Why The US Military is Studying UFOs

Why The US Military is Studying UFOs

UFOs are Real. We Should Study Them.
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The Pentagon is studying UFOs and I wanted to understand why. What I learned convinced me that we can learn a lot from studying these things.

Check out all my sources for this video here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ynIX5mY2bSFro6X3as3VpBSam0BJpXIaorfGXS8-5Kc/edit?usp=sharing

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NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/09/opinion/democrats-blue-states-legislation.html
NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/100000007358968/covid-pandemic-us-response.html
Vox Borders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLrFyjGZ9NU
Finding Founders: https://findingfounders.co/episodes/johnny-harris-2esj3-c3pet-2pg4c-xbtwa-5gaaa
NPR Planet Money: https://www.npr.org/transcripts/1072164745

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48 Responses

  1. Johnny Harris says:

    Just talked to Nebula — they’re offering $30 for an annual subscription for you guys (!!) Go watch next week’s video on US-led Coups NOW Nebula: https://nebula.tv/videos/johnnyharris-every-usled-coup-mapped ps thanks for watching 👋

    • Al Rube says:

      Deep dive into airline pilots. What do the 1000 of them say they see or saw?

    • Chichang Wu says:

      say if they are american, then that means after the moon missions they start using the antigravity stuff, because why else they stopped all rocket missions, because they probably knew it was pointless to invest further into rockets. Its weird because now china has acces to the moon the americans want to get back? got something to hide?

    • William O says:

      Hey Johny Harris why the report it’s only on navy pilots what about private airlines any repots on that ? Do they see them a lot too ?

    • Dark Meta says:

      you’re just going tolet the scam fake bot account sit in your comments?

    • The Russian Retard says:

  2. TayZonday says:

    Aliens on their telepathic YouTube are watching thoughts by a ten-eyed Johnny Harris on “Why the Space Force is Studying Humans”

  3. Kasper Aare Naicker says:

    Thank you for actually taking the subject seriously and give it the attention it deserves. Without just hyping it senselessly😅 Like many others I began taking this subject seriously during corona, when I had time to investigate the topic. As I live in Denmark I enjoy listening to the podcast “flying saucers” made by DR, Danish national broadcasting company, who take the subject serious and investigate it as it should be; openly with a critical mind. This stuff is very real ! And where the rabbit hole takes us is not clear to me honestly. =D

    • Everardo Cabrera says:

      @Yosue 787electromagnetism and nuclear fusion

    • pyropulse says:

      He didn’t take the subject seriously at all. He claimed the military ‘debunked’ stuff when they haven’t, and his source was MICK WEST, a complete fraud.

      The rotating object is not caused by a rotating FLIR system, and virtually every expert that has used, and also engineers that have designed and worked on the FLIR, state this. The only one that states it was due to ‘rotation of the camera’ was known shill and ‘skeptic,’ Mick West.

      And the thing going fast over the ocean; the military doesn’t say that that is an optical illusion; only Mick West says that, and he has been exposed for straight up lying, fabricating evidence to fit his narrative among other things.

      Mick West is a pseudo-skeptic; he has an agenda of which “this is all explainable via prosaic explanations,” and he will outright deny evidence in order to push the “it is all swamp gas” mindset

    • Yosue 787 says:

      The rabbit whole still far from being explored

      Keep in mind not even the best of the best in the subject still have no idea of what it could awnser

      Like man my mind is just blank i cant stop triying to figure out what tech could possibly be i have thought of some sort of nuclear energy to move such massive tic tac like it is an oval that we are seen what could move that in a fast rate

      A jet engine sounds right

      What type of energy is it using?

      Something clean that will leave no trace but, what could leave no trace?

      Nuclear energy wich to my understanding is the most powerful energy source that could possibly move this as a fast rate

      But how?

