Why Thor Love And Thunder Sucked – A Scene Comparison

Why Thor Love And Thunder Sucked – A Scene Comparison

So most of us seem to agree that Love and Thunder was a terrible movie, and I think there’s one scene that pretty much explains why. Join me as I compare two scenes from two Thor movies, to understand the difference between good and bad writing.

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46 Responses

  1. 궁예 says:

    It’s like Melissa McCarthy’s existence is a bad omen of Hollywood. Whatever movie she’s in is ultimately shitty, whether she plays a main role or an extra. It’s fascinating really.

  2. I Slay Goblins says:

    It’s funny how Wonder Woman 1984 and Thor Love and Thunder were both written by their directors after directing 2 successful films that were written by other people.

    • Robert Musil says:

      And both are garbage

    • choreomaniac says:

      @Taller Warrior12 yea. I’m a Rian Johnson defender though I hate Last Jedi with a passion. He’s a talented writer and director but had no intention to make a good faithful Star Wars movie, let alone one in continuity with Force Awakens. He deliberately set to deconstruct the saga and the precious movie, a terrible plan for the bridge film of a trilogy and the eighth entry in one of the most beloved stories in film history.

    • Taller Warrior12 says:

      JJ and Johnson have both done amazing Sci Fi films. The problem was that they were given a foreign property and both decided to go in a completely original direction from what came before, instead of following the treatments given by George Lucas himself. Kathleen Kennedy was also at fault as she’s normally just a person who manages the harder parts of filmmaking so that the director can make his movie. It’s the reason why Spielberg was able to pump out so many high budget original films back in the eighties, I mean you can see the quality improvement after 1941 with Raiders of the lost Ark. So you basically had an uncreative Hollywood producer scouting out Hollywoods “most popular young directors”, in other words the directors that make movies that are easily marketable to audiences, to continue a franchise without the original creators input. I mean it was doomed to fail.

    • jimthar17 says:

      Ha! I just commented almost exactly the same thing.

    • choreomaniac says:

      Same with Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams. Good directors. Not as good writers. Or at least not in that particular genre. They are two very different talents and it is strange to me that producers keep tapping directors to write their own movies.

  3. Kiambote Bonikay says:

    You have to appreciate Anthony Hopkins’ acting skills for that Ragnarok scene

    • Zehi says:

      No you idiot it was Loki the whole time duh

    • Attempted Unkindness says:

      In 2016 Hopkins said he was going to take a break from pumping out 2-4 films a year because he didn’t like Transformers, I guess Marvel either paid him enough or he actually had fun with Odin because he did that role after making that claim and then went into a two year mini-retirement afterwards.

    • JeanPiFresita says:

      Only Anthony Hopkins can give us such a magnificent scene in Thor 1 when he strips Thor of his powers and makes us believe that it is Loki who is impersonating him in Ragnarock.

    • Ahren Scholz says:

      he is a gem that’s for sure

    • complete video here says:

      *Link to the clip of most scary movie to ever exist: **https://youtu.be/mCfYi7634rU*

  4. Ohi Hassan says:

    Taika’s actions make me feel like he was so sure of himself that he thought whatever he does it’s gonna be a hit.

  5. Tea Rainey says:

    The biggest issue I have is that they’re really butchering the lore that Thor is derived from, as well as not taking care to respect the character growth that had occurred before. I had expected the next Thor movie to focus on his grief and the journey that would take him through, after loosing his home-world, his father, and his brother he’s deservingly depressed. I was thinking we would see his interactions with the guardians, or maybe work through what had happened with the avengers and how he’s effectively left that life behind. There was a lot of ripe storytelling available to address the biggest point developmentally in his character after the last movie. But Taika took all of the seriousness and driven storytelling and turned it into a cheap joke. Like I am honestly astounded at how a multi million dollar movie feels so genuinely, disgustingly cheap. The actors must feel almost ashamed and I really pity them. Overall Marvel has lost my faith, my excitement, and my loyalty. I will no longer be watching their movies in theaters unless they’re widely known to be worth the time and money to go see. Hell, if they shit the bed like this one did I probably won’t stream them either. No reason to subject my eyes and psyche to such a disasterous wreck.

