Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy

Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy

I promised myself I would NEVER step foot in Five Guys… unless something like this happened. Let me tell you all about Fargo North Dakota and my first Alex Clark Live show….

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68 Responses

  1. Sneaky Mystics says:

    Omg IM IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

  2. Nightraptor6 Animated says:

    I really wish I could go to one of your shows buuut none are in Newark Ohio! Also my character is inspired by you

  3. Jada Padmore says:


  4. #awesome7 Lol says:

    Hmmm… what’s five guys

  5. Edups Wannabe says:

    Man I love 5 guys I haven’t eaten there since 2 years aww man πŸ™

  6. Sara Collins says:

    What’s a hamburger?

  7. Chill Wil says:

    Five guys has the best over priced burgers

  8. Fergus says:

    Um.. what’s five guys

  9. dragonslayer gaming says:

    What is five guys?

  10. Naples Ryan says:

    I work at Five Guys XD

  11. Baron Samedi says:

    Maybe I should go to Five Guys too

  12. Baron Samedi says:

    Happy Five Guys day Alex.

  13. Amidatelion says:

    Sound mixing needs a bit of work Alex. You voice-over is not loud enough in comparison of the camera shots (or the camera shots are too loud, it’s up to you)

    • Kimberley Ligtvoet says:

      Voice over is deffo not loud enough, I had my pc volume at 100 with earbuds in and the vid was on 100 too and I could barely hear it

  14. Geeky Pixel says:

    Never been to five guys before but now I kinda want to go…

  15. Geeky Pixel says:

    Those breakfast tacos look nice. Might have to make some of those for myself…

  16. grytbakk1 says:

    dude the sound level differances are way to high. i can barely hear the animated stuff after i lower my volume for the irl clips and i feel like my speakers are blowing out when the irl clips start.. plz fix for next video.
    love you btw <3

  17. RAPHAL Le Joueur says:

    Hey alex you are awessome man continue like this πŸ˜„

    I was Wondering could you make an tour in france ?

  18. David James says:

    If you keep doing this sooner or later Five Guys is going to need to sponsor you and if that happens that should be your next time when you go there

    • David James says:

      PS I think maybe you should try to do tour in Canada because five guys it’s starting to become popular here especially Mississauga, Ontario

  19. MarbleTarble says:

    *Much fans, Such loyal*

  20. maroko51 says:

    Great video man but can you do something about the transition between the animated and vlog part? The vlog part is much louder than the animation and itΒ΄s a little bit annoying having to adjust the volume each time you switch parts. No hate, only a recommendation from a big fan πŸ™‚

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