      Being able to control an exploding a nuclear bomb

      But it cant just make sense

      So let say now it could be solar
      The whole white tic tac could be but what is pushing it? I got no idea what is making it that fast

      Maybe some speedlight tech comes handy

      Or maybe a tech that ignores newtons gravity laws

      It would be some space element to be able to do such

      Man i am having so much crazy ideas and high af

      Love yall who read this nonsense

    • Yellobro says:

      Har faktisk ikke set flying saucers på DR, kunne være jeg lige skulle tjekke det ud, det er sku et spændende emne

    • Squirrels in Jacket says:

      @Mason corona is short for coronavirus, or a decent beer.

  4. Oliver says:

    Unbelievable. I was flying in March of 2019 over the ocean and wrote down in my notes about a strange flying object over the ocean. Initially thinking it was a drone but relized that drones don’t fly that high nor do they go this far out in the ocean. I remember recording it but it being too small to see right on the phone camera. I believe this to be related to the March sighting as mentioned in the video. My flight took place March 22nd at 3:30 pm. I am going to look everywhere for the video.

  5. Shot Logic says:

    i’m actually really happy to learn that there’s an annual report on UAP. it’s really cool to learn about how often the US finds things that are difficult for them to explain, because they’re kind of the big know-it-alls when it comes to stuff like eyes in the sky. do any other countries have similar reports?

    • ThePro1561 says:

      I sure we wouldn’t know as the us government is the most likely to have this stuff leaked or brought up in a recorded public video.

  6. Leones y Tigres y Osos says:

    I love how you approach the subject both with a pragmatic and down to earth mindset, and yet open mindedly and respectfully enough to all possibilities, without sacrificing any bit of logic. That’s what can turn minds around, and make them listen neutrally to data, whatever it is.

  7. Bryzerse says:

    Some of these sightings have already been thougroughly debunked. The night vision video and the one where they say about “boxing a moving target” have been pretty well recognised to be an out of focus plane and a distant but high altitude bird respectively. Not foreign spies. Lemmino has a great video on the tictac event though.

  8. Brian Perry says:

    Johnny, did you do any research into other countries studying this stuff or encounters from other countries militaries? I’m curious to know if other countries are having the same experiences that we are

  9. James Finlayson says:

    One thing I’m still curious about is whether the militaries of other countries have similar encounters considering how frequently these appear to occur for the US Navy. While other nations might not be survailed as actively as the US surely some of them would have encounters like this with atmospheric junk or UAVs.

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  10. Couch Tater says:

    I’m actually pretty interested in just how a platform like nebula even works. Like what are the economics behind it, how does it work, how is the money distributed. The pros and cons of its business model. I would love to see a video about it, even with your biases toward it.

    • Krenon says:

      linus explained it very well in one of the last wan-shows

    • jekanyika says:

      I’ve been a subscriber to Nebula for the last few years and I’ve hardly ever used it. I’m just happy that I’m supporting a load of my favourite youtubers.

    • 221 b says:

      They don’t have to comission shows for high prices like Netflix does. The creators would be making that content anyway so it’s just a matter of getting enough content to make a streaming service. And the creators can be paid much less than say if you made a new hit Netflix show that may cost Netflix 30 million. While a Youtube creator is happy to receive more than Youtube pays them which is easy. They can probably offer 10k or so for a video and youtube content creators will jump on that. Not that I have any insight but I presume you are asking because it’s well known that Netflix is having trouble being profitable. Oh and very few viewers compared to Nerflix so you don’t need servers the size of New Zealand to handle all the traffic. And through all that they have a relatively low running costs and charge much less and still presumably be profitable or at least at breakeven while having some cash to grow, the major expenditure being most likely sponsorships and and salaries for employees. Of which they don’t need that many. Netflix has huge amounts of employees tasked with finding new content, talking to producers, signing exclusive deals blablabla.

    • 0 0zz says:

      They get rich and you give money for a service you can find better information on your own

    • Mason says:

      My guess is all funds are directly funnelled to a far off nebula, perhaps even many light-years away, just based on the name.

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