Will Gaming KILL YOU?! – News Reports & Video Games

Will Gaming KILL YOU?! – News Reports & Video Games

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Today we’re looking at various old & funny news reports on video games! I found the wildest, most out of touch reports and I thought I’d react to them for your viewing pleasure.

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Introduction – 0:00
The Dangers of Animal Crossing – 1:57
Nintendo DS Is a Target For -REDACTED- 5:07
Nintendo 3DS had -REDACTED- On it – 7:16
Kid Gets Hacked in Runescape – 8:47
Funny Wii Infomercial – 11:57
Pokemania – 12:36
Pokemon Pandemonium – 15:48
Gaming Disorder – 16:41
Playstation -REDACTABLE- – 20:08
Mass Effect Sex Scandal – 22:20

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38 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    Go to https://buyraycon.com/actman for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon!

    Do you or a loved one suffer from GAMING DISORDER? If so, please just unplug the fucking computer you dork.

    • Oscar O'sullivan says:

      It can kill if you do it so much you gain a lot of weight and you die from said causes of weight gain of an excessive nature.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Okay I remember specifically the US military actually making us play video games to prepare us for Warfare. They have more than one setup in the US military that has a video games that puts you through situations to train you. How are you going to talk crap about video games but yet don’t call out the US military ?

    • Beaver Zer0 says:

      I have the same cup as you, it gets as hot as the sun if you put coffee in it.

    • Q.T. Gaming Family says:

      We joke but can you believe a similar topic ended up in front of congress. Big players was Nintendo vs Sega. “Holier than thou” Nintendo demonized Sega and it’s violent and adult content. They tried to outlaw violent games saying they made kids violent. I won’t be surprised if it happens again. Amazing video, thanks.

    • Q.T. Gaming Family says:

      You go to HELL! I’m breaking ALL fingers anywhere near the plug. Gaming disorder is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT and doesn’t apply……woah, wait, boss battle, brb……

  2. The Mexican Dude says:

    can’t stop laughing at the fact that they made an entire news article story with an attorney general about a kid getting his RuneScape password stolen lmao

    • A Bad Enough Dude says:

      Could be a good base into a material about the dangers of password leaks and how you should teach your kids to be secure with your/their shit but nah, let’s do “RuneScape bad, you can get pwned lmao” instead.

    • Silver Moon says:

      Problem is that the kid can’t articulate the lore reason behind the things, cause he barely understands them or poorly transfers the concept over. Then boomers completely blow the ever-living shit out of it all, that’s how I “Heard about” Youtube in the early days of the whole “Privacy is now gone with this new site called “U Toobe”, more at 9:00.”

    • Silver Moon says:

      @Daniel N or buying GP in game or buying a real-world DVD rewinder. They are a dime a dozen and all-day suckers, it’s really bad out there. I remember the first time I got scammed in OLD RS (that was the day’s everyone had dial up soooo) I must have been like nine ir ten and this was my first real experience with a player and player exchange and not some “I need help in a quest” or quest make you do something with people or in the same vicinity as others like the FTP Neverwinter game. Point is that the guy wanted my password, and this was when my parents got home from work, and I was crying my little eyes out on what to do. I felt “forced” and “obligated” to give it to them because I was an ignorant child, my mom said to just run away from them since she read the message on the screen and saw what happened. LIKE FN they avidly say in places like posters and loading screens to “Never share your password with ANYONE for any reason, real Epic employees will never ask for your password.” I knew that back then, but the other person had told me (a lie obviously but I almost believed them) they were a Jagex employee, and they need my pass for something. I ran away from them, and I never heard from them again either. I am unsure if I actually reported them, I think that was a bit over my head at the time but still it was fine once I ran away from the person on the very EDGE of the wildy.

      (That IS what everyone called it when referring to the wild where PVP was possible and then Lumberidge was referred to as “Lumy” or was it spelled as “lummy”?) Lot of scams happened back then; I don’t suppose anything has changed very much but, it’s still all cloak and dagger just slightly different now. What’s that line from old Star Trek that thawed out Cowboy from the 60’s or 70’s said “Nah, nothing has changed, it is still the same dance but to a different tune.” Taking his situation with the flow rather than that whole “Future Shock” thing happening.) I remember a Torchwood eps. (Dr. Who Spin off with Captain Jack Harkness) that was in similar in ways.

    • Gabriel Coventry says:

      Shocking stuff. I almost spilled my tea

    • Alex Foster says:

      Reading this made it way more hilarious.

  3. Rainz says:

    I truly am happy with my childhood, especially with my mom who once defended video games to other parents at the school board meeting. They were speaking against letting teens play video games. “Well at least, she ain’t doing drugs or being drunk— going around town late at night. She is right at home, safe, and having a good time” Sadly she lost a lot of ppl support and friends.

    My younger brother tho? It made my brother violent, extremely violent, and yelling, raging. So my family never stopped me from getting video games and neither to stop buying me games. My brother tho? They focused on getting him into sports instead. Parenting is important as also adapting to how your children react to things.

  4. Timo Kakoun says:

    I get extremely angry when parents act like they have no influence on their children’s behaviour.
    It’s almost like: Yeah I don’t care about my child, never thaught him/her anything valuable, never did the uncomfortable stuff to actually raise a responsible human being, BUT I will use him/her to play the victim and have my 15 seconds of “fame”. UGH

  5. Coregno says:

    I love how Jeff burned the news caster with one question. “Have you played Mass Effect?”
    And she responded “No” In a cutesie poopsie voice.

  6. InanimateSum says:

    I’ll never get over how kids playing a literal town management simulator was something to demonize. Learning how debts, loans and property management was something to take issue with.

    • Paul Martin says:

      @A Bad Enough Dude The media is incompetent and lies intentionally. Higher powers rely on this to maintain control.

    • A Bad Enough Dude says:

      One could tinfoil hat this approach and suspect “they” don’t want you or your kids to know how debts, loans and property management works so they can take advantage of your lack of knowledge and “they” use the “think of the children!” narrative to curb that knowledge. Then again, that would require “them” and the media to actually be competent. 😉

  7. Perturbed Batman says:

    That kid 100% downloaded porn to his 3DS, his parents found out, lied and said “it came that way” and went down the dumbest rabbit hole to the point of going on a local news report bullshitting his way out of getting grounded. Respect.

  8. 24flyingcats says:

    My Mum was really into gaming herself, and we used to play games together a lot. So she knew what we were playing, and the PC ,then later, console was always in the family room. I have great memories of playing Gauntlet with her and my Sister. She was always a Dwarf. She passed away in 1993, but she would have absolutely loved Skyrim and I wish I had been able to share it with her. Her twin sister plays video games as well, in her 70’s!

  9. MegalaDan says:

    Gaming hasn’t killed me, but it certainly has made me feel dead inside at certain points.

  10. 4-Eyed Toy Collector says:

    The segment with Geoff Keighley being cut off too short had me rolling, Fox News had a whole segment prepared to talk about that Mass Effect scandal that got debunked almost immediately.

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