Why Peeing in the Pool Could Be Dangerous | Disinfection By-Products

Why Peeing in the Pool Could Be Dangerous | Disinfection By-Products

It’s kind of a pain to get out of the pool just to use the bathroom, plus chlorine is a disinfectant so it is fine to pee in the pool, right? Well, it turns out that might give you some health issues.

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20 Responses

  1. David Gilmour says:

    Hank Green? more like Dank Green amirite?

  2. Yoyo Johnson says:

    Damn scishow uploading topics no one cares about as usual.

  3. Robb V. says:

    Lemme know if you’ve pissed more than 5 times in a pool…

  4. Thanks Obama says:

    *continues to pee in the water*

  5. Iddo Barzilai says:

    who els here pees in pools just to screw people over?

  6. Skull Demon says:

    teen – I will pee in every pool in the neighbourhood for 10 $
    trump – let’s make America yellow again

  7. InfiniteBro says:

    I hate it when people ask for likes.

    Do you?

  8. Hentai Is Good says:

    Did the kid in the thumbnail have a bladder the size of a bathtub?!

  9. Master Therion says:

    But there is no pee in “The Pool…” there’s poo.

  10. Al Brink says:

    I put the P in Pool

  11. Sean Bichler says:

    can i ejaculate in the pool

  12. 60 Second Success says:

    Good luck telling a swimmer that they shouldn’t pee in the pool. I bet they would get really _pissed-off_.

  13. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK Be Gone Bitch says:

    What doesn’t kill you now a days????

  14. corbin87445 says:

    Just remember sometimes you swallow the water and you open your eyes in the water and there is pee in there. think about that when your in the pool

  15. Paul Kanns says:

    He gestures like a robot

  16. thuzan117 says:

    do we really need a reason not to pee in the pool? Can’t we just agree its gross and be civilized about this?

  17. ErraticMagics says:

    Finally, my avoidance of public pools has been validated.

  18. trey murray says:

    So if you pee in the water, URINE for a surprise.

  19. nGon- says:

    I will never understand why people pee in pools. Heck, even if I go swimming in the sea or a lake with no humans around I’d rather get out and pee against a tree than swim in my own urine.

  20. Hot Cosby says:

    I’ve never peed in a pool in my life how is this normal for so many people?

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