Will Magic Johnson intervene if LeBron James keeps ignoring Luke Walton? | First Take

Will Magic Johnson intervene if LeBron James keeps ignoring Luke Walton? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether LeBron James ignoring Luke Walton’s play calls are good or bad for the Los Angeles Lakers. Stephen A. says that Magic Johnson has to make a decision on whether or not its good for the team to keep Walton or fire him.

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108 Responses

  1. kefkapalazzo1 says:

    Idc how good lebron is. He keeps doing this. Johnson needs to pull a pat riley

    • Colin Leddy says:

      +Zenigundam the same Luke Walton that got drafted the same year as LBJ? The same Luke Walton that couldn’t even SNIFF LBJ’s socks when it comes to comparing basketball talent and minds. THIS IS THEIR FUCKING COACH. YOU THINK YOU WOULD LISTEN TO THIS MOTHER FUCKER?

    • Davivd2 says:

      Magic coached the Lakers once and they were terrible. They had a worse win to loss ratio than the coach that Magic replaced, Randy Pfund.

    • Keepinit100 Everyday says:

      Riley trained and hired Spoelstra, Magic has no connection to Walton and at the end of the day they lose everyones looking at LeBron and Magic, speaking of Riley and Spoelstra though what have they done sense LeBron left 🤔,I don’t see anymore banners or finals appearances in the supposedly weak eastern conference and LeBron went to the finals every year with bad to average coaches !

    • Keepinit100 Everyday says:

      +kefkapalazzo1 how has that worked out for him ?

  2. jerry dormon says:

    This Lakers team better not be Cavs 2.0. I don’t wanna see Luke Walton fired. He needs to have better rotations though. Lakers need to keep young assets and land a big star next year!

    • Manav Dhawan says:

      They need to trade players like Ingram, KCP maybe Lonzo for some guys. I think they have to try and trade for Bradley Beal and Lonzo I think will develop into a good player, he’s underrated defensively and has shown flashes of being a good guard.

    • Tyler Hartsell says:

      +Manav Dhawan I dont mind trading Ingram or Hart… but Lonzo & Kuzma is a negative for me. I say we trade Ingram & Hart and a pick or two for Bradley Beal & sign Kevin Durant in the offseason. Go into 2019 with our lineup being Lonzo, Beal, LeBron, Kevin Durant & McGee with Kuzma as the 6th man.

    • Gavin Winter says:

      Luke Walton sucks so badly, I would rather hire a cow

    • Gavin Winter says:

      Tyler Hartsell lonzo sucks my ass and he is trash

    • Manav Dhawan says:

      Tyler Hartsell I don’t think the Lakers should trade Hart and Kuzma because they play well with Lebron, I think the big issue is the PG and Center spot. I think if Boogie Cousins is healthy and plays like he did in New Orleans they should go for him or Al Horford. I love Javale but he’d be great for the Lakers off the bench. If the Lakers want to keep Lonzo, they should go for it. The Lakers have so many wings that are there. Ingram doesn’t really fit with Lebron, the best thing for him is a change of scenery. If they can get KD, great that’ll be good. I think the main problem lies with the Center position, with the PG position, I think Lonzo will develop into a good player but he needs time and the Lakers want to win now, that may not be the best place of him rn. I think getting a Bradley Beal would be good for the Lakers cause he would fit well with Lebron and Hart can develop into that 3nD player cause he is going to be good. Kuzma plays well with Lebron and should not be traded in my opinion, I think he just has that work ethic players like Andrew Wiggins don’t have, great for the locker room as well.

  3. zBreezy says:

    Can we just get a Stephen A. Smith vs Max vs Will Cain  
    Triple threat Wrestlemania match?

  4. Aaron Murrell says:

    This who Lebron is. He is the only superstar to never buy into a system. He is the system and that’s why he is 3-6 and not better. A good system doesn’t just work for the star it works for EVERYONE.

