Why this Wagyu Sandwich is Worth $85

Why this Wagyu Sandwich is Worth $85

SakaMai has brought Japan’s most famous sandwich to NYC, the Wagyu Katsu Sando. SakaMai only serves three of these sandwiches each day on a first come, first serve basis. A price tag of $85 for six pieces may seem hefty, but the sandwiches’ Wagyu beef is an exclusive, high-fat grade cut of meat. SakaMai’s sourced Wagyu has won the Japanese Beef Olympics 10 years in a row! The Wagyu is deep fried and smothered in katsu sauce for a rich, crispy, and tender treat.

See more from SakaMai: https://www.instagram.com/sakamainy/

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87 Responses

  1. jim more says:

    The Michael Jordan of steaks hope nobody gets killed waiting in line for some MEAT 😂😂😂

  2. yrgna says:

    Looks a little bit too rare for me.

  3. •Melanin Goddess• says:

    It might be $85, but that doesn’t means it’s “worth” it

  4. Mr Limme says:

    $85 for raw meet and bread

  5. Mahum Møøbashar says:

    Honestly, it may taste good and shit, but when it comes to food I choose quantity over quality bois

    • tricepspower says:

      dashing derp I’ve tasted quality but just ain’t fussy about food and like to save my money, fuck me right?

    • Joey Karate says:

      Mahum Møøbashar that’s because you’re a fucking bum

    • Jian G says:

      same broke college dog here. I used to obsess with instant noodle but now I find it rather unhealthy and stupidly lame. So instead of indulging myself to these junks, I try to find a balance between quality and quantity and it works out pretty nicely.

    • Sari says:

      After my sister graduated college, she literally gags at the sight of ramen now. That’s all she pretty much ate and she got sick all the time, switch up your meals guys, buy quality meals once in a while!

    • Mahum Møøbashar says:

      Oh boo hoo I don’t like to eat extra shit, to save money and I just don’t feel right while consuming, using, or wearing expensive stuff so fuck me right?

  6. jerry jackson says:

    its not even cooked wtf ? tryna get worms ?

    • Xhristian 05 says:

      This kid just needs attention don’t mind him

    • pedro garcia says:

      jerry jackson Are you dumb? You can only get worms if you’re eating a non cared steak. This cows listen to classical music and eat selectioned grass they don’t get worms you dumbass

    • Grand Moff Tarkin says:

      Beef can be eaten like this so long as it reaches the proper internal temperature.

    • jerry jackson says:

      pedro garcia listen faggot you eat enough raw meat you catchin worms b. next time before you shoot your mouth off nip on me hairy bean bag first okay?

    • jerry jackson says:

      pedro garcia like classical music is gonna stop me from catchin worms … bitch ass nigga

  7. trash bin says:

    *it’s fucking raw inside.*

  8. Eemeli Korteniemi says:

    Who pay 85€ for bread and RAW meat?

  9. Mina R says:

    I know it’s suppose to look like that but I just can’t eat meat if its pink still. It’s just not cooked enough for me. D:

    • A.M. says:

      Well, it’s supposed to be cooked like that in order to taste good. If it was cooked all the way, then there wouldn’t be any good flavors. Also, bacteria are killed during the cooking process. So, it’s actually fine if the steak is rare since the beef is good quality. If you know Japanese beef.

    • A.M. says:

      I understand why you wouldn’t eat it though, I wouldn’t try it either. lol

    • Sorryiwin says:

      What kind of flavours? LOL

    • Michael Atwood says:

      then stop eating meat if u cant even eat it properly u moron

  10. 70 subscriber with no Video? says:

    Would you rather have 1 expensive steak or all ben’s and Jerry’s ice cream flavor with lays,ramen,fries,cookies,coffe,burgers,chocolate, and exotic fruits.

  11. Cademan Caden says:

    8 oz selling for $85. Chef claims to pay $100lb so owner makes approx. $70 per lb dam.

  12. Ghoulo says:

    The answer to the title is: *It isn´t.*

  13. Georgie Tregunna says:

    As long as the outermost layer of the steak is cooked, the inside is fine to eat even practically raw, because the beef is so dense that pathogens can’t penetrate farther in than the outer layer to infect the meat. This means that even if the outer layer weren’t cooked, raw beef is still far safer to eat than other meat

    • Kendrick Audrey says:

      But worms you idiot

    • Immortal Shadow says:

      Kendrick Audrey relax, bro. Its wagyu beef. Wagyu beef was raised specially so that you could eat it medium rare or rare because it doesnt have many germs. Uhh… think of it like beef sushi.

    • Tax V. says:

      Immortal Shadow y’all dumb as hell. You will let someone tell you it’s ok to eat raw flesh. Excuse me sir, I’ll take mine well done

    • Snorty McGout says:

      Tax V.: If meat is fresh and sanitary it can be eaten raw. You won’t get sick or anything. Don’t forget you’re just an animal at the end of the day lol

  14. Julie Eyerman says:

    Can I order the scraps and get a discount?

  15. Me Senpai Touch says:

    I thought the bread would be expensive too.

  16. Chillx says:

    Raw meat

  17. hi im casey says:

    I can just get $5 pizza

  18. Queen Beyoncé says:


    Edit: lol I love how y’all taking my comment seriously.

  19. Spects says:


  20. Ľæůřęņ says:

    If I’m paying 85$ for a sandwich it better be cooked all the way and not served on no wonder bread

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