Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys

Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys

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20 Responses

  1. Abiy BattleSpell says:

    omg hes gonna cover games ha this is gonna be great seeing all the butt
    hurt fanboys and hoping i do learn something new :3

  2. Bear NiptionSmith says:

    does anybody remember those comercials, crash bandicoot got me into gaming

  3. Jason Jeanes says:

    Well listen. Girls Do play video games! But they don’t like the that game
    ceaters make. It’s not Xbox and playstation that makes the game it’s game
    creators. There are plenty of games that have female main characters. P.S I
    am a boy, and girl gamers are hot.

  4. RoboticSoldier798 says:

    Ok besides from the whole controversy with Gamergate, I don’t see why this
    subject is even relevant, especially in late 2015.

  5. lets do something says:

    it’s official, college humor is just fucking buzzfeed now

  6. Xyron Encarnacion says:

    This is why I prefer RPGs where gender is just a footnote, like Mass
    Effect, Dragon Age, Skyrim and Fallout.

  7. rodri maux says:

    Its true that game market has targeted the male audience but the real
    damage has been not to create “boys games”, the problem is they have
    associaded their products with men and thus excluding the girls. Most of
    the games arent unfun to girls, i dont think that a girl wouldnt enjoy to
    play mario, zelda, metroid, a car racing game or whatever other game there
    is. Overall i think the problem would be solved if female characters took
    more protagonist in games in a less diminishing way (stop using them as
    damsels in distress or human sex toys), also we have to stop calling
    certain things as “boys thing” or “girl things” to avoid excluding certain
    things to one person just because he or she belongs to one sex. Creating
    “girls games” (pink, rainbow, food and other shit) will make things worse
    cuz it only reinforces the stereotype. The problem comes more from the
    society than from the game market himself.

  8. KubernetePirata says:

    “Videogames are for boys” Says my parents, all of their friends & all of
    the girls in my school.
    But that was in the 90s…
    Its 2015, more girls play videogames, but not much enough in my opinion,

  9. Kendall Holleman says:

    I have loved video games with a passion ever since I was little, but my
    parents only got a wii which doesn’t have any of the games I want. Now that
    my little brother is getting older and wants the new star wars battlefront,
    they’re suddenly considering getting a play station or x box. -__-

  10. Help Plz says:

    Companies don’t continue to target a male audience out to force of habit or
    spite, it is because more men are already invested in their games/consoles.
    Therefore it is easier and more money efficient to bring back already
    invested and returning customers than it is to bring in new customers. It
    is ignorant to think that companies do stuff out of force of habit or other
    non monetary reasons. Large game companies marketing and other transactions
    are highly calculated and are all money driven. Money is the key to
    business and it would be silly for companies to do things that are not the
    most money efficient (with some exceptions).

  11. Cringe Show says:

    I’ve heard many stories of guys modding their voices to sound like girls
    online for they can get better treatment in the game. It’s like people get
    harassed for being bad at a game or for just playing in an online
    environment instead of their gender… weird…

  12. Themegaminnies says:

    I saw the title and was like “YOU FUCKING WOT M8” then saw the Adam ruins
    everything attached to it and was like “oh I see where you’re going with

  13. TheMelonater says:

    My mom and her twin sister had the NES and individually beat Super Mario

  14. hayderimran7 says:

    there are girls being mutilated and treated as sub-human in parts of world,
    and here americans are bitching about lack of female attention in some
    pixelated bullshit.
    what a crapload !!

  15. Michaelmcchill says:

    Because everyone is throwing the largest fucking tantrum in the comment
    section of this video, this is an excerpt from “Adam Ruins Everything”
    (clearly). To understand the full reasoning on why he is saying this, watch
    his show on truTV or another wesbite.

    His show actually explains these things in amazing context and shows proven
    statistics in everything that he says. Nearly none of it is opinion, 99% of
    it is pure fact. While some of it sucks, and while some of it may seem
    shitty (or start a debate like it’s doing in the comments currently), the
    show only lists what is and what has happened in the world.

    Feel free to watch the show and then base your opinion on what is said, but
    – do not base it on purely an excerpt.

  16. Will R says:

    Gamers will play a game that they like. If a person is put off of something
    just because of marketing its their loss. Marketing agencies will always
    pander to the target audience.
    And lets get one thing very clear, anyone can play any game that they want.
    No one is stopping you. Wanna play candy crush? Who cares. Wanna play CoD?
    Who cares. Wanna play Monopoly on steam? Who gives a shit.
    What i hate seeing is people bitching that stuff isnt built or marketed to
    their wants and it makes them uncomfortable or offended. “The gamestop
    clerk said am I buying this for my boyfriend, what an asshole. Game devs
    and producers should be more sensitive to women…” No. No they shouldnt.
    The gaming companies and marketers dont care about your feelings, and they
    never will. They only care about the money. Get used to it.

  17. Anthony Paull says:

    Still think mobile games are stupid. I’m all for girls being included in
    the mainstream gaming markets though.

  18. Riyo Taziyimori says:

    holy shit fuck the zelda franchise

  19. Derrick Kirwa says:

    She doesn’t even have watch?

  20. Jeremy Newcombe says:

    Coming up next! “Adam Ruins Everything: Why dolls are thought to be only
    for girls”