    • Dominic dominic says:

      +Origin Music So what does having better footwork make him better than LeBron?? LOL
      He is a better scorer than LeBron??? the fuck.
      Who has the more points in the season and the playoffs??
      How many finals MVPS does Dwade have compared to Lebron
      Where is DWade in 2015-2018
      LeBron even won without Wade.
      Wade is lucky to have teammates in 2006 he had payton, jwilliams, shaquille Alonzo Mourning
      LeBron in 2007 who?? Igouskas??

    • Origin Music says:

      Blake Benham GSW drafted 3 of their players and acquired Boogie when the market was not looking for him. I agree, that KD move was shit, but in every given Finals, KD was up there out-defending and out-playing Lebron.

      Stop giving excuses for this man. You never heard excuses from Jordan when he faced the Bad Boy Pistons on their primes, Larry Bird with Parish and Mchale Celtics, a Lakers with Magic and Kareem, later on with Kobe. A Portland with Clyde Drexler, a Utah with Malone and Stockton. Heck, even the Knicks had a Patrick Ewing, and you never heard jackshit about excuses for Jordan.

    • rxtsec1 says:

      +Origin Music yeah and because of that they never won a championship and when lebron left he couldn’t win either. Lol seriously

    • Origin Music says:

      Dominic dominic Lebron won them all because Wade took the back seat. In 2010, everyone knows Wade has a more “complete” asset in-game. Pops exposed Lebron by defending him on the high key because he can’t even shoot at 20 feet lol.

    • Edwin Colon says:

      Alb Bauti I can believe that.

  5. Quentin Middleton says:

    I wish the Lakers could have developed like the Celtics did last season. Feel like Bron holding them back

  6. Lil Dagga says:

    Luke playcalling is fine, it’s his rotations that suck Lebron gotta chill let Luke do his job and you go out and do yours. If you see something that Luke doesn’t go talk to him during a TO and let him inform you that you can run the plays but don’t just ignore the guy

    • andola jackson says:

      FACTS………him calling out and getting into a spat with lebron will solidify that same shit with CLE……….where you have that scene where the entire team is in a huddle for the W with the coach………..but lebron………bc BITCH ASS lebron wants to win “his way or nothing” and the rest of the team is willing to do what ever it takes and listen to coach etc…..WTF you think its gonna do when 1/2 these foos been here already and lebron starts pulling this shit at game 20……while the rest huddle up and plan a play then pass to lebron and he does his own thing…………..you ever see kobe do this…………its why kobe is actually loved by players and peers…..smh. Keep it up lebron the other 1/2 was fools you recruited yourself so whos at fault if they dont show out….as if LUKE isnt telling them to hustle protect the ball and glass? SMDH – a die hard laker fan thats logical af bc the media exists to tell people how to think and feel about bullshit none the less not even real shit TEAM USA was god damn lucky to have kobe in 08′ if lebron was pulling shit like this back then…..and kobe wasnt here to uphold the mamba mentality standard to the whole team for gold…….im tellin ya theyd all follow lebrons lead of being a bitch People wonder why he came to LA too, you think hed be able to pull this kinda stunt to Gregg(oh thats how you feel, how do you feel about sitting your ass on the bench) popovich. D’antoni not playing pau in the last 5 mins of close games, but puts in DWight to get hacked instead………? had problems with Kobe? and media sais “kobe” was the problem? looks at the career of d’wight and the GMS/Coaches opinions…….LOL 2+2 do the math bc the media wont

    • Cmack34 mill says:

      The problem is Lebron James! Yes, the Lakers will win around 30-40 games but Lebron will not help develop those young guys because he is the system. SMDH

    • yabiggirl 60thSt says:

      +Jay Vontay Swing THK U!!!! This is prob the 1st comment I seen that made sense about Luke Walton and his great coaching! Lol, I haven’t seen shyt as far as play calling, seriously…..

