Why People Are Freaking Out About David Dobrik, Heartbreaking Wrongful Imprisonment, Trolls, & More

Why People Are Freaking Out About David Dobrik, Heartbreaking Wrongful Imprisonment, Trolls, & More

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Important Links/Sources:
David Dobrik’s Makes Controversial Comments on Podcast:

Rotten Tomatoes & Captain Marvel:

San Francisco Expunges Convictions:

Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 39 years granted $21 million settlement:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Max Iskiev, Lili Stenn
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98 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Shoutout to OG YouTube friend in the beginning of the vid is my fave. Happy Friday ya Beautiful Bastards. <3
    David Dobrik Backlash (00:14), Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes (4:01), TIA: (7:03), San Fran MJ (8:47), Man Wrongfully Convicted (13:01)

    • HOFFandGOLDMAN says:

      Philly D! Can you please do some digging into the Canadian Liberal Governments scandal, specifically Justin Trudeau, and the SNC Lavalin affair with them. The facts from the RCMP of SNC Lavalins’ involvement in Libya have been astonishing. Also them being charged with bribery and a federal minister accepting 2.1 million in payment from them, again charged from the RCMP. Justin Trudeau has muzzled his attorney general, just after firing her, in the middle of the SNC investigation, because she would not let it go. This is probably the biggest story in Canada right now and it need the Philly D crew to shed light on it! Thank you. Keep up the awesome work.

    • DarkAkuma says:

      Stop censoring comments! This is the 3rd time I’ve come back to check on
      these comments, only to have all the highest ranking comments exposing
      your mishandling of the RT issue completely gone!

    • jesse mcvicker says:

      Marquis de LaFayette once said “I will believe in capital punishment when you prove to me the infallibility of mankind.” This case just highlights the problems in the justice system.

    • Aeaceus says:

      What a surprise, DeFranco gets it wrong AGAIN

      Marvel announces Captain Marvel

      Rotten Tomatoes opens A POLL, NOT A REVIEW SECTION, A POLL

      Fans are excited, give a 94% positive “we want to go see this movie” feedback

      Brie Larson makes a stupid, sexist comment

      Fans get angry at the political posturing and change the POLL to a less than 30% (the last time I read the poll was about 3 weeks ago, dunno if it went lower)

      Brie Larson fans scream misogyny.

      I get tired of the outrage marketing and decide not to go see the movie.

    • BosoxnationI972 says:

      Wow Phil,. those were not audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Those were survey questions regarding whether you were excited that the movie is coming out and questions about if you will go see it. Next, the controversy about what Brie Larson said has HISTORY. When the movie A Wrinkle in Time came out to terrible reviews, it was when Brie Larson first stated her problem with white men. She said, “I don’t need a 40 year old white man telling me what he thought about A Wrinkle in Time because he’s not the target demographic…so sit down.” Unfortunately for her and her point, audiences hated the movie too, and it has an IMDB score of 4.2 out of 10. Not very good at all, considering that police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol has a score of 4.9.
      This is a pattern with her, and after reading an interview with her, I can see it all started when her dad left her family when she was 6 years old. She blames him for her parents break up, and it was her mom who moved her family from San Francisco to LA, and she blames her dad for their fractured relationship. My guess is she’s brainwashed by her mother, as often happens with the custodial parent in a divorce. So while her point of inclusion is perfectly fine, you don’t have to demonize a particular group, in this case white males, in order to broach the subject. This woman clearly has issues.

  2. Stoph Mode says:

    Dobrick did absolutely nothing wrong. Full stop.

    • maskyschannel says:

      thing is the guy who called him out’s twitter profile is so fucking privileged it’s not funny

    • Some Dude With A Bald Head says:

      +maskyschannel so it was just that one guy? Honestly didn’t see much in regards to this

  3. Max Brown says:

    The issue has never been women in leading roles. A women simply holding a major role is fine and entirely unoffensive; however, when everyone surrounding a film is constantly trying to imply some _deeper meaning_ — some _cause_ — to the film because of the protagonist’s sex, it is manipulative and wrong.

