Why Would the US Army Purchase Russian Helicopters? #shorts

Why Would the US Army Purchase Russian Helicopters? #shorts

Was the Russian Mi-17 so advanced that the US Army decided to buy 10s of them over the past decade? It’s #NotWhatYouThink #NWYT #shorts

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Russian Ministry of Defense
US Department of Defense

Note: “The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.”

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36 Responses

  1. Lucas Wilms says:

    Wow this channel has grown alot in 2021! Have a great 2022 NWYT!

  2. Some Guy says:

    We also use them for training in the US so the scenarios are more authentic.

    • Jeff says:

      @Thanh Tran the US military would not send its pilots to a school to learn how to fly Russian planes. It’s not feasible, you’d have to have a whole unit of pilots and support. As soon as their rotation was done they’d have to go learn how to fly US aircraft, or vice versa. Let alone teaching the pilots and mechanics Russian. I guarantee they don’t fly Russian aircraft in any sort of permanent or frequent fashion. Op4 helicopters are civilian aircraft painted in enemy patterns. I know this from first hand experience. Again, not for training

    • Mirokuofnite says:

      4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron was a thing. They flew captured migs.

    • Matt Yoakum says:

      @Jeff operation Constant Peg. A USAF agressors and test squadron was trained and proficient in flying Russian aircraft. These pilots were taken and volunteered from standard squadrons and due to the limits of the Opfor aircraft they were highly experienced before joining the program. The program was officially discontinued, however captured enemy equipment is still used to train our soldiers and pilots, just not as often.

    • S09jy says:

      @Jeff No actually we DO have a history of test flying Russian aircraft.. why is that hard to believe? It’s always good to understand the opposition’s capabilities to the fullest and of course America, of all countries, has the funding and assets to do so. Love it or hate it the American Military Industrial Complex is the largest and most capable in the world. Think about all the public funding and capabilities that we are already well aware of, then think of all the countless SAP’s that have existed throughout the years and currently… the scale is ginormous, not talking about billions of dollars, but trillions.

    • Cristobal Alvarez says:

      @Jeff cough cough mig23 and 27 the us captured 20 of them

  3. Harsh Aryan says:

    One of the most entertaining Aircraft/defense channel. And the shorts are just icing on the cake.

  4. Just Like The Simulations says:

    American Government: *buys Russian helicopters*
    Also American Goverment: *ditches millions of dollar’s in American weapons and gear.*

  5. vermas4 says:

    Calling Something more capable than the Mi-8 series is a contradiction, that thing is the definition of multi purpose.

    ((Yes, I know, for specific tasks there might be better things but the Mi 17 is versatile as far as it gets))

    • Oliver Loza says:

      And also a lot cheaper and faster to repair than American ones

    • Henry Hamilton says:

      Blackhawk is much cheaper (at least for the UH-60L variant), costing $6 million per unit.
      Mi-17 costs about $16 million per unit

      if we compare it to the Chinook, Chinook can carry about twice the payload or personnel, but it costs at least $60 million per unit.

    • vermas4 says:

      @Henry Hamilton also the Chinook can’t act as a fully capable attack helicopter

    • DontUputThatEvilOnMe says:

      @Swordsman black hawk is literally designed just for soldiers. Chinook is the heavy lift helicopter.

    • Gor Mor says:

      @Henry Hamilton are you sure about that? Fresh Mi-117 from the factory costs about $3 million dollars per unit. If US payd $16 million, then Russians and some top US military personnel got a good deal.

  6. Doppelganger159 says:

    “And there was equipment left behind”

    • Sreeram S Nair says:

      Yup. Big arsenals worth millions of $ were left behind. Vehicle fleets, worth millions were left behind. I’ve heard that they also left behind some choppers. Pretty stupid decision imho.

    • Cristobal Alvarez says:

      @Sreeram S Nair which most were scrambled and left beyond repair

    • Cristobal Alvarez says:

      But imagine they left bombs to detonate after months to cause panic lol just imagine

  7. Fiel Valery says:

    US: “That way, Taliban would be capturing Russian helicopters, not ours! Hehehe…”
    World: “Bruh, you paid for that…”
    US: “Jokes on you, my taxpayers did!”

  8. jason sweeney says:

    Well you see a couple months before we pulled out, we gave them blackhawks and told them that if they wanted US backing they must use them instead, so having mechanics and pilots not trained on the much more complex American helicopters meant that in the last days their airforce was nonexistent

  9. Master Anakin says:

    I can’t believe we ended up leaving some of our stuff there, you’d think the US military could get all that stuff out if it really wanted to, maybe it was more trouble than it’s worth.

  10. CapitainTV says:

    “The russian helicopter is well siuted for the environment.”
    Yeah the US just can not say that russians have a heli as good as americans (or better)

    • Dallas Dandy says:

      No doubt the choppers are good for heavy lift but they fall out of the skies like rocks. Every year about 10 crash all over the world. Last year alone the choppers have killed more servicemen than any other chopper. India, Kenya e.t.c

    • MightyRB says:

      @Dallas Dandy actually in India it was due to bad weather most likely no the helicopter malfunctioning

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