Why The Flu Could KILL YOU!-Facts in 5

Why The Flu Could KILL YOU!-Facts in 5

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20 Responses

  1. Tawhid Khan says:

    Damn you plague inc!

  2. Arcane Drix says:

    caught a flu yesterday…great

  3. monica rutter says:

    You published this video just as I got ill.?

  4. Starcaz - Gaming Video's says:

    In my entire life i’ve only been sick 4 times. For some reason I’m immune
    to alot of diseases. It has happend a couple of times before that everyone
    in my house had the flu and I did not get it, wich is odd because we life
    in a house with 6 people xD

  5. Zephyrmonkey x says:

    But what if we happen to get the fluids from family members? Will it still
    cause a flu?

  6. Alaura Deitz says:

    My dad, brother, and myself all have the flu 0.0

  7. Flory Marinescu says:


  8. Skye Norway says:

    I have a cold tho

  9. Mitchell Koester says:

    Crap. I have it right now

  10. Nathan Davies says:

    flu disease? flu is a virus.
    great clip still.

  11. Matthew miller says:

    I have the flu

  12. DireHit says:

    I don’t have a face, and I find your outtro offensive.

  13. Nasim Awal says:

    why do u upload videos on monday

  14. Zuko Grant says:

    That hair tho :P

  15. Gordon Lawrence says:

    There’s at least one exception to some of this: Spanish Flu killed millions
    and it was mainly younger adults who would normally shake off flu. I think
    there was research done into why but I have never found copies of it.

  16. trippy hippy says:

    +Matthew Santoro Doctors also offer a shot alternative, which is a liquid
    that they shoot up your nasal passages.

  17. BADBOYCH says:

    I do my best to fly from the flu.

  18. ThatOneGuyYouKnow says:

    I haven’t gotten the flu in 6 ish years. I get all my other vaccines
    because I really don’t think my body could fight off Polio, HPV, Tetanus,
    Hepatitis B etc. But I would say I have a pristine immune system. I eat
    right and exercise. But for diseases (HPV, Polio etc.) take a little bit
    more to get rid of.

  19. slend 66 says:


  20. Dany Shamoun says:

    I never get sick from the flu I just puke like 5 times