    • Yaruu Salamander says:

      +dcon9995 Because 5min isn’t enough to push a certain viewpoint… Ur brain must explode by Videos longer then 4min I guess

      P.S Not sure if ur old enough, but do u remember the drama that happened after the Battlefield V trailer?

    • dcon9995 says:

      +Yaruu Salamander *whistle* imagine being so stupid and sensitive to a 5 min video to think that you know how the whole movie will be, but to get your panties riled up thinking you’re being targeted by feminism Lmao. Man, I would feel bad being as fragile and paranoid as you. Then again, I don’t really expect much from hardcore anti-sjws. You and sjws are two sides of the same coin.

    • Manuel Flores says:

      +Jane D to answer your question I think its stuff like an unnecessary emphasis on her gender like “her -> a hero” at the beginning of the trailer (I haven’t seen the trailers so I don’t know if there’s more). And the fact that she was confirmed to be stronger than Thanos. People don’t want a deus ex machina coming in at the end to single handedly solve the problem that none of the characters we’ve been invested for years could. Why the need to confirm her as stronger than every MCU character combined before at least letting the movie try to invest us in her struggle and development? A lot of the marketing/ interviews/ articles seem to push female power! Which is not a great incentive for watching a movie. In contrast wonder woman and Alita afaik were not touted as female empowering movies but instead as just really good movies. They turned out to be empowering role models for girls and boys with zero backlash from “trolls”, receiving praise instead.

    • Jackie Barker says:

      shen Nicely stated point.

    • Octa Blatskowitz says:

      +Yaruu Salamander bro are you EU? If yes, don’t argue with americans bcuz their mindset is the shtiest one and don’t struggle to explain ya point.

  4. Stalker Bleach says:

    39 years. Proper compensation for this guy should be 390,000,000. Sounds almost right.

    • Jedi450 says:

      +TheBlankFromHeck Why the jailers? They were just doing their jobs that they were sworn (in most cases to do). The prison staff do not punish inmates. The fact that they are in prison in their punishment. Staff are there to do everything within their power to make sure they stay there as long as the law says they should be.

    • TheJjcczz says:

      Stalker Bleach Money is great and all but real compensation is finding the person/s who killed his wife and son

    • TheBlankFromHeck says:

      Jedi450 Because they have committed a crime. When I say jailers i mean more generally “the people who sent him to prison”, not the guy who brought lunch to his cell each day or whatever.
      This might include the judge and DA for example.

    • Karma Ascendant says:

      TheBlankFromHeck The judge merely has the evidence presented to them. It all hinges on the detectives on the original case as they’re the ones that didn’t want to do their jobs correctly

    • Muhammad Ismail Khan says:

      +Karma Ascendant but it is also questions the judges critical thinking that needs to be questioned. If the detective raised all these question, the judge should of been the first person to ask these question. Not just look at “evidence”. We all know evidences can be minipulated/destroyed. Happens a lot more then you think. It is ultimately the judges fault for giving hin that sentence, when presented that data and evidences. I mean if judges just make decisions based on evidences provided, then **** the degree, because a high school drop out should be able to qualify as a judge.

      I’m not saying the law system is perfect, but I definitely think it could improve.

  5. Leen Pels says:

    Judging from the trailers Captain Marvel just seems underwhelming and Brie Larson a miscast.

    • Jacqueline Colette says:

      Leen Pels my thoughts exactly!! it just doesn’t feel right.

    • Teh Ribbons says:

      Feels boring compared to the rest of the marvel movies.

    • vids2002 says:

      She isn’t a good actress

    • Jimb says:

      @ Leen Pels nailed it, I might add this is pretty much what most of the comment’s on RT stated in their own way however I believe the fear that the “Want to See” score would have dipped below 10% made someone have it removed and I’m fairly sure it wasn’t RT’s own idea.

