Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

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20 Responses

  1. Nico Sax (Starfish) says:

    Only really great thing on ch right now but I guessed they were bad even
    before jake and amir left an we just didnt care

  2. RockStar says:

    Great advice about like what you like and don’t worry what others think.
    Also try not to judge what others like. This can be applied to other things
    too, and not just wine. Music, games, food, etc. When it comes to wineI
    just know Cabernet tastes good to me. Some brands taste better than others.
    There are at least a couple brands that cost less than $10 that taste just

  3. Michael P. Shipley says:

    Great series. It has the robust taste of faux expert mendacity with just a
    hint of autumn chestnut humorosity.

  4. SirJamesStark says:

    Fuck yeah, Goon!

  5. William Morrow says:

    The ketchup joke was a little dry, a hint of vanilla, and an undertone of

  6. JamalHadjkura says:

    I work as a Wine Advisor for a living, this is all true :/

  7. 16phileas says:

    Being French, I have to disagree with you for once, Ryan :p

  8. raftersaur0us says:

    i am a goon coniseur and anyone that says otherwise is a filthy peasant

  9. taliesin garland says:

    As someone who has worked with a legit sommelier… Just… No

  10. rex huynh says:

    ?i like how he ruins everything in a funny way ?you also learn a thing of
    too ?best youtube series ever

  11. Figgy5119 says:

    ah, I just watched Best in Show this weekend! I love John Michael Higgins!

  12. Doidoi Doi says:

    Adam 10/10 would bang

  13. Callum Hays says:

    Great video

  14. Ward Huyskes says:

    that the fact that he mentioned that he was going to debunk global warming
    last episode makes me really sceptic of everything this guys says. I have
    actually heard of all of these researches before yet I am not able to feel
    comfortable excepting there really is any truth to what Adam says. this
    sucks pretty bad because Adam ruins everything was the only enjoyable thing
    on CH.

  15. YelerianOcelot says:

    I love red wine and I don’t enjoy white at all. They don’t taste notingh
    alike, that alone makes me wonder who where those so caled experts who got
    tested. Someone who doesn’t like beer, someone who doesn’t like apples will
    say that they are alike, maybe that’s the issue whit wine as well.

  16. Medster66 says:

    goon always wins mate

  17. Doug Menger says:

    Thats why I stick to beer and spirits.

  18. Eatman Extreme says:

    Solve my comment its scrambled!

    still ketchup would bottle the drink of.

  19. Gaming Cube says:

    Huh… Wasn’t too bad this time… I… can actually live with myself after
    watching Adam Ruins Everything…

  20. Existential Soliloquy says:

    Baby duck is the best wine.
    (if you reply to that then you’re not too smart)