Why Mount Rushmore is the Weirdest Monument

Why Mount Rushmore is the Weirdest Monument

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20 Responses

  1. Kelsenpai says:

    “built on stolen native american land”
    Oh, you mean the entire USA?

  2. Lina Love-Kuypers says:

    I am from South Dakota, and I hate Mount Rushmore. Rapid is pretty much a giant tourist trap. Jobs don’t pay well, and between Spring to Fall, you are going to be working your ass off. Glad I live on the other side of the state. Rapid City isn’t even the biggest city in South Dakota. It is Sioux Falls.

  3. Dragon_12dk says:

    you don’t get your damn land back, because it isn’t your land, the sioux just stole that land from other tribes that were there first, who stole it from tribes who were there before them, who stole it from tribes before them, with your logic its just as much our land as it ever was theirs.

  4. LolGuy says:

    That chick is so thicc. I like big girls. What’s her instagram, anyone??

  5. B G says:

    i dont see what the big deal is about “stealing native american land” because all land was stolen from one person to another at one point its the natives fault for not advancing and attempting to beat our ass so really there is no problem with that if you think about it

  6. jpkjnn says:

    Man, I haven’t seen Trumpers this pissed for a while. Poor, delicate, fragile snowflakes. Hey guys, maybe you should go hold another rally where you jack each other and the President off over your *huuuge* electoral college victory. That always seems to cheer you up.

  7. Kelly Joule says:

    You know, one day you will all grow up and realize “I don’t like that” does not equal “this is wrong” he cites fact checked sources. Everything he said is true. Face it.

  8. amy torres says:

    I love this show but I can’t agree with this because there are some things missing. This project was made during the great depression to help Americans get back to work. FDR made the new deal programs which drafted up pretty sizable projects to help starving people get jobs. Projects like this were why the U.S got out of the Great Depression. So is it sad that they were built on Native American land yeah but we shouldn’t try to make it seem like it was all about some stupid architect who along with the American people wanted to flagrantly put up faces of past presidents. People making this show should try to include all the information and not just nitpick what they like or find works best in their arguments.

  9. Nanou B says:

    americans are so butt hirt they don’t want to know how bad they are it hirts their feelings
    tell them they are great good people all the time they can’t handle the truth

  10. samiamtheman 73 says:

    Why’s William Taft playing Teddy Roosevelt in this video?

  11. jsmeris20 says:

    Those guys are from wwe

  12. Tofu Kingpin says:

    I thought it’s because they were Hokage

  13. Leanne Gregerson says:

    Shout out to all my south dakotans!!

  14. Steve Holmgren says:

    Adam please ruin Religion.

    I’ve commented this literally hundreds of times. Statistically you’re staff will not read this, and if they do they will forfeit any consideration due to the political culture in our brainwashed religious country. The last on Earth. America, wake up.

  15. Alex Martin says:

    Is this supposed to be funny

  16. Hillary Clinton says:

    Really? He wants his land back? Even though the natives did not believe in the concept of land ownership?

  17. John Smith says:

    So tired of the shaming of America and white people for taking land. It’s just survival of the fittest. We’re not sorry.

  18. OnboardManx7 says:

    Was not expecting new day at all lol

  19. Struggle Gaming says:

    Lol they got New Day for that skit XD

  20. SharStyleTV says:

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