  6. Unknown Variable says:

    Imagine a movie like Deadpool making a better story arc about cancer than a movie with Christian Bale and Natalie Portman in it…

    • Nigel Plumley says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Jake Fink says:

      Marvel lost a lot of my support with this movie. This particular story should have been a damn TRILOGY of a very dark and very bleak story of “Thor the God of Thunder” vs the IRREDEEMABLE Gorr the God BUTCHER not “Gorr the Redeemable” little shit who kidnapped some children too get an Axe!!
      Thor 4 should have been a movie of Thor getting the ever loving shit kicked out of him by Gorr, resulting in Thor being so badly defeated that he retreats back to Earth. Why? 😳 Because that’s where Mjolnir is!! No Jane Foster Thor in the first movie, that comes in the SECOND movie of a TRILOGY! The second movie should have been about Thor in pursuit of Gorr, following a trail of dead Gods everywhere, eventually leading him to Omnipotent City in the SECOND film. I can’t stress it enough how badly this whole story should have been a trilogy!!
      Moving on…
      In the wake of this discovery of how badly ruined Omnipotent City was, he would then realize he is in for one helluva fight, as if getting his ass kicked in the first one wasn’t enough. He would realize he needs help, and that realization would lead him straight back to Sakar! Why?? Because Beta Rey Bill! That’s why! They need to make a plan! A better plan that is! How so?? Well, we will see that in movie 3, when Thor, Beta Rey Bill, Jane Foster and then RUNE KING THOR!! From the Future and another universe!! Team up to destroy Gorr for good, because like in the comics, Gorr the God Butcher is IRREDEEMABLE!!!!!!!!

    • Odee Gilbert says:

      Dragonball and Dragonball Z I agree.
      Dragonball GT and Super both suck.

    • trolleriffic says:

      @Ugly Barnacle Is such a thing even possible?

    • Ugly Barnacle says:

      imagine a superhero movie without using cancer

  7. MrSketch22 says:

    This scene reminds me of the bit in Ant Man 1 and 2 with Michael Peña. It works both times because it’s within the context of the scene and is setup without being forced.

  8. Mr Model says:

    That “scene” felt like it brought the entire movie to a complete “stop”. A professor in architecture school scolded a student, “You can make people move forward by painting a great big arrow on the wall. Or, you can use the subtleties of design and have people move forward without their even being aware that they are being directed.”

  9. hashtagPoundsign says:

    Interesting how this and the scene comparison of “Ghostbusters” 1984 and “Ghostbusters” 2016 both have Melissa McCarthy and, both scenes have a distinct time difference with the worst scene taking twice as long for little to no payout… with Melissa McCarthy in them. Melissa McCarthy is playing Ursula in the 2023 remake of “The Little Mermaid” 1989, I hypothesize that The Drinker will have a scene comparison for “The Little Mermaid” with the worst of the two taking longer and includes Melissa McCarthy.

  10. Jeffrey DeCristofaro says:

    I think this is also an example of what happens when you don’t exercise self-imposed restraint during the creative process.

    Simply put, while creating art, the artist is certainly allowed to become overly ambitious and self-indulgent to a certain degree, but even s/he needs to know where and how not to cross the line at certain points, especially when taking factors into account like the eager collaboration of cast and crew needed to make it work, budgetary and time constraints, etc. When creating something all your own, you need to test your limits without going overboard, otherwise you end up doing a disservice to your own project. I’m not saying you should compromise your own vision to pander to those who lack perception of what the art piece could and SHOULD be – and certainly DON’T pander to the lowest common denominator and ESPECIALLY out of monetary gains or playing it safe – but there’s a certain way to make it work and you need to strike a proper balance in order to make it work that way exactly.

    • trolleriffic says:

      What makes it especially difficult is that for a person overseeing such a big project and being intimately involved for so long, it’s very hard to judge the film because they’re too close. They need other people to help identify which parts work and which don’t, and to suggest improvements that might not have occurred to the director.

    • Chad 007 says:

      @complete video here thts scary

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