Why We Need To Talk About This RIDICULOUS Meghan Rienks Situation, SCOTUS, & More

Why We Need To Talk About This RIDICULOUS Meghan Rienks Situation, SCOTUS, & More

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Twitter Adds Fleets:

Meghan Rienks Battles With YouTube Support After Channel Hack:

Elizabeth Warren Drops Out:

SCOTUS Hears June Medical v. Russo:

Olive Garden Manager Fired After Complying With Customer’s Demand For A Non-Black Sever:

Miami Postpones Ultra Music Festival Amid Concerns, Other Major Artists Cancel Shows:

Spain Approves Consent Bill:

Putin and Erdogan Agree to Ceasefire:

Edited by: Julie Goldberg, Jason Mayer
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning, Alex Elnicki, Zach McIntyre
#DeFranco #ShaneDawson #MeghanRienks

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77 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Halfway through the Meghan story, I was like….man I would have thrown my laptop against the wall.
    Timecodes: Twitter (00:25), Meghan (2:27), TIA (7:57), Warren (9:37), SCOTUS (10:16)

  2. Smileyhat says:

    “I would never, never do such a thing” – guy who did the thing.

    • Kenzie Taylor says:

      Am I the only one who heard his statement like “don’t touch the stove or your gonna get burned?” It sounded to me like he was saying attacking women’s rights is only going to give them a backlash they won’t want.

    • Not Gay says:

      Kenzie Taylor this is exactly what he’s saying

    • Kenzie Taylor says:

      @Not Gay yes be I don’t view that as a threat. If I told my niece to not touch the stove or she will get burned, I’m not threatening her. I’m letting her know what the concequences of her actions will be.

    • Magnum WO says:

      Kenzie Taylor
      Well you could argue that that is exactly what a threat is – informing someone of the consequences of their actions. While it’s obvious that in your example, the thing you are doing is warning someone of a consequence you aren’t in charge of, it very quickly becomes blurry to answer when something is a threat or not. What do you think this sentence is – “if you don’t pass the test I’ll make sure you don’t enter college” spoken by the person in charge of handling tests. Well you could both argue for and against this being a threat. There really isn’t a clear answer.

    • Ben 10 says:

      Not Gay I think we should let them make their decision first and go from there. No matter what’s more likely for them to choose we need to have them make that choice before we can accuse them of anything.

  3. Alex Bristol says:

    “carefully investigated this and didn’t FOUND any”
    Damn, i laughed too hard at that!

  4. shrimpified says:

    I don’t want any more “stories” on any other apps. Instagram’s stories are enough.


  5. Uncle Richard's Smoke Detector says:

    Man, this video opens with a story criticizing YouTube and it doesn’t appear in the sub box… strange.

  6. 2MUCHmoisture says:

    REMEMBER: a fleet may be temporary, but a screenshot lasts a lifetime

    • Eileen Snow says:

      this comment uses better grammar than youtube’s customer support emails

    • Brian says:

      I doubt anyone would take screenshots of the average users tweets

    • Gail Hunter says:

      Imagine using photoshop to change a fleet to say or show something that the original fleet did not say or show. Cancel culture operates on guilty until proven innocent. So you may get cancelled for things you never said or showed because you were not able to prove you did not say or show something.

    • Regalia says:

      @Brian people would if what they said was offensive or stupid lol

    • BaconNMegs says:

      That’s exactly what I thought haha I think it’s more for people and situations like the Kevin Hart one with his old ass tweet about the dollhouse, I think they wanna stop people from being able to go back five years and find a tweet to ruin a career

  7. Doctor Swood says:

    Her: “Don’t touch your face”

    Literally every Nerve cell in my face:
    *They call me Cuban Pete*
    *I’m the king of the rhumba beat*
    *When I play the maracas*
    *I go chick chicky boom, chick chicky boom*

  8. Nihilistic Nachos says:

    They should have called them “Yeets” instead of “Fleets.”

  9. Jackson Lustberg says:

    10% – opinion on the abortion case
    20% – fleet memes
    30% – Wow I feel bad for Meghan
    40% – lol I toch mi face

  10. blazearcanum says:

    Twitter missed a great opportunity to call them “Yeets”

  11. stiinkypandaa says:

    The first 20 seconds had me laughing so hard I was coughing violently because I’m sick. xD

  12. Josiah Sanchez says:

    She honestly has plenty of reason to even sue YouTube for that. That impacts her job and her public image with her viewers. That is not okay.