    • Dru Moncatar says:

      +El Tigre nah, i’ve seen greater players like Magic, Bird, MJ who still respect their coaches. That’s why he’s only great thru stat-padding and media-hype. Real achievement like getting the League’s MVP and being the champ is almost impossible for him to get. He’s just hype.

  7. Treveor Fitzgerald says:

    Same shit different day Luke Walton will get fired eventually..

    • Reginald Andrews says:

      +Brotha Clutch Yup, the QUEEN LEBRONICA always gets HER way!!! Why ppl can’t see this is beyond me!! De ja vu like a motha!!!

    • GrandeFree Foundation says:

      And win a championship

    • Ethan2 Kays2 says:

      And if they fire him he will have success elsewhere. He’s a good coach and will get work. Lebrons just a cocksucker

    • A Ron says:

      who will Le Hairline blame if they fire luke and he doesn’t win

    • Randy Krank says:

      Luke isn’t the answer. Never should have been the coach of such an historic franchise. They ( Lakers) didn’t need LBJ. They should have built by the draft and free agency ( other than a player like LBJ). What is the rush with all that talent? Most of the core Lakers before LBJ came along were young men. Unlimited potential if properly coached / trained. Our younger players are being stagnated by LBJ. LBJ will be finished in a few years and like when they put all their eggs in the Kobe basket. The results were a horrible team, post Kobe. The Lakers deserve better and it can only be saved by a new coach.

  8. Ace Richburg says:

    He forgot spoelstra. But pat riley was having none of that.

    • Mighty Fin says:

      +Marc NY the was a good one

    • Raskin Galaites says:

      Spoelstra knew how to coach players around LeBron. He knew how to use them, and in addition to that is the Chemistry between DWade and LBJ. Right now, LBJ is playing by himself and its honestly sad how it went from the Wade-LBJ duo to just him.

    • Marc NY says:

      +Kevin Jay and none of them are considered the goat… whats your point? Lol… this is a GOAT discussion…

    • Dru Moncatar says:

      +Zenigundam lol, your imaginations are fascinating. Nice story bro

    • Kevin Jay says:

      +Marc NY don’t say what’s your point when I just made u look stupid lmfao u know what the point is u said 3-6 loser how winning three NBA finals make u loser u fucking clown

  9. Princess Lamari Mitchell says:

    the LeBron system is gonna be ran on ANY team LeBron James play on..

    • Justine Dale says:

      +Princess Lamari Mitchell the thing is Spo is coaching that team and not Lebron

    • Princess Lamari Mitchell says:

      Justine Dale Spo was coaching the LeBron SYSTEM..you just don’t see it cause Spo will call a HORNS play but it’s gonna be LeBron holding the ball trying to score or pass it to someone for a 3..the LeBron system is for him to SCORE or get a assists or rest on offense while somebody ISO..now go look at old Heat games and look at the Lakers playing right now..Spo was no different then Blatt or Luke Walton he tried to get LeBron to play in a system and couldn’t so Spo said fuck it and coached the LeBron SYSTEM..

    • Yahuah Is my rock says:

      +Justine Dale People don’t realize LeBron was used differently at every location. miami had LeBron off the ball the most. In fact, he played on the ball the most the 1st year as they tried to make him the actual point guard. His first stint in Cleveland he was used the way Giannis is used now they played through him but started two-point guards in Mo Gotti and D West. In Miami same thing multiple ball handlers, Chalmers, Cole, Wade etc. He became the true system this stint in Cleveland. The front office said they were most efficient when he did everything with shooters around.

    • El Tigre says:

      Ptincess Lamari Mitchell
      Damn right , and that team is most likely going to the conference finals .


      Yeah, plays on after he travels

  10. Justine Dale says:

    LeCoach and LeGM is back!!

