Why people think they see ghosts

Why people think they see ghosts

Even though there is no scientific evidence that ghosts exist, you may not be crazy if you see one.

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48% of Americans profess to believe in ghosts, and around a quarter say that they’ve actually seen a ghost before. I wanted to find out if there was any proof of their existence, so I spoke with Joe Nickell, allegedly the world’s only paranormal investigator who had researched reported hauntings for almost 50 years.

He says that he’s never seen any evidence that would point towards the existence of ghosts. Nickell walks us through the various scientific explanations for why people think they see ghosts, including sleep paralysis, waking dreams, traumatic grief, and exposure to infrasound.

So even though there may be no evidence that ghosts exist, that doesn’t mean that you might not see one.

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20 Responses

  1. Sam Blake says:


  2. Ebbe B says:

    ”45% of Americans believe in ghosts.”
    lmao wtf

  3. Hamish Kerry says:

    Yet again Vox answers the important questions!

  4. Liam D'Arcy says:

    I thought I saw the snapchat ghost in this thumbnail

  5. Bohrhead says:

    Why do ghosts think they see people?

  6. Aditya Joshi says:

    Duude Ghosts are real , have you ever seen Kellyanne ?!

    Also the Earth isn’t flat because if it was, Cats would’ve pushed everything off it by now.

  7. Crazy Smiles says:

    People who see ghost are very racist, they only see white

  8. RushingDolphin says:

    *Because they have mental issues.*
    Boom. Saved you six and a half minutes.
    You’re welcome guys.

  9. Evil Component says:

    I heard people with dementia see ghosts, someone should ask Donald Trump if he’s seen one.

  10. Four Twenty says:

    Oh so ghosts are fake but lgbtq is fine ???????

  11. Approx says:

    Checkmate Believers πŸ‘»

  12. Dexter Morgan says:

    Wait, people are still dumb enough to think they’ve seen ghosts?? Well you’ll be delighted to hear that there’s no such thing as ghosts. It’s all of big scam to manipulate weak minded people and make money off them. Kind of like religion….

  13. Tyler Gillum says:


    *audible cringe*

  14. AirCannonChannel says:


  15. Skiwi says:

    why are staristic from usa relevant? they are idiots lol

  16. Eman Abunada says:

    Really well done, you’ve ghost to keep posting vids like these!

    Haha, get it? ghost, and got? alright I’ll just go to my cage..

  17. Frogboy says:

    I actually have a few goats in my farm. I confirm that they are real.

  18. Hassan Whiteside Headband says:

    “Why people think God is real”

  19. othman M. Abshir says:

    ghosts probably watching this and shaking their heads saying humans are stupid

  20. Keith Russell says:

    This video should not be labeled as fact – just because science can’t explain something doesn’t mean its not real. Science still hasn’t fully understood the human body – so i dont expect science to be able to understand and explain the paranormal. Its almost like saying “we can’t understand how the brain fully funtions, so i guess its not real “

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