Will Cain breaks out Cowboys jersey to troll Stephen A. after win | First Take

Will Cain breaks out Cowboys jersey to troll Stephen A. after win | First Take

Will Cain joins First Take to troll Stephen A. Smith again after the Dallas Cowboys’ win over the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild Card round. Stephen A. admits he was wrong in choosing the Seahawks to win, but says the Cowboys’ success will all come to a crashing end soon.

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108 Responses

  1. YungChip030 says:

    SAS really stays taking Ls in 2019

    • Teejay Thomas says:

      I just can’t wait to See Hunter Henry suit up for the Chargers this weekend. Been great all year for the Chargers. I honestly can’t see this week being any different.

      Also, Derrick Johnson will be a big key for the Chiefs against the Colts. If he can get passed Jeff Saturday and get some hits on Manning Chiefs have a chance at home against Indy.

      Just my insight and predictions.

      YES SAS has been TAKING plenty of L’s similar to this comment that I Just made!

    • Crunshii Katsuma says:

      +Zeke’s Hurdle if they didn’t talk about us cowboys they would virtually have no show sure there are fans for every team die hard fans at that but the cowboy fan base is so much bigger we break records on prime time game we own the record for Monday night and Thursday night games these guys need to wake up and smell the coffee cowboys keeping themajob PERIOD!!! #WEDEMBOYZ

    • Adam Silver says:

      YungChip030 the cowboys will obviously lose the next game they barely beat the Seahawks

    • Teejay Thomas says:

      Adam Silver Great Logic there. Wow! If that’s the case then that means that the Eagles will have no problem against the Rams if they beat the Saints… I mean Eagles already beat the Rams right?? Oh and that means that the Lions are a MUCH better team than the Pats…

      FLAWED LOGIC. Just because a team “barely” beats a team doesn’t mean they can win there next game against a better team… WTF ????. Teams play different every Sunday SURPRISE!!

  2. junaid rakhangi says:

    Stephen A Smith… HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!

  3. Anne HBurn says:

    I was waiting for this. It’s beautiful watching Stephen A after a Cowboys win.

  4. Sir Charles Barkley says:

    Lol cain is a damn troll

  5. Show Out says:

    Will Cain the type to open bags of chips with scissors

  6. Fat Blunts says:

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that skip Bayless most likely still has an erection from this game

  7. Chris says:

    Molly said dak won the division back to back years?

  8. Shaun Gorzell says:

    Will Cain needs to replace Max Kellerman. Will Cain is a more rational version of Skip Bayless.

  9. BoKnows says:

    I like molly but she needs to stop yelling

    • royland walker says:

      BoKnows she has to yell because max makes no sense as usual

    • GOT BOOST i4 says:

      She’s ghetto

    • Alan Koslowski says:

      No more so than the men.

    • Brian Ezell says:

      Thank you! I was just saying that as she started yelling around the 3:47 mark. “And he won the division back to back years” I was thinking why does she need to shout while another person is talking. Goes back to what your mom taught you as a kid, don’t interrupt someone when they are talking. Amazes me how adults forget that very thing they teach or expect.

  10. Dylan Kyle says:


  11. Sneaker Sensei says:

    Oh my god. The girl that replaced molly over the holiday had such a softer voice. Molly’s voice literally hurts to listen to

  12. nightfall says:

    Will Cain gets better every week man. Entertaining and informative.

  13. Pablo Barrera says:

    Fire the camera man for not focusing on who is talking

  14. Victor Vasquez says:

    I want the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl just to see how Stephen A would react ??

  15. Dead beat Drake says:

    Damn Molly stop Yelling

  16. Ali A says:

    0:14 “I’m kinda hot” stfu Molly

  17. Supreme Prince says:

    These molly comments are hilarious ?

  18. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

    Stephen A the type a dude to wear Cowboys panties under his suit while pretending to hate them.

  19. Moses Aguirre says:

    Get rid of molly!!! No one wants to hear her scream over the important ppl

  20. Hennedy says:

    3:52 why was the camera on Will for so long when he wasn’t talking lmao

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