Will Ferrell Channeled Ron Burgundy for an Interview with Roger Federer

Will Ferrell Channeled Ron Burgundy for an Interview with Roger Federer

Will Ferrell explains how he ended up on court at the Australian Open interviewing Roger Federer as Ron Burgundy and how he fooled everyone into thinking he and Molly Shannon were real local news parade hosts commentating on the Rose Parade.

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Will Ferrell Channeled Ron Burgundy for an Interview with Roger Federer

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29 Responses

  1. SeinItUp says:

    Nobody else has the fun that Will Ferrell does doing comedy. I love that he’ll go to the Aussie Open in character and interview someone live. It’s just great

  2. Jae Vlogs says:


  3. Ana Exe says:

    He’s a national treasure

  4. Kristie Palfreyman says:

    Oh my hell. I saw that, and had NO idea that was Will & Molly. I deserve to have my SNL membership card taken away.

  5. Big Daddy says:

    wtf is wrong with jimmys ring finger on left hand???

  6. FrEmi Belen says:

    Listening to this while working and on the paper I put wombats 😂

  7. Ananasi Egzotik says:

    will is the best

  8. Aaron Chamberlain says:

    Links to both videos: Ron Burgundy Interview on ESPN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWcaAyu8JyQ , 2018 Rose Bowl Parade on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077J9JFC5

  9. lagaman11 says:

    Amy Shumer could be his daughter.

  10. Alain Bruno says:

    My favorite comedian actor 👍

  11. Валентин Осойски says:

    The interview with Roger was actually pretty awkward

    • Alyce Eliza says:

      Валентин Осойски yeah it wasn’t funny at all… Australians were expecting him to be funny but he just never was.

  12. CHAENG'S paintbrush says:

    I love seeing Chad Smith on the show

  13. Alyce Eliza says:

    As a Melbournian, Will Ferrell wasn’t very funny like we’ve seen way funnier post-match interviews just this Australian Open let alone other years… but blame Federer’s being Swiss as the reason the interview was a fail. 👀🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Tracymmo says:

      As a former Swiss resident, while I’ve seen Federer be loose in some interviews, it’s entirely possible that he can only overcome his Swiss-ness for so long. They aren’t people you rely on for a good time. Nice watches though. ——- ETA: Ok, I haven’t seen it but I can imagine Ferrell not pulling this off.

  14. Arnav Sharma says:

    Oh my god o love will Ferrell

  15. Mason Minor says:

    This might be a bit weird, but Chad Smith here kind of looks like Will Ferrell

  16. Guy Fieri says:

    Fallon is intoxicated again.

  17. Tracymmo says:


  18. mr. jibblie says:

    Who doesn’t love Lance Tibbit though….. True American treasure!

  19. LDG ENT says:

    Bruh steve Carroll funny

  20. Louis Olivarez says:

    Fallon has the fakest laugh. Holy moly

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