Why Trains Suck in America

Why Trains Suck in America

Trains, well, just aren’t that great in America. Here’s why.

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Opening Amtrak video courtesy Coleman Place (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak System Map modified from original by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Creative Commons License)
Train icon created by Roman J. Sokolov from the Noun Project
Airport Check-in video courtesy Amsterdam airport Schiphzl (Creative Commons License)
TSA video courtesy Brian Wilson (Creative Commons License)
Acela Express footage courtesy Alexander Wood (Creative Commons License)
Turkey high speed rail photo courtesy B’Tian Denizen P. Dorsam (Creative Commons License)
Poland high speed rail photo courtesy Jakub Halun (Creative Commons License)
Uzbekistan high speed rail photo courtesy Guidecity (Creative Commons License)
Acela express photo courtesy Michael Kurras (Creative Commons License)
Railway post office photo courtesy Bruce Fingerhood (Creative Commons License)
Mail sorting photo courtesy Jason V (Creative Commons License)
USPS truck photo courtesy Jason Lawrence (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak southwest chief video courtesy Walt Loevy (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak sunset limited video courtesy D&Y family travel (Creative Commons License)
US Rail Map used under fair use guidelines
Amtrak idling video courtesy PnPrailroad (Creative Commons License)
TGV video courtesy Bastiaan Blinksma (Creative Commons License)
High speed track photo courtesy S. Terfloth/Sese Ingolstadt (Creative Commons License)
ICE train video courtesy Dutch Train Channel (Creative Commons License)
TGV Sud video courtesy Sylvain Chemist (Creative Commons License)
Amtrak top speed video courtesy Rich Roberts (Creative Commons License)

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20 Responses

  1. Isaias Alcala says:

    Ok so this nigga wants the train to go faster ok I guess he doesn’t know
    what a crash is and the train from Palmdale to Glendale is like 20 to 30
    bucks and its 1 hour and 32 mins long I’m talking about metrolink

  2. Chaika? Yes, Chaika. Chaika says:

    so capitalism in america works backwards

  3. BeeFriendlyApiary says:

    Nobody wants to pay…but everyone likes to complain…pay your taxes and
    hold the politicians accountable and watch things change…put your head in
    a dark hole and you get Hilary and Trump!!!

  4. ytzia2010 says:

    sncf is late 98% of the time

  5. Shelby Pierce says:

    i have never been on a train i live in the suburbs of texas

  6. Shoreline says:

    $49 is expensive?

  7. cj07722 says:

    I stopped watching when this got depressing, which was a second into the

  8. AmtrakSuperFan 393 says:

    I do agree with you to an extent. Yes, Trains in america are old and almost
    to the point where they are being taken out of service. Amtrak is the only
    nation-wide railroad in the U.S. Amtrak also has a very limited fleet of
    locomotives. So tickets are more expensive because they need to fuel them,
    keep them running, and paying the crews. European trains are less expensive
    to travel on because they run on electricity, which means they don’t need
    to pay for fuel. Also, a point to make here. In the state of illinois, all
    Amtrak trains that run on Canadian National trackage have right of way
    priority. Which is why trains #390-393 and The City of New Orleans are
    usually on time. The latest my train ever was is 15 minutes late. But
    otherwise, great video. America does need to improve rail infrastructure,
    but I am afraid that the government will keep on wasting their money on
    less important and money wasting things.

  9. Amin Naqvi says:

    Please do why houses are so expensive

  10. otherside65 says:

    Seriously America is such a fucking shit hole. Everything fucking sucks.
    Transportation, wages, healthcare. Absolute shit. The funny part is that
    those retards think they’re advanced compared to the rest of the world. LOL

  11. 1323GamerTV says:

    Oh, by the way, the pneumatic tube being built by University of Maryland
    Students will make the trip 45 minutes. It’s currently 3hours 30minutes. I
    can’t wait

  12. NM says:

    If Europe wasn’t the size of Texas, it would be way more expensive…

  13. Tom Jefferis says:

    Jesus that’s worse than southern rail…

  14. Bethany Lieser says:

    Europe is so much better than the US

  15. deepdragon2 says:

    You forgot one thing trains require land across the distance they travel…
    thus land tax thus property value thus different state laws on this plus it
    is not property tax on one state but all they move through… so thus
    higher price. And this list is etc etc… on and on as to why trains will
    not be like Europe… so move there…

  16. lukia 10 says:

    So much hate in train travel in the USA ? it’s a shame it’s such a fun
    thing to do. I like trains and planes and think it’s fine the way things
    are right now.train travel is limited to the amount of people it should be
    and planes are everywhere.i honestly cry seeing so much hatred to trains.
    Being called a pussy or a fag just because I like train travel. Smh. Tbh I
    honestly think trains should stay especially in the northeast corridor
    where business are crazy busy

  17. Henry says:

    I like trains

  18. Travis Conway says:

    Good Insight on what we’ve neglected in this nation

  19. misstahweezey says:

    Who else felt bad for the train at 8:00 :(

  20. Frost Ice says:

    I like trains