Wifisfuneral Freestyle – 2018 XXL Freshman

Wifisfuneral Freestyle – 2018 XXL Freshman

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Wifisfuneral delivers hard-hitting bars in his 2018 XXL Freshman freestyle.

The nine rappers in the 2018 XXL Freshman Class are Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, J.I.D, Stefflon Don, BlocBoy JB, YBN Nahmir, Wifisfuneral and Trippie Redd.

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Shot and Produced by Shot To Kill NYC.

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74 Responses

  1. Just a Youtuber says:

    Damn this freestyle was so great it was almost as good as J.I.D.’s, imma check out his music for sure! Anyone know what I should start with?
    (Also very nice hoodie, RIP X)

  2. Oscar To Minh says:

    he is one of my favourite rappers but I am pretty dissapointed because this wasn’t a freestyle and it was written

  3. SilentKiller55 says:

    1. J.I.D
    2. Ski
    3. Wifi
    4. Stefflon Don
    5. Smokepurpp

    6. 70 NIBBA!

  4. XAVIER LEXXX says:

    Yes #weef revenge Hoodie

  5. Zaini Beats says:

    After years of hard work, Wifi finally made it on to XXL. Proud of him

    • Tyler Reynolds says:

      “After years of hard work, Wifi finally made it on to XXL and chose to ‘freestyle’ a song he already dropped, JUST LIKE LIL PUMP DID”

    • JackVeed17 says:

      Tyler Reynolds a freestyle isn’t always off the top of the head idiot

  6. mario casanova says:

    2)Ski mark the slump god
    4)Steflon Don
    5)smoke purp
    6)Lil Pump

  7. -iconic- vPlug says:

    1. J.I.D
    2. Ski
    3. Wifi
    4. Stefflon
    5. Purpp
    6. Pump

  8. TearUzi says:

    Wifi the most underrated!!


    Top 2

  10. Corsair Vibe says:

    Who wanna hear his freestyle with fire beat, live on my channel check it out 🔥

  11. Haider Hasan says:

    Wifi slept on heavy 🔥🔥

  12. Corsair Vibe says:

    His freestyle need a fire beat, and i made it, live on my channel check it out 🔥

  13. Rib says:

    This freestyle so fire that my WiFi dug its own grave. 😭

  14. Aidan Harmer says:


  15. Wyler Styler says:

    Nothin against wifi I love his music so much that i recognized this freestyle is just his song “Hell and back” off his new album Ethernet, he chose one of his less popular songs which is better than what pump chose. Nevertheless, great artist, I just want to see his actual freestyling talent.

  16. Game X Over says:

    Better than lil pump like if u agree

  17. brian fidel says:

    This is literally his song hell & back

  18. Beats by JK says:

    I wish I had clout

  19. Yakin the Noodest says:

    Isn’t this also a song from wifi? Either way I like the song anyway.

    Edit: I just saw wifi say on Twitter that he did this free style before the actual song so that makes this even better.

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