinely entertaining and you can tell he takes time making these thank you for these

  8. SouthsideSox1998 says:

    I always get a $10 ticket or cheaper on game time 😂 I end up just moving closer in a unoccupied seat. So there’s truth to that. There’s really a lot to enjoy at a ballpark honestly. I encourage everybody to make it out when they can. The big games are the best. I love the camaraderie you feel between thousands of people who don’t know each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

  9. James Seiter says:

    This kind of fan interaction is what got me into baseball. I played catch with Jermaine Dye from the right field bleachers at Kauffman several times as a child. Before the game, during warm-ups, he’d essentially warm-up with us . . . going further and further back until he was almost in the infield where the oldest of us couldn’t throw that far. $10 tickets, and by the season or two before he was traded to the black sox, the parking cost more than the ticket.

    He’s still my favorite baseball player of all-time for that.

  10. LCS says:

    Baseball doesn’t exsist really makes my day 🎉

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