Why People Are Freaking Out About The Trump NFL Boycott and Anthony Weiner Going to Jail…

Why People Are Freaking Out About The Trump NFL Boycott and Anthony Weiner Going to Jail…

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20 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Voting is almost over ya Beautiful Bastards! Then we can all go back to doing… whatever it is we all do. lolololol. AGH. I’m gonna regret this Hooking Up thing, huh?

  2. Jack Collins says:

    Who cares about the kneeling? Let them sit or stand. The more attention you give them the powerful they get. Example: Look at Alejandro Villanueva he stood against the kneeling and he got popular. Ignore the children whose making a ruckus and they’ll eventually quiet down.

  3. Eagle Studios says:

    How many Americans can without a doubt stay they stand, no matter where they are for the national anthem? If you are sitting on your couch complaining about NFL players refusing to stand, then you are as BAD as they are. Maybe worse as you are being hypocritical as well!!!

  4. supermoonmonkey12 says:

    Stand behind the protesters or fall before a dictator the choice is clear 1st amendment!, Philip DeFranco 2020!

  5. Jason Pinette says:

    Some more details on Villanueva and him standing alone…Great work Philly D love your show, fair and balanced….

  6. A..E..A says:

    Damn these comments are depressing

    Here is a smiley face

  7. CaptainZuluGamma says:

    This is too hard to watch, TRUMP did not arrest people for Treason, he suggested people stand up to babies cry bullying us. The more I hear leftists talk about this the more pissed I get at them, are ALL leftists just criminals blaming other for thier shit behavior?

    They complain about how poorly they are treated as we wipe their ass with millions of dollars, maybe they need to be treated the way they fantasize about us treating them?

  8. Maddie King says:

    Honestly I think the outrage over the kneeling during the National Anthem is ridiculous. Now I’m a Midwest girl who is proud of where I’m from, and proud to be American. However, many tend to ignore parts of what’s great about being American. One of the greatest things about our country is the ability to speak our minds on issues, through words and actions. These athletes aren’t hurting anyone by simply kneeling, and throwing out that they hate their country is just dumb. Not to mention the national anthem wasn’t always played at games; yeah, it wasn’t until after WWII that it became common place. Are you gonna say that those before then hated their country? That they didn’t respect troops? Of course not, because you’re getting angry at an alteration to a tradition, and spinning their reasons to be offensive when that’s not the case at all. They are proudly showing that they are Americans by enacting their rights as Americans.
    As for the respect to troops, I do understand that many who have fought for our country do hold our flag as a very important symbol, and I respect that sentiment. But, as you have the right to cherish it, in this country, others have the right to protest it. That’s all there is to it.

  9. Chris Turton says:

    I’m curious what it says in their contract, technically they are on duty at work, and uniform, so you may have a right to free speech but not necessarily a job in cases like this. Depends what it says in the fine print. #grayarea

  10. Eric Von Zipper says:

    I guess since so many people hate this country lets just give I to them and lets see what they do with it. The collective mindset of people in this country is very childish. At the end of the day all this protesting WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

  11. vanquisher111 says:

    arent blacks like 13% of populus of US? hahah think they are special snowflakes hahaha..“It’s important to note that black men commit nearly half of all murders in this country, which is astounding when you take into consideration the fact that they only make up 12-13 per cent of the population.”haha it seems you are the problem

  12. RavBunneh says:

    Forced patriotism is not patriotism. Trump is essentially saying “you will Sieg Heil or else…”; and that is horrifying.

  13. Matt Hawkeye says:

    President trying to go after freedom of speech. That will go over well.

  14. John LaRusic says:

    As a Canadian, I am literally an outsider with a view looking in. Based on what I have always believed the United States and her Flag stood for, first and foremost, was the freedom of speech and expression and most importantly the right to peaceful protest. These rights were fought for and people gave their lives so that Americans have a RIGHT and, to some extent, an obligation to protest when they see injustice. That all being said, #takeaknee was started simply as someone who had a voice and an opportunity to be noticed, used those to bring light to a serious issue. To open a conversation. And by showing respect to those killed by essentially flying himself, symbolically, at half mast. This would have been a great time to open a dialogue about what was wrong and, hopefully, find a solution. By trying to shut that down or punish those who do it completely goes against everything I, as an outsider, believed the United States stood for. Correct me if I am wrong.

  15. Archael says:

    i just hope twitter bans trumps account i’m sick of hearing the controversies stirred due to his tweets.

  16. Carl Long says:

    To start I am an 8 year army veteran. I agree with Gen. Dempsy, but people also have to accept that there will be consequences when they choose to use their first amendment right. Also just because Trump was elected president does not mean he looses his first amendment rights. You can disagree with his call to have players fired but until he tries to use his position to pass laws, using his position, he is still an individual like all the kneeling players. You don’t get to call out one and give a pass to the other.

    I was also told today that the NFL has a standing rule against political displays. So enforce your own rules NFL. It is just like Google and the YouTube censorship. The NFL is totally within it’s rights as a private company to tell it’s players what they can and cannot do on the field so they can stop standing behind free speech right now. The players have no right to free speech on the field. Just as the Google engineer that got fired over the memo he wrote.

    So the NFL needs to decide where it wants to stand. In support of the the anthem, flag, and what out country stands for or not. Then when the public decides how they will respond, deal with it and don’t cry when revenue starts dropping. This country is why these players have the opportunity they have and they need to respect that. This country is not perfect but if there is a better one out there then let me know where it is.

    As a veteran I respect people’s right to protest but there is a right and wrong way. When the flag becomes the target I think those people should spend a year or two living in the middle East, then maybe they will understand what the flag they want to include in their protest stands for. I believe this is still the best country in the world to live in and that is what the flag and national anthem stand for. Not for individual issues we need to work on.

  17. Jason Massie says:

    This is such an interesting story. I can’t wait to see where this is going!

  18. Cody Sorensen says:

    I knew I could count on you to bring a full view conversation to what’s going on between the President and the NFL. When other countries look at the US they don’t see the NFL or other athletes as our voice. They see a vulgar, sometimes appearing unintelligent, man using an app to spew hatred. I wish he would use the skills that he has to do good for this country. Not further split us apart.

  19. Emmanuel Ani says:

    I think that what Trump did is very indicative of what black activists and other activists/ activists of color did when Trump didn’t denounce the KKK. I think that the ideal is different from both sides but the aspect of freedom of speech is what ties them together. It’s almost like they’re two sides of the same coin.

  20. BLEEP BLORP says:

    the trump situation reminds me of papers, please

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