  11. latonya sykes says:

    bring back phil jackson magic you know who will win championships

  12. DoitAll 11 says:

    Lebron can’t play in a real system, lebron doesn’t make everybody better

    • Jiggy Bah says:

      Ashton Frailey right and the teams actually are considered trash without him. I mean look at the Cavs.😂😑💯

    • July Stylez says:

      DoitAll 11 he actually is overhyped. A lot of people in my area laugh at you when you say LeBron is the best 😂

    • Will ofYork says:

      +El Tigre love, kyrie, Bosh, wade.. all of them were worse with lebron. He isnt making people better by carrying them to the finals. Yes hes fantastic at being a one man show, but he sucks at making those around him better. No one improves with the “lebron iso and you stand there til he decides to pass with the clock running down” offense

    • Dominic dominic says:


    • Taelan Baylor says:

      Doitall truth

  13. Eddy Shluger says:

    Lechoke always need someone to blame. Always.

  14. Justin2534 says:

    LeBron better not turn the Lakers into the Cavs, ball movement is a good thing, not dribble dribble dribble for 20 seconds and pass, you complained in Cleveland for people not creating your own shots, but when you have multiple playmakers and don’t use them to their potential it won’t be good

  15. F A says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Lebron should stop relying on the drive and kick so much? Like, you can’t get the best out of everyone iso’ing, driving then kicking out to NON- 3 point specialists

    • Josue Perez says:

      It feels like sometimes that’s the only play they do lol

    • Cartie King says:

      Drive and kick? Lol, he been on some whole other shit this year, iso step back 3’s, if that doesnt work force a pass to a cutter or usually just Brandon ingram to where they are in a position to have to shoot. Youre LUUUUUUCKY to get more than 3 passes in this laker offense, its so ridiculous ive turned games off because im not about to sit here and watch this shit. Dude took everything from lonzo, ingram and kuz numbers are down from last year even though we all know those guys have worked on their games and was projected to have much better years. Theyve even been slowly shutting out hart, and he was looking great in the beginning.

    • daddy says:

      i agree they need more movement but doesnt mean he should stop because it puts a lot of pressure on the defense

    • July Stylez says:

      F A Well when you’re not good enough to score, passing is easier

  16. Frankie Russell says:

    LeBron went from a coaches dream to a coaches nightmare.

  17. johan fretzen says:

    Bro he’s a coach killer straight ^

    • johan fretzen says:

      +Travis Fisher I agree I want Phil back in LA brotha

    • Mcdouble Fries says:

      and that is why he left miami. he couldnt get spo fired coz pat riley chose spo over him. which was a smart thing to do imo, coz at the end of the day lebron wouldve just left the team and miami wouldve ended with no coach and no lebron.

    • Travis Fisher says:

      if spo is that good what has he done since LeBron u can call him what u want but without him they don’t even make the finals and his basket ball IQ is higher than any coach he ever played for he has never played for a great coach like mj who I think is the goat.never a coach like kobe did

    • Dolemite says:

      +Travis Fisher cocksucker keep your bullshit strawman arguments LeBron is a coach killer

  18. The Freeman Zone says:

    LeBron James is clearly a coach killer? Why are they so afraid to say it

    • Dabuh12 says:

      He hasn’t been with good coaches that’s why

    • Rasuke11 says:

      Dabuh12 He’s never allowed to coach to be good

    • Ricky Garcia says:

      +Dabuh12 still he gets payed to play not coach.

    • flawless39 says:

      What coaches did he get fired other than Blatt? And the only reason Blatt was fired is cause he was scared of the NBA. Different set of rules and things coming from the league he was in. Brown already started that he himself got fired because he and management had problems. Had nothing to do with LeBron. Bron helped two coaches really become relevant and helped get them championships or see multiple championships. It ain’t like they was getting bounced in the first round by a so called “coach killing” those 2 coaches haven’t been in the playoffs since. Well Spo but it took them awhile to get back somewhat relevant. But heck Lue was there last year with pretty much the same team. But, with him now coaching without the “so called narrative” that LeBron was ignoring him or LeBron was killing his coaching