Why Snow and Confetti Ruin YouTube Video Quality

Why Snow and Confetti Ruin YouTube Video Quality

Your sports team wins. The confetti drops. And suddenly, the video quality falls apart. Why? Let’s talk about interframe compression, bitrate, and unnecessary green screen effects.

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This uses one Creative Commons by-attribution photo, “Sony Trinitron” by Antífama, available here: http://flic.kr/p/6DBMYn

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20 Responses

  1. Dieno1001 says:

    R.I.P. Headphone users.

  2. steveocho says:

    Your videos are very high quality. Do you do everything, the editing, the
    research, the script, etc on your own?

  3. Luis Mendez says:

    okay, subscribed.

  4. Neon Babylon Films says:

    Why GOOGLE bought YouTube because they knew people seeking attention would
    make them billions more than they already have

  5. Federico says:

    Why do you call that stuff “confetti”? Confetti is a food made of sugar and

  6. ZomeaterWWZ says:

    very cool and interesting. thank you Ton Scott!

  7. cathy2000 says:

    I bet that if we went back to actual glass screens and nit the plastic tv
    junk screens we have today then we would have actual quality videos to

    I have watched one of my favorite new movies on an old tv and because of
    its real glass quality it was more better than my hd tv.

  8. nath3151 says:

    That was an absolutely brilliant video, as they always are

  9. Cooljosh3k says:

    Some impressive effects in this video.

  10. Splitty Nitty says:

    Damn, we need a real Pied Piper so we can enjoy lossless compression

  11. David Bloom says:

    Earned my Subscription.

  12. igano111 says:

    Excellent video.

  13. Tyler Phillips says:

    You’re trending!

  14. Mike Hanson says:

    I have no idea how he did the coat throwing trick.

  15. Colby Perry says:

    Very interesting video

  16. Robert Deloyd says:

    I learn something new with every video Tom put out :)

  17. Jack McConnell says:

    Sounds like the 9th doctor

  18. SimplyMayaB says:

    This is excellent. Very interesting and well-executed!

  19. Nineshadow says:


  20. MrTotalAhole says:

    Thank you.