Why Your Body Is AMAZING!

Why Your Body Is AMAZING!

Our bodies are pretty incredible, here’s why!
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Written by Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit

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20 Responses

  1. Yomamalikesbacon says:

    I love these jam packed, good transitioned videos. Well done, I learn a lot
    in a good exciting way, thank you x

  2. Vijay Garg says:

    Hey +AsapSCIENCE can you make a video on the transition of the world to
    meritocratic form- a world where we are responsible for what you
    are-intelligence etc. in a sense this is good but also creates more
    pressure on individuals to be more intelligent leading to more stress and

  3. Japheth Soh says:

    What is the function of our eyebrows other than making our face look

  4. Chinthan Jois says:

    How does flash storage work?

  5. Abdul Uddin says:

    And people stink there is no high power

  6. Berkan Celebi says:

    “why your body is amazing”
    *a censored body as thumbnail*

  7. Jason “The Core” Altidor says:

    That was an interesting fact about the pinky and ring finger.

  8. Burak Ulaş Kalo says:

    2:36 it was nice :D

  9. Sayuas says:

    Don’t sensor cartoon people, seriously.

  10. Anthony Intensity says:

    And what about the obesity epidemic???? That’s because the body is so
    amazing that ”he” will store energy in the form of fat tissue to

  11. swanrohopes says:

    what is dead skin, nails or even hair, really?

  12. Not Your Average Youtuber says:

    That end tho. I was done

  13. Robotic Baconzippz says:

    Why is the guys nipples censored in the thumbnail

  14. Amira AKH says:

    sleeping with socks on? since its winter ? I heard its not preferable

  15. Amira AKH says:

    what if there is another galaxy with another Earth and people like us
    living in it? ? maybe?

  16. Michelle Fun says:

    I have a auestion. Why do people lie?

  17. Dallas Whitmire says:

    you should do one explaining ingrown hairs!

  18. Ariyan P says:

    Why do we say “Ummm?” when we can’t quite grasp the words we want to say?

  19. SpaceHamStudio says:

    Why are the guys nipples blurred?

  20. Hoang Anh Nguyen says:

    It’s amazing until you randomly get cancer.