  6. Zoya S. says:

    All he said was that he doesn’t care if his friends support Trump, which is a good thing! Are you really going to not be friends with someone because they don’t support the same politicians as you? If anything, you’re the one missing out at an attempt for diversity and less hate in our world. If we continue to not associate with people because they have differing opinions, the world will continue to hate and divide even more. For example, one of my best friends in pretty conservative, and I’m an independent with a liberal lean, and we debate all the time, and it can get heated, but at the end of the day, we laugh about it, because we’re human, and it’s only politics, only debates, and that shouldn’t get in the way of human connection.

    • Lindsay Ballif says:

      Zoya S. beautifully explained! I agree 100%! And it’s always interesting to me to hear other people’s perspectives and as long as they’re not trying to change my views, I love having discussions and hearing their points and their feelings behind them. I’m also independent with a liberal lean! Yas. Sorry I just got so excited about this comment.

    • Jackie Barker says:

      I’ve seen instances of people, who have been friends for many years, be excommunicated by their liberal friends. I’ve rarely seen it the other way around. I like you, am independent. I used to be liberal, until they went batshit crazy!

    • S Clair says:

      I Disagree there. Not saying republicans are hitler here, that’d be hyperbole… But would you associate with someone who’s politician of choice was hitler? Thats a political opinion that was once widely valid even in the united states. Diversity of opinion isn’t beneficial when it includes harbouring actually hateful viewpoints.

      Whether or not thats true in present politics is a case by case for each political opinion, but politics gets people riled up for a reason, people aren’t having minor disagreements over shit like the VAT on butter, they’re riled up because life changing and often live or die choices are being made or not being made.

      For a modern day example, if you require medication to live and your buddy says “I support raising the price to £1000 a piece, if you cant afford it you shouldn’t be able to have it” even if they’re not saying it to you specifically its perfectly acceptible to not want to associate with them any more.

      I think in todays world the issue is attempting to bully others out of associating with who people view as the opposite side, whether or not we choose to associate with someone is our choice, but what other people prioritise is a step removed from our lives and we can’t expect everyone to be an activist for whatever opinion we hold passionately.

    • Luis Alvarez says:

      Are you single? ?

    • Viollet says:

      Zoya S. My thoughts exactly! These days everyone goes by this stupid cancel culture and it’s really annoying. If you think someone is wrong. Talk it out! Why cancel them? Don’t you want educate them or at least ask why(and actually listen)? As long as ppl hold back a little and don’t get triggered, comes *a great opportunity for a very wholesome interaction* . Everyone has a story. If we could only listen to each other we would understand everything better and improve. Politicians often use fear and tons of issues and it’s easy to manipulate some more naive or simple ppl, especially when media is payed. Supporting __ doesn’t mean that someone is evil or bad. I don’t understand why some ppl say they are against discrimination and hate, yet, they antagonize others they’ve never met before. But I guess some ppl need villains in their lives so they can feel ”righteous” and enjoy attention and affection they don’t usually receive from others unless they parade around as justice warriors, while being hypocrites. :/ (this isn’t about anyone in particular, it goes for everyone)

  7. Zero II says:

    Phil you forgot that Solo, the movie right after The Last Jedi, Bombed

    • Mark Taylor says:

      Jeremiah Kane my bad, but it looked like it almost made even. Figures I’m seeing is 250 million production plus 150 million marketing

    • IlusiveZoidberg says:

      +Mark Taylor In today’s corporate culture though, even a small profit is considered a failure. So if your TV show, video game, movie, etc. is even a small loss, it’s a catclysmic event in the eyes of execs and shareholders.

    • Mark Taylor says:

      IlusiveZoidberg I know, so I said “my bad” 😉

    • Grim Chronos says:

      True but after captain marvel makes its billions of dollars I doubt Engame is gonna bomb or spiderman after that. Marvel just knows and we are 20 movies in so honestly even if we see it as a feminist movies or whatever I know for a fact its gonna be a good time

    • Kate says:

      I was discussing this yesterday on Reddit because I didn’t watch it, but it’s interesting after the initial anger it seems a lot of people actually enjoyed it as a stand alone movie. I still need to watch it, but it is interesting how after things are released people watch them and like them.

