Why We Left Buzzfeed (Some Thoughts on Taking Risks)

Why We Left Buzzfeed (Some Thoughts on Taking Risks)

In which Allison and Gaby from Just Between Us (youtube.com/justbetweenusshow) stand in for Hank, share some thoughts on taking risks in your career, and talk about why they left Buzzfeed. It’s Pizzamas Day 10!

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Allison: twitter.com/allisonraskin

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20 Responses

  1. Álvaro Lopes says:


  2. andybearchan says:

    Thumbs up for sleepy puppy.

  3. Juri Laamanen says:

    My god that dog just laying around is so CHILL

  4. Pirateboy04 says:

    :0 PUNISHMENT! ITS 4:27 LONG :0

  5. OriginalPiMan says:

    Are guest vlogbrothers bound to the four minute rule in any way?

  6. Ron Hopping says:

    nerd fighters haven’t had a punishment video in so long. we’re like sharks
    circling and injured whale.

  7. Stella Wenny says:

    I got really really distracted by the sleeping beauty dog, I couldn’t take
    my eyes off her.

  8. Zac Winningham says:

    You both did a wonderful job articulating your thought process for leaving
    Buzzfeed, and it was definitely very interesting.

    The sleeping fuzzball stole the show, though.

  9. OddUndeniably says:

    Really interesting thoughts here. Sometimes you have to make decisions you
    never thought you would have to make in life, and you can’t anticipate
    that. You have to be able to go with the flow to an extent.

  10. Isabella Fereira says:

    Ladies, welcome to Vlogbrothers, loved your vid and I appreciate having you
    around while we can’t have hank. But, y’all are so punished.

  11. Mage of Void says:

    “Your coworkers can be your friends, but the company is *not* your friend”
    is honestly really good and relevant advice for all young adults getting
    their first jobs right now.

    That statement is complicated a bit with bosses though, because they are
    sort of both people you work with and the interests of the company. I would
    say, personally, that due to the nature of that power imbalance your boss
    can really never be your friend, and that it’s dangerous to be too close to
    someone who has the power to fire you, but others have different opinions

  12. Amy says:

    John talks about his career in writing: WOW THANKS FOR THE LESSONS LOVE IT
    JBU talks about their careers in writing: Um this doesn’t pertain to me,
    why is it on vlogbrothers

  13. How to Adult says:

    I want to + this whole video.

    – Mike

  14. MrHSX says:

    Punishment Ideas, Nerdfighters?

    [Upvote those you like from this thread]

  15. Paul Ocone says:

    People in the comments: It’s a video about taking risks and creativity
    first and foremost, and only superficially about Buzzfeed. You have to look
    between the lines.

  16. RandomHero13 says:

    10 reasons why we left buzzfeed, the ninth one will surprise you …

  17. Becky R. says:

    THIS IS OVER 4 MINUTES I DEMAND A PUNISHMENT (I don’t care that they’re
    guests I want one)

  18. MrRoboskippy says:

    Buzzfeed sucks. Also, I think your dog may be dead.

  19. Randy Butternubs says:

    I can think of about a thousand reasons to leave buzzfeed whenever I’m on

  20. Sung Ha says:

    the dog is so cute….its staying still even with all the noise around