Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. Why aren’t there more?

Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. Why aren’t there more?

A better way for animals to cross the road.

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Roadkill harms animals, endangers drivers, and costs billions of dollars every year. In Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, wildlife scientist Tony Clevenger and other researchers have proven that constructing overpasses and underpasses for animals decreases roadkill and improves ecological connectivity. Many animals, including deer, elk, grizzlies, moose, lynx, cougars and others, have been recorded using the structures. Although animal crossing structures have been fairly common in Europe for a few decades, there are relatively few in North America. In The United States, the crossing structures that have been built, in places like Washington State and Wyoming, were partly inspired by the research Clevenger conducted in Banff. To create even more of them, Clevenger worked with a team of experts, including ecologist Nina-Marie Lister, to organize a design competition. The competition, named ARC solutions, was held in order to generate more cost-effective crossing designs that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The competition generated many new models for animal crossings and Clevenger and Lister hope that highway planners will adjust their approach to structure design based on them.


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  1. Serial kIller says:

    i was silencing the children in my basement until i saw this video

  2. victarion greyjoy says:

    *”generic comment about Islam”*

  3. Zinouweel says:

    We have a bunch of those in Germany. They’re called Grünbrücken, green bridges.

  4. boy638 says:

    1:12 pretty sure it cost the animals’ lives

  5. Ian Oomen says:

    in the netherlands we have very expensive animal crossing bridges with a large with and ample vegetation. problem is… animals don’t use them

  6. Driz M says:

    I hit a deer driving earlier. 
    How the deer was driving I’ll never know

  7. My crush says:

    I cant wait to play real life animal crossing!!!

  8. farhanniz says:

    Who else was waiting for another Donald Trump video

  9. Kat Leigh says:

    Wow only 7 views? I’ve never been this early ever. Now on the video, this concept is amazing and I’m mad I’ve never heard of this. These are brilliant and so good for nature, we need more of these!

  10. PrimeBot Productions says:

    *animal crossing*

  11. Paco Mexicano says:

    vox: making me care about issues i didnt realize existed

  12. Banka says:

    waste of taxpayers hard earned money

  13. EasternAnime says:

    Wild guess, United States won’t fund them. gotta fund that military.

  14. Seljuk Cuck says:

    So it protects animals by preventing inbreeding? Republicans will hate this!

  15. ChiefRepublic says:

    It’s almost as if we share a planet with other animals.

  16. kalamaron i says:

    Nooo! Not mah sloth! Not mah sloth! He done nuttin’ wrong! Just slowly waddling along to visit his gf in the next tree over…

  17. Ryaka says:

    Everyone’s Worst Fear: Death
    My Worst Fear: Hitting an animal and having to live with myself

  18. AndroidDoctorr says:

    Goddam liberals always trying to save lives and make the world better

  19. QB Mac says:

    Why did the chicken cross the wildlife crossing?
    To stop inbreeding.

  20. Olga Voronkova says:

    I’m a Conservative and I like this idea I do not get where all of these Bullshit comments come from.

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