  8. Virgo says:

    4 Decades I can’t even imagine 🙁

    • Rohan Jarande says:

      It also sounds like it was a violent murder… I can’t imagine the suffering the woman and child went through, and this man was wrongly blamed for it, for the suffering of his own loved ones.

      I seriously don’t know what I would do in this situation, it’s fucking scary if you think about it.

    • Daniel Mendoza says:

      He came out to a brand new fucking world. Imagine that crap? Jesus Christ that is mind boggling.

  9. No Problem! says:

    I think the bigger question is why is there sperm on the kids shirt

    • Etienne Marquis says:

      IKR its super fucked

    • Yoshi Rocks says:

      He said multiple individuals sperm wtf

    • Nola Girl says:

      No Problem! He could have been having sex with his girl, pulled out and came all over whatever piece of clothing was around which might have been the child’s. It’s a little far fetched, but it’s a theory

    • Kelly Alves says:

      Yoshi Rocks Yeah, dear God.

    • Some Dude With A Bald Head says:

      +Nola Girl except thensperm wasn’t his. The sperm found on the shit contained DNA from multiple people that weren’t the guy who got convicted. That shirt was obviously planted by the original investigators. It was probably their sperm too

  10. Rensune says:

    People are Literally Being Racist “White Privilege” because someone isn’t letting Politics keep friends out of their Life.

    That’s Insane.

    • Bxmanolo13 says:

      Mary or something , forreal that comment kinda proves how sensitive right winged ppl are

    • Raked T says:

      @Mary or something, sure we _might_ , but try telling you _support Trump_ to lefties and all of a sudden a hate mob will descend on you yelling racist/sexist/homophobe/islamophobe etc. etc. etc. and try to fire you from your job and banish you from society.
      I’d say that’s a lot worse than being teased with “aww you think orange man bad?”

    • Darth Rangus says:

      +Mary or something Yea? Try saying that you support Trump, in front of a bunch of TDS Antifa people. You will have an expensive medical bill most likely.

    • Mary or something says:

      +Darth Rangus Good thing I don’t have to pay that expensive medical bill all by myself. Y’know, universal healthcare n all.

    • Darth Rangus says:

      +Mary or something Ahhh, yes. the “universal healthcare” that does not, and will never exist in the US…..tell me. How would that work in the most unhealthy population in the world? Not only would it completely bankrupt the country, but…I hope you enjoy having to wait 3 months to see a doctor.

  11. Silver Eyeshadow says:

    I’m here for Jenna Marbles face on Philip’s body. Period.

  12. Em B says:

    The Jenna face took me by surprise ?

  13. Luis Alvarez says:

    Phil got a lot of things wrong with regards to the Brie Larson controversy. First of all, they were not reviews it was a poll asking people if they were interested in watching the movie and people simply expressed their disappointment and concerns over the trailers and Brie’s comments. One key statement that Phil left out is when Brie said that “Captain Marvel is not a movie for white dudes” and then said she hates old white men and doesn’t care about their opinions. This was the statement that rubbed people the wrong way, not the statement that Phil picked.

    Lastly, Brie and the producers have made it clear that they wanted Captain Marvel to be a huge feminist movie. So knowing that they would try to push a political agenda naturally turned a lot of people off. Trying too hard to push feminism is what made the 2016 Ghostbusters garbage. That movie was just filled with stereotypes, feminist cliches and man hating jokes.

    • Luis Alvarez says:

      Again it’s possible that Captain Marvel turns out to be a good movie. But telling people that they should not watch the movie or comment if they’re white males and telling them it will be a big feminist movie is bound to make a lot of people not want to watch it. That doesn’t mean we are trolls.

      Also Brie Larson getting backlash because of her dumb hateful comments is not a “targetted harassment campaign”. Feminists just play the victim instead of accepting that the criticism might be justified. It has been this way since GamerGate lol. To them criticizing a feminist’s hot take is harassment / trolling.

