Will Ferrell Has a Great Gambling Story

Will Ferrell Has a Great Gambling Story

Will Ferrell chats with Jimmy about his comedy The House, his terrible real-life poker face and a gambling story too good to be true.

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Will Ferrell Has a Great Gambling Story

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20 Responses

  1. DarkCloudEntertainment says:

    Is that Jimmy Kimmel or Joseph Stalin?

  2. filmdetective says:

    I kinda sick of this late show, it seems badly produced…
    I mean, jimmy’s always doing the same faces, same reactions
    – do you have a gambling story?
    – oh well I do!!
    – you do??
    As if they don’t prep the whole thing, it’s ALWAYS the same
    And the fucking compliments, over and over
    Kimmel’s really better, more sincere, more edgy, more human

  3. Utsav Shah says:

    You could make a movie out of this

  4. Mini Scientist says:

    Who likes reading comments while watching videos ???? Subscribe me if you do

  5. SimplyCanadian says:

    Well you only double your money when you bet on a solid colour..
    so they technically would get 20k not 30k..

  6. MrJJuK says:

    Step Brother 2 please Will ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Deeson Jame says:

    How did a winning $10k bet on black give $30k? Duh

  8. milan #R80 says:

    imagine if will Ferrell was your dad

  9. Olga Santiago says:

    I am sick of people saying how fake Jimmy is and how he sucks. I HATE JAMES CORDEN. He is really fake. And I am not in his channel saying that I hate him or whatever, because, guess what? I can’t see his stupid face and I don’t care about him at all.
    If you don’t like Jimmy, why you torture yourself? Masochists.

  10. Lisa Sandoval says:


  11. Bat Man says:

    That WAS a great gambling story lol

  12. bravetherainbow says:

    Love how sarcastic Will is about his poker face

  13. A. Human & Her Higher Self says:

    Jimmy needs a bowler hat

  14. Kathleen Feliciano says:

    *scoff* Just a casual 10k.

  15. Donal Ryan says:

    Mexican Wrestler Ted what?

  16. Vik West says:

    red/black pays 2:1 anyways so couldn’t have won 30k

  17. Sam Tyson says:

    How many bets did Jimmy lose to have to grow that ‘stache?

  18. Jรคgerbombs says:

    shave that fucking thing man. looks horrible

  19. Ariyan Chowdhury says:

    Jimmy’s poker face is fake laughing and slapping the desk awkwardly

  20. Charlie Brown says:

    I would like to profess my undying love for Will right now. I know he is a dick but I love him.

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