Why Produce Used to Suck

Why Produce Used to Suck

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“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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80 Responses

  1. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    Drop everything there’s a new Sam O’Nella video

  2. Avocado_Birb says:

    i love me some delectable banana meat

  3. Hostile Meme says:


  4. Toby McPherson says:

    How he smooth slide into that skillshare plug.

  5. 5,000 Subscribers without a video says:

    I clicked on this and nut on my uncle steve

  6. Just An Edit says:

    I find it ironic with the channel name and talking about food this time. For once, the joke was in the puddings name and not just the pudding.

  7. Shawn Barbour says:

    Some of your best funniest work yet

  8. chubbsboss21 says:

    5:the MAYANS where pretty smart.

    • A spo mainy boi says:

      So is that the only thing you took from this

    • A spo mainy boi says:

      chubbsboss21 also
      How do you not understand
      That it was a fucking joke segment

    • Rob Roux says:

      The Aztecs don’t even have a word for GOD/GODS num nuts. Cortes thought he was a god because he was showered with Gifts, but that’s actually a sign of weakness in Aztec society. Because a True GOD would not have accepted human gifts. Theres a similar custom with Japanese/Asiatic culture. Of all the accounts from Spanish friars; They make no mention of the Aztecs thinking they were gods. In fact CORTES had to kiss the feet of XICOCATL of Tlaxcala a 1 month prior. You really think the Aztecs thought Cortes was a god when they heard he was kissing the feet of an enemy Leader.
      BUT God worship is only found in Ibrahamic and Hellenic culture… the Aztecs were more like SHINTOIST like Japan and believed more in a conecpt of Spirits(Vibes, nature,Karma, Luck).

    • JDAgaming says:

      chubbsboss21 you must be fun at parties

    • Beckett says:


  9. Hannah Kizer says:

    0:40 *Y E E T*

  10. Epic Benjo says:

    Pepperidge Farm remembers…

  11. Magic Jax says:

    *I created you*

  12. Goat Boi says:

    to be fair, i think humans selectively breeding fruits and all that was actually an evolutionary gain for the fruits considering there’s much more fruit in the world then before humans changed them

    • Witty Schmitty119 says:

      Only because we keep replanting them

    • David Lopez says:

      So basically, fruits we know today will go extinct if we humans go extinct. Its like we domesticated the fruits. They are totally dependent on us. Sad really.

    • Kacper Tomasik says:

      Ya kno we did the same with the animals?

    • Lindsay Dale says:

      David Lopez like you know dogs and cats are domesticated. The cows we eat and pigs are domestic too

    • Leeso nneville says:

      Fandom guy “Existing is all that matters”. I would say surviving through your offspring is more inportant than existing. Genetic diversity allows life to continue, not triploid nonviable genetically identicle cultivars.

  13. XxPlayMakerxX131 says:

    Cool, now can you tell people to *STOP* hating genetic modification

    • Augusto Muรฑoz says:

      Genetic modification of vegetables is a great, useful thing, that has been done for millenia. However modern genetic modification comes with a terrible downside which is, ironically, not because of modification itself: since you can make plants have any characteristic by messing directly with its genes (which is still part of the great things), you can for instance make them hella resilient to certain herbicides that are LETHAL to anything else, including animal organisms. When these herbicides are washed down to the soil or water streams, then you have a terrible terrible poisonous pollution. So you see that when ome criticises the modern way of producing, its not because of the modification that has indeed been done for millennia, it’s because all of those uncontrolled greedy corporations that are literally killing us.

    • Sir Mount says:

      Dean Cutler There has been little-to-no long-term testing. GMOโ€™s have only been around for 20-30ish years. It reminds me of how cigarette effects were not known for decades by the average population.

    • Carson Todd says:

      Bobby Hill Please. Shut your fucking mouth. Cross pollination? Really? No. It isn’t cross pollination you fucking inbred moron. Its whats known as selective breeding. Thanks. Now everyone here is now dumber for having been exposed to such a fucking asinine comment.

    • Smoothbluehero says:

      GMO, particularly golden rice is important in solving 3rd world nutritional issues. Worries over GMOs is a 1st world problem.

    • MasterBit says:

      Carson Todd it’s not nice of you to talk to him like that, even if he made a mistake online.

  14. Requiem says:

    but girls dont look for fertile bananas, they look for delicious ones

  15. Zach B says:

    Hey you can see my house in the picture of the corn maze you posted! It’s the denver botanic gardens corn maze and my house is to the left in the distance! Crazy <3 love your videos btw

  16. Communism With Giggles says:

    My friend who has a broccoli obsession hates cauliflower. Saying “Cauliflower is broccoli without a soul!”.

  17. NeederNadders says:

    1:27 subscribed because of this

  18. Q2 says:

    Wow i have learned something..

  19. Uku Sibul says:


  20. Cities & Skyscrapers says:

    This channel is so awesome!

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