Will Food Coloring Dye Liquid Nitrogen

Will Food Coloring Dye Liquid Nitrogen

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If we added food coloring to Liquid Nitrogen, do you think it would change color?

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20 Responses

  1. great says:

    is it posible to make prince rupert drops from honey or something in liquid nitrogen

  2. Armando Portillo says:

    would you consider making a sensory deprivation pool and telling us what it feels like?

  3. Muhammad faizan says:

    Mix Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Oxygen . Really exited to see the reaction what will happen ???

  4. Jackson LaCroix says:

    Will the frozen food coloring write on paper like a crayon

  5. LLL3 Games says:

    What if you use a dry Pigment instead of waterbased color?

  6. Tuck Wise the science guy says:

    You should do a video on how to separate the food color from the water after they are mixed

  7. Derek Wise says:

    Try it with the solid pellets used in Easter egg dye

  8. yotubewatcherhalo says:

    To test this properly u need to to put the nitrogen in a sealed container that can handle the pressure and put the dye in it and let it get to room temperature.

  9. Cringe Man says:

    what if it’s powder food coloring?

  10. BlueFlamez says:

    what will happen when you combine lava and liquid nitrogen

  11. Dereck Kirchhoff says:

    what happens if you freeze a banana split???

  12. Zxcii Anime says:

    Try to color Liquid Gasoline and burn it!

  13. Qwerty Cuber says:

    Try putting liquid nitrogen in a blender

  14. unbox kid says:

    hey use powder or gel food coloring

  15. skateboy06 bo3 says:

    what would happen if you put licudnitryen in hot water

  16. Erik Moon says:

    calling it now, food coloring will freeze

  17. Cameron Kyllingmark says:

    Have you tried dry pigments? Food colouring contains water.

  18. Crimson Sapboi says:

    What if you pour liquid nitrogen onto a cup of food coloring

  19. coin hunting Dylan says:

    what will happen if you put acid in liquid nitrogen

  20. Jacob Ray says:

    You should make a liquid nitrogen freezer

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