Why we took a break

Why we took a break

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11 Responses

  1. Jaslene Hernandez says:

    Julian you shouldn’t listen to the people commenting, or praying on y’all down fall you both look happy together & yes just because rosa has some down days doesn’t always mean Its because of something people assume you do because of your past, praying for you both!<3

  2. Adrena Natalia says:

    You guys are young, honestly you’re gonna go through ups and downs. Not everyday is gonna be a honeymoon. What’s important is communication, and respect. As long as you are both genuine and work at it you guys will always be successful. 💕

  3. sheyla l says:

    The way people picture Julian is honestly so sad. Everyone is human and nobody should talk down on someone they genuinely don’t know. So happy you and Julian are still sticking threw. And don’t let these people get in y’all relationship because at the end of the day those people have no common sense and don’t know you both more than y’all do ofc. But just remember communication is key and understanding each other also. ❤️

  4. Suki says:

    Proud of you both for acknowledging that your relationship was getting toxic and choosing to remove yourselves because it is not an easy thing to do. I hope that these changes help your relationship flourish, regardless on where you both stand your supporters will still be here rooting for you both💗

  5. Aaliyah Contreras says:

    People are so quick to judge someone else’s relationship and point out everything “wrong” but fail to realize that they are young and have so much growing to do together and alone. I will always root for people that are able to acknowledge their wrong and work towards doing better! I’m happy y’all are mature enough to communicate and know what is best for both of y’all’s happiness 🤍🤍

  6. Gisselle Cruz says:

    in relationships you go through ups and downs but as long as you guys are both willing to change and be better for each other that is all that matters. happy to see you guys back and happy <33

  7. Isaura villagomez says:

    i love this for you guys, all your guys supporters are here and we’re really happy you guys talked it all out and understood eachother. this is a new start, and everything will be better and your relationship will just get healthier and grow stronger 💞!

  8. Jacqueline Mondragon says:

    it’s okay, take all the time you guys need. just don’t let these people on the Internet ruin what you guys have. take care ml 💞.

  9. Diana Aviles says:

    I’m so glad you both decided to talk about this. I went through something like this with my bf now, we talked it out, and got through it. I hope you guys both get through it and hopefully this will clear up everything for everyone so that people won’t be spreading rumors about either one of you. Getting to know each other again and doing the thing you used to do really helps. I hope you both continue to talk things out , you guys are so cute together . I wish your relationship the best !

  10. Zamyra Barcenas says:

    We’re all here for you the both of you! Hope everything keeps going well!🫶🏼🫶🏼

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