  14. EpicMango says:

    I don’t care about Captain Marvel. I care about that man losing 40 years of his life.

  15. Dan says:

    In 2019 saying you shouldn’t hate people who disagree with you politically is considered controversial.

    • Lord Canti says:

      arourallis you can’t just say shit you believe and expect other people to take it as fact, not to mention you are stereotyping an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. I could say all black people are criminals because some blacks commit more crime, but you’d find that racist I’m sure. However when you essentially say all republicans are evil racists that is okay in your eyes because you don’t like republicans. It’s funny how quickly we drop our standards when it suits us. Using stereotypes to slander entire groups is racist and bigoted until it’s someone you don’t like then it’s cool.

    • Charles Grimmer says:

      +Kayla Âû Rose You said it best.

    • That1Guy says:

      No it isn’t. But you don’t have to be friends with them either. You know those aren’t your only two options, right?

    • Dawn Sinclair says:

      on top of that, that clip is from 2017 lol

    • roguexxrenegade says:

      Dawn Sinclair but the controversy is only happening now, in 2019

  16. die nerd xd says:

    Dude David dobrik was telling the truth…it isn’t “white privilege”

    • Jackie Barker says:

      Hannah Mogen I don’t understand why so many white women feel the need to be a spokesperson for the black community regarding their issues. I see it so often. Even at rallies, there will be more whites. I just find it funny.

    • Jackie Barker says:

      fat whale how does this make sense? That would be like saying if parents police their children (keep their kids from doing wrong) it makes the kids more violent.

    • Daniel Rand says:

      +WilI Smith If the employer prefers one person over the other PURELY because of race (not background/religion/what have you) and the employer is more comfortable with someone from their own race, then i WOULD call that racist actually and i don’t condone that. I don’t understand people who would. This scenario however is also NOT a privilege for the person they would hire of the same skin-color. A privilege is something you get or deserve, not something you get because it’s being denied to someone else who should otherwise get it. This is why this current “white privilege” doesn’t exist, because it’s not about having a privilege, but because it’s being denied to someone else in almost every single scenario this wording is used. Calling these things “white privilege” is both damaging for the cause they think they are helping and a blatant shaming tactic.

    • Kate says:

      +Skibi Don’t black people also tend to have the highest poverty rates? Crime and poverty seem to be equal. I get why people state this stuff without mentioning the economics.

    • Kate says:

      +Lord Canti Crimes should have the same incarceration records for the same crimes, however our criminal system is subjective and it depends on the locality as well as the judges and cops in the area. Why don’t people protest for a blanket system if they care so much is it because it’s maybe not as black and white as people believe?

  17. RedJay 1080p says:

    You got the Brie Larson story really mixed up Phil.

  18. Ziggy Stardust says:

    “I don’t get understand getting angry with people because they have different political views than me”
    “White privilege!!”

    what tHE FU CK

  19. Shamus Carmicheal says:

    IT CAN NOT BE REVIEW WHEN THE MOVIE IS NOT RELEASED how is this so difficult to understand

    • Vaninda says:

      exactly it was people saying they diddent want to see the movie based on what they had seen and the over politicization of it.. thats it, its not review bombing or anything of the sort.. but everyone keeps saying “oh the trolls are review bombing”

    • Darth Rangus says:

      no, you are just a bigot if you don’t want to see it, plain and simple. Hence, my mom who thinks superhero movies are just not interesting…is a bigot.

    • Shamus Carmicheal says:

      +Darth Rangus i dont want to talk crap about phil but he has become more like the mainstream media lately. we see it with this but all his silly reaction to the covington kids. its shame i liked his approach to the news. at least we still got Tim Pool to give us quality .

    • Darth Rangus says:

      +Shamus Carmicheal He STILL to this date, has not said anything about his bullshit, bias ass response to that whole fiasco.
      Phil is getting closer and closer to living in the “Twitter Bubble”…..Only following/listening to one side of every story, of course you will have a bias opinion/outlook.

  20. Daniel Clark-hughes says:

    People keep saying “review bomb”, it wasn’t being reviewed, how could it? The film isn’t even out. It was a poll, the question was “do you want to see this film”. Rotten Tomatoes took it down because people overwhelmingly don’t want to see this film and you have to ask yourself why they did that.

    • John Castiel says:

      +shagaGM People could still leave a review/opinion on the movie before they removed the option.

    • shagaGM says:

      +John Castiel it was NOT a review, it was a “i want to see the movie” or “i do NOT want to see the move”, plus a comment for why you voted that way. Not a review, so you are wrong for calling it a review.

    • Sammy Ariel says:

      He covered why some people choose to vote that way… Saying the main actor is a misandrist (unverified/sources?)

      Also some people don’t like a female lead, or female centric storylines. Some think she is not a well known character & belive other characters are more deserving of a solo movie. Some think the character is overpowered. Some don’t want her involved in Avengers 4 as they want the OG team to fight Thanos.

      … What conclusion did YOU draw from people saying they do not want to see Captain Marvel?

    • havtor007 says:

      +John Castiel “Trolls claiming to be Marvel fans ” yes you are a troll because i disagree with what you are saying as i actually saw the interview and it is stupidly easy to see the hate she has.
      IF i am a troll for not having the SAME OPINION as you then you are a troll yourself for making a comment i do not agree with.

      See how FUCKING STUPID it is to call everyone who disagree with your opinion on something a name.

      “bizarrely claiming that Brie Larson’s desire to diversify the media pool ”
      Litearlly not what she said.
      If everyone was to follow what she said ALL PG-13 MOVIES can ONLY BE REVIEWED BY 13 or under as that is the audience the movie is made for.
      And then if the movie is made for men it can only be reviewed by boys in that age and if it is made for women it can only be reviewed by girls in that age.
      YES THIS IS the extreme of what she said BUT it is WHAT she actually said.

      Yes she wants more women in to the reviewing thing HOWEVER she does not actually try to get women in to the job she just want OTHER people to do it FOR her.
      Just like her campaign for getting girls to see the movie she has the money she could get those girls in the cinema her self or the film company but no she is more important then that she can only advertise the kickstarter to do this.

      But the reason why people did not like what she said had more to do with how she said stuff and how she claims capt marvel is the most powerfull of the MCU characters because she says it is. keep in mind the hulk can be infinitely strong as he can be infinitely angry, spider man uses almost non of his actual strenght to fight bad guys.
      She keeps on doing the Telling of how great and you need this movie because she is the first mcu superhero that has a woman as the front figure.

      Show don’t tell.
      She needs to prove her self as a character, yet she thinks she deserve all the praise just because she is a woman.
      we have had 10years of the other superheros to get to know them get to understand them and she is supposed to show up and be on the same footing as all the other ones?

      “Paul Yanover has clarified that the site’s format tweak was not in direct response to the Captain Marvel fiasco.”
      This is the Same dude that has worked at DISNEY for 12 years as there internet man.
      So SURE it has nothing to do with that considering the timing of this and NO talking about it beforehand the post made for this was done in a way that it was really hard to see on rottentomatos.
      And if that is not enough the Rotten tomato TWITTER picture was CHANGED THAT DAY to Captain America.
      SURE SURE this has NOTHING TO DO with this film.

    • Edward Brooks says:

      +Sammy Ariel any time people are silenced is sad. If we held EVERYONE with equal respect and listened to their pov we could address where and why we disagree and move on to live and let live. This control of narrative by corporations is both sick and poorly advised. Wonder Women did fantastic because they didn’t make an issue about politics, so we were free to go see the movie without feeling alienated or split into political camps… I miss when people were raised to not discuss politics or religion out of respect for the multiplicity of sincerely and deeply held belief’s. Time and place for such discussion is not a press tour. @sammy, all this to say I think you did a great job of acknowledging others opinions with your post without ad hominem attack.

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