It’s time to see whether these chips will reign supreme, or be impossible to redeem, as we ask the age old question: Will it Nacho? GMM #1360
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67 Responses

  1. Donut Dragon says:

    Thank you for bringing the old routine back! Love this show!!

  2. RhettyforFun says:

    Pancakes + Nachos = Panchos

  3. Wyld WolfDragon says:

    7:29 **Thanos SNAP**

  4. Emmie Grace says:

    I’m so happy I can go back to watching GMM everyday now that it isn’t a freaking Task™

  5. Caleb says:

    Ill never understand how people didnt like the other format when it was literally the exact same thing they do now except with EXTRA content. You rarely see people complaining about getting extra of something they like when it takes away from nothing that was being done before.

    • Emma Elisha says:

      Caleb I loved it tbh

    • deprofundis says:

      Heck Machine I agree that the criticism was out of line, mean, and not very constructive. It made me angry. I was honestly fine with either format and mainly just was sad that I only got to see them twice a week during the summer. But I know they need breaks. I’m curious to see what their new Saturday show will be like! And I’m just happy they’re back now!!

    • Ethan Baker says:

      I honestly didn’t like the new format, pretty much for the reasons stated above. Having to sort through a mess of videos, some I wanted to watch, some I didn’t. Some of the ones I wanted to watch ended up being quite disappointing, and they do feel a lot more genuine now. As someone else said, quality over quantity. That’s something many game companies could stand to learn.

    • lisa ROXXI sandoval says:


    • Jack James S. says:

      lisa ROXXI sandoval Dude if you hate them don’t watch, just go do your own thing, by watching and commenting, even disliking things benefits them in some way. So just go be you and watch what you like!

  6. Greg harris says:

    Soooooooooooo happy to have the old format back

  7. Rapha Conrad says:

    My *average* days are over since Good Mythical Morning is FINALLY back 👐

    I have to say! Today’s episode was *nacho* typical episode! It was quite *mindblowing* 💥

  8. Gawin Wutisakvorachart says:

    Thank god i love the old format

  9. B Bippy says:

    You should have a cookbook on the “Yes” Will It winners.

  10. Jessica Robinson says:

    I’m so glad you switched back to the old format! I wanted to support everything you guys do but I just hated it, and I actually stopped watching for a number of months because all of the videos seemed super staged and scripted unlike the older more genuine videos. I know things will always be scripted to a point, but I love when you guys are just your goofy selves. I’ve been watching you for so many years and I’m looking forward to more great content from now on! Hopefully not every other video being eating stuff but that’s just me.

  11. Reed Knecht says:

    So happy they’re going back to the og format. I kind of stopped watching because it was just too much content for my time schedule and I never knew which to pick. So happy rn!

  12. Connor McCaskill says:

    I MADE THE ENDING! In the back, very end, long hair and beard lol 😂 “It’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality!”

  13. Amanda Johnston says:

    Just as I adjusted and starting like the 4 videos a day haha. Oh well not complaining! Welcome back and congrats of 14m you deserve it !

  14. ronic323 says:

    Thank God they’re returning to the original format!!!!

  15. Heather Burke says:

    Glad you went back to the old format but not so glad of all the hate u got

  16. Zach M says:

    Youtube Originals ruined these videos with their bad scripts, high production value, and guidelines last season but now it seems similar to the old days. I like it much better, really excited for this season.

  17. XPeanuhBudderX says:

    You should have Gordon Ramsay as a guest star on the Will it series

  18. Kayla Lewis says:

    I’ve been waiting for you. 👀

  19. パイロシニカル says:

    “Don’t sell mushrooms yet”
    Please do

  20. ChilledCheese says:

    I’m nacho ordinary piece of cheese

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