    • zahedah80 says:

      @AbnormallyNormal // but cant rhey claim she failed to protect her own account?

    • Markus Gutjahr says:

      Remember Astartes channel…

    • Sabont Magont says:

      zahedah80 I think she said in the video that she had two factor authentication, used strong passwords (think stuff like Qvj7bfx6$&666fhdj), had 2 back up emails (one being a yahoo) and used different emails for both her channels. She could argue that she had done everything they offered, to protect her account. She could probably sue for the loss of revenue and the horrible support.

    • zahedah80 says:

      @Sabont Magont oh wowwww. I wonder how the hackers were able to get in??? What a mess!

    • Joey says:

      @Sabont Magont It seems a little hard to believe she _actually_ had good security like that and still got compromised. Didn’t she say something about improving her security practices since she first had issues? Is this what she practices now, or when she got compromised?

      To break into an account with that security you’d have to directly steal the password from somewhere (a hack into her computer, perhaps, or a man-in-the-middle attack on a wifi network could do that), _and_ somehow get access to the authentication tokens, which would mean stealing or cloning her phone or somesuch. That’s a serious targetted attack…

      Also, didn’t she say that the email attached to her account was compromised? That can be Game Over when it comes to internet security, as control over that account is so frequently used as proof-of-identity online.

  13. Brook says:

    Am I the only one that gets a really ominous feeling from the whole Meghan Rienks situation? It feels so creepy

    • Evija3000 says:

      Our new overlord the Algorhythm has taken over YT and is learning to handle customer support on its own.

    • Cats says:

      Very Black Mirror to take over someone’s channel, continue to upload as if it were them and offering a chokehold contract telling you not to sue and no content is kept.

    • irene’s husband says:

      It astounds me that a company as large and resourceful as YouTube handled it the way they did. Absolutely unacceptable

  14. yeahyeahd says:

    “at this point im not even the person this happened to and i’m already exhausted” and angry. exhausted and angry. ugh. thank you for covering it tho Phil. there are so many other creators out there who are getting hit by this and not getting help with it. something needs to change.

  15. Gamma says:

    That finger lick caught me off guard. How perfectly ironic.

  16. ROBOTPETER101 says:

    “Help, Youtube, my account has been hacked”

    “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

  17. ROBOTPETER101 says:

    Youtube be treating this girl like they’re The Rock.

    “Whats your name”

  18. Jeremy Kimble says:

    She should just sue them. Like yo they basically just told you how at fault they are considering they asked not to sue them…..

  19. Polite Pupper says:

    The neutrality and independence of your SCOTUS is a joke (from an Australian lawyer) Who thought it was a good idea to have the president elect the justices?

    • LastStandingLogic says:

      @Austin Jurgle Pffh “checks and balances”.. your checks and balances are based on a honor system in a country where the ruling party has no honor and zero intentions of following those “checks and balances”.

    • Captain Obieso says:

      @Austin Jurgle that doesnt explaine why anyone thought the scotus judges should be chosen by the president. It’s a huge issue because it puts control of the top levels of the judicial wing in the hands of the executive. That breaks any level of separation. Its dumb.

    • Guy from Megas XLR says:

      Seems like FDR thought it was a good idea when he allowed partisans in. Now look at where this has gotten.

    • Timanom says:

      @Captain Obieso The supreme court decides on whether laws passed by the legislative branch are constitutional. If the legislative branch chose who is on the supreme court, they would be able to say that any law is constitutional. If the supreme court chose their own members, it would lead to a lot of collusion and possibly bribery and stuff like that. Since the president in theory isn’t making laws, just signing them, he’s the “best” person to choose. That’s why the system is set up that way.

      It probably should be a voted position, but the founding fathers and the government don’t trust the american public

    • Captain Obieso says:

      @Timanom exactly my point. It’s a system built for collusion. A backdoor in an otherwise sturdy framework.

  20. Captain Risky says:

    I like how YouTube basically said “don’t worry, you weren’t talking to a machine, you were talking to a real person who was just insanely incompetent, nothing to worry about”

    • hzmghykxf says:

      Captain Risky they would have been better off just saying it’s machine 😂 the way the “support“ handled this situation is so embarrassing

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