Will It Slip-N-Slide? (EXPERIMENT)

Will It Slip-N-Slide? (EXPERIMENT)

Tide Pods? Fish Guts? Today we ask the age old question – will it slip-n-slide? GMM #1333
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48 Responses

  1. c0pyimitati0n says:

    I’m going *Rhett Hard* 🤣😂

  2. Katy Wade says:

    You guys should collab with Molly Burke!😍

    Like if you agree👍🏼

  3. danni wolfe says:

    HECKKKK YESSSSS! MY mornings were not complete without GMM

  4. Plooterman says:

    Will It Slip-N-Slide?
    1. Nails
    2. 100 Ft of Barbed Wire
    3. Sandpaper
    4. Mulch
    5. Shredded Aluminum Cans
    6. Staples
    7. infants
    8. Splintered Wood
    9. Legos
    10. 1000 Pounds of Loose Change

  5. Zap48719 says:

    They said keep your mouth close on the fish guts, but not the Tide Pods?! 😂👏

  6. Mahenna Tockenstein says:

    OMG OMG OMG they’re back they’re back I’m soooooo HAAAAAPPPPY!!!!!

  7. NinjaHighLife says:

    I was happy to wake up and y’all in my feed again! Welcome back.

  8. Your everyday walrus friend says:

    My friend had a slip n slide and I went down and hit his dog
    The the dog was ok

    • olvrhgbrg says:

      TITAN GAMEZ That’s a completely irrelevant answer to a completely irrelevant comment to a completely irrelevant story.

    • Joo Jingle says:

      so your friend has a slip n slide and a dog. you attacked his dog, but it was ok. what about your friend?

    • TITAN GAMEZ says:

      olvrhgbrg That’s a completely irrelevant reply to my completely irrelevant reply to a completely irrelevant reply to a completely story made by a completely irrelevant person who attacked a completely irrelevant dog on a completely irrelevant accident.

    • Liz says:

      TITAN GAMEZ you tried, didnt work.

  9. NinjaHighLife says:

    The Fish and Slips… I feel like that joke went underappreciated haha.

  10. Lil neilA says:

    Usually I hate breaks from gmm, but since there’s other youtubers I can watch, I’ll let this one *slide*

  11. lilly burns says:

    We don’t have a lot of water to spare,since we have to water the cows,but we do have plenty of bacon grease…I know what I’m doing this summer😂😂😂

  12. TheAnyfingname says:

    Chesticles not Testicles is gonna be their next big t shirt!

  13. Mare Bear says:

    Link: “Just keep your mouth closed.”

    Also Link: *keeps his mouth open the entire time*

  14. Sharee Baker says:

    You guys should do a WILL IT HAIR-GEL. You can use different things like icing, toothpaste, and jelly and see if it will hair gel. Like if you agree 👍🏾

  15. The Beast says:

    guess whos back
    back again
    GMM is back
    tell a friend

  16. Megan G says:

    Link: “just keep your mouth closed”
    Also link: has mouth open the entire way

  17. mustardsfire22 says:

    That fold in the middle of the turf probably affected their results a lot.

  18. Abdullah the village idiot Afzal says:

    No more multi part videos? It’s for the best.

  19. Parvathy Prajith says:


  20. Jake Jacoby says:

    Sliding on fish and ******

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