Wild Hair Salon | Lele Pons

Wild Hair Salon | Lele Pons

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56 Responses

  1. Lele Pons says:

    Thanks for watching!! Should I make a part 2??

  2. Mirkenel Frederic says:

    Okay Lele I’m come in to your shop would you like to cut my hair ?‍♂️

  3. 123 love says:

    Lele I am your biggest fan ever , please like my comment ???❤

  4. Mekenzie Kinard says:

    “ one dude tried to fight me took some swings but I defended and he backed down” ???

  5. Fraze Traze says:

    Congrats on the 3 billion views. Also another great video like always keep it up ?

  6. Faith Derman says:

    Did no one srsly realize that that’s Brooke’s from Jessie???

  7. Liza Jauregui says:

    Hello wonderful person scrolling through the comments!! Have a amazing day! ?

  8. ꨄKazumiꨄ says:

    when they said :SA SA SA YAKU SA YAKU SA
    i was like:?????????
    She had me dead ?

  9. Hala is the best The best says:

    I’m A MaRiEd WoMeN!!

    Only real lele fans will understand?

  10. Monqui04 says:

    Lele your videos keep being better and better, thank you for making these videos, they make my day! ❤️❤️

  11. Lusanne de Vries says:

    4:08 I think he was a lil bit cold

    And I also want to congratulate myself with my first like, what a coincidence that it’s marked by my favorite color, blue ?

  12. Broken Angel says:

    *Me* goes out with friends for 3hours
    *Lele*uploads a video
    *Also me*I’m never going out again

  13. Eriselda Lame says:

    Oh lele in the end you published your next video .Love u ❤you are the YouTube queen✌

  14. Riley Birkmire says:

    *sees hot guy*

    Lele: “ready girls”

    *Boyfriends walk in*

  15. cripplin depression says:

    No one:

    12 yr old girls: “OMG? so funny”

  16. Valeria Martinez says:

    Welp now we know where brooks went after he left Africa ?
    ?? like if you got it ??

  17. Mayra Varela says:

    Omg Brooks from Jessie ♥️♥️ How’s Mrs.Chesterfield..How’s Africa lmao ?

    • Julie Mcmillan says:

      I’ll take that 30 minutes to watch your Channel I know come on something that I don’t know Harley Quinn it is but by this is erisa it’s me your your college of know you don’t have college but I’m your biggest play and you don’t like Justin Bieber I like you better by love you

    • Sana Nanji says:

      Omg I knew I saw him somewhereee

  18. Yorkaa_Sepulvedaa says:

    Lele? Using stereotypes? What a surprise. Oh and if you didn’t catch it, SHE’S LATINA!

  19. Timestamps _ says:

    Straight face gang wya??

  20. Ailea Luna says:

    Omg Lele I love you I wish I could meat are you in person I am your biggest biggest fan ever I want to see you so bad please like my comment love you so much

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