Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

Think wealthier.

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Tim Cook – Steve Szlaga
Jony Ive – Sam Reich

Producer – Joe Price
Director – Bill Bergen
Production Coordinator – Dan Herzog
Casting – Kerry Barker
Cinematography – Carissa Dorson
1st Assistant Camera – Bianca Garcia
2nd Assistant Camera – Miguel Torres
Gaffer – Aaron Pagniano
Sound Mixer – Chris Bennett for Botown Sound
VFX – Dan Racusin and Bill Bergen
Editor – Evan Watkins
Assistant Editor – Phil Fox
PA – Matt Roberts
PA – Gideon Pine
Intern – Sarah Franke

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20 Responses

  1. Spinia BG says:

    because gold is fucking expensive

  2. Die ML Tuber says:

    Where is this video funny? Its just lame! -.-

  3. Kevin Caldwell says:

    Completely sums up my feelings about Apple product owners :’)

  4. RACE A.T says:


  5. Alexis Maria says:


  6. Thomas Lynn says:

    Damn, that Aluminium was pronounced like… aluminiminuminuinum

  7. BBWfootLuvr says:

    I am such an Apple fan that I actually have sex with Apples.

  8. vRawb says:

    Last part is so true lol
    This is Apple’s first attempt at a smart watch, therefore there will
    probably be quite a few glitches.
    Also the fact that technology is constantly advancing.
    If we look at the smartphone industry and how new smartphones are coming
    out every year, you’re basically spending $10,000 for a watch that will
    only be relevant for a year, and will get outdated when the next iteration
    of it comes out. 

  9. Buk Lau says:

    Is the gold on this watch worth 9700 dollars? I mean, the watch is still
    the same with the 300 dollar one, right? If so, its ok, if not, FUCK YOU

  10. Gi Ma says:

    Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

  11. TheParty Lemon says:


  12. Not Interested says:

    This rubbish is for poor people.

  13. maropote says:


  14. Some Guy says:

    to bad all the poor people will just use gold nail polish and buy a
    replacement band to make it look like they bought the gold apple watch .
    thats a life hack that should be used with caution . you can get more 1
    night stands but you may also get a std or get robbed 

  15. Safwat Ali says:

    I seriously was about to hit CTRL+C and hit Enter to share your video when
    I hear the guy say “Click here to see my penis”
    Then I was like no
    you just lost like 5 – 10 views
    oh and a dislike from me 

  16. Marshall Whitehed says:

    press play and then 3… Thank me later.

  17. Jhonatan Ventura says:

    This should be viewed by everyone thinking of buying the apple watch.

  18. tsimpernakhs giannhs says:

    re gamw ta pe8amena sas pate kala?
    10000 gia mia malakia gamw to karkino sas syfiliarides?

  19. Letsbang Okay says:

    Money…It’s a crime.

  20. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    You’d think for $10,000 it would at least come with an anti-mugging