Why People Are Freaking Out About The Heterosexual Ban In Michigan and The Joel Osteen Scandal

Why People Are Freaking Out About The Heterosexual Ban In Michigan and The Joel Osteen Scandal

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Elijah Daniel Mayor of Hell:



Joel Osteen Hurricane Harvey Controversy:

Dashcam Cop Outrage:
http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/officer-to-woman-during-traffic-stop-we-only-kill-black-people-right/600704431 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/cobb-county-georgia-officer-dashcam-footage-we-only-kill-black-n797721 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/08/31/remember-we-only-shoot-black-people-georgia-police-officer-told-a-woman-on-camera/?utm_term=.5357e21d3b16

LA Cancels Columbus Day:

Lord of the Flies Remake Controversy:


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20 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    *Inspirational Quote of the Day*
    Dab on thy neighbor, as yee would wish to be dabbed on. -Paul 25:7

  2. August W. says:

    I definitely think Joel is trying to do damage control. Hearing what happened does not surprise me in the least. My mother has, and on occasion still does, watch him on TV. I have never been able to sit in the same room with her while she does because something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I am not religious by any means, but I have grown up around enough hypocrites and fakers to understand something isn’t completely on the up and up if some religious guy give me this uneasy feeling that makes me not even want to hear his voice

  3. Jed Amoguis says:

    If that happens, what’s gonna happen to the Detroit pro teams?

  4. Divergent Droid says:

    The fool got impeached an hour after his decree LOL You see, even Hell thinks this guy is too Evil to be it’s mayor.

  5. christopher dean says:

    Can we all chill and just take the day off from school and work.

  6. Juan Garcia says:

    Of course Osteen didnt open lakewood as a flood shelter, its already being used as a tax shelter, and double duty would crumble the structure!

  7. Shadowhands 33 says:

    wtf… all the things you talk about kolumbus he didnt do and if what little of it? all the bad things were primarily done by the people who came to stay there…aka all your ancestors^^and a lot of leeching from european nations…you want to blame all this on the poor guy who like you said didnt even started it? ….and just because something like this isnt the nice way nowadays doesnt mean you can judge te people of the past with your modern nonsense….thats the same logic way to go if you want to blow up all the george washington statues….. bad logic….

  8. SacredSage says:

    “Super church”? so that must be one hell of a collection plate! which is the entire reason behind churches, that’s not being told.

  9. Sleepy Swiss says:

    so a town where STD’s fester in everycorner

  10. n3rdm4n36 says:

    I feel happy that I tweeted for Phil to talk about the GA Cop incident and it is getting recognized. Thanks for the spotlight on this situation, Phil!

  11. Mr.MemeStar says:

    the one day I don’t go to school Philly d gets 1# trending

  12. Don Peny says:

    I’m not making excuses for the police officer, but he was absolutely hilarious.  LMFAO.  Columbus day is Columbus day.  Indians owned as many slaves as southerners but like anyone gives an emoji (poop).  Guess we shouldn’t celebrate anyone or anything cause we’re all awful humans.  Joel Osteen did nothing wrong and homosexuality is behavior that may lead to pedophilia, an inconvenient fact.  Happy labor/slave day

  13. Little Big says:

    he looks like Christine’s boyfriend

  14. mytimeisablur says:

    An obvious joke. Anyone who couldn’t tell the ‘straight ban’ wasn’t real needs to get education on how to figure out real from fake news. Also, there are countries that jail you for soliciting to try and engage in homosexual acts.

  15. Bee Hem says:

    Seating and housing are two different things. Housing implies being able to provide bathroom, sleeping, and eating facilities for an extended period of time. Seating is short term and does not require all the necessities of life.

  16. SpaceFlye says:

    Number one on Trending! Wtf is going on YouTube?

  17. 0spramp8 says:

    I learned something new today, I always thought Christopher Columbus was Spanish.

  18. Autumn Potato says:

    The first story is amazing, that dude is a legend! Also next on my bucket list “become mayor of hell”

  19. Photonic says:

    If I could I’d instantly revoke his tax exempt status, churches are sanctuaries, he chose not to be one, so he’s not a church. He can fuck right off like the creepy conman he is.

  20. Arcernycalmistic says:

    Joel Osteen creeps me out. It’s the constant smile. He has that constant smile that would stay a smile even in a rage. Anyway they could’ve at least just opened up the doors to ppl with or without volunteers. They didn’t need the city to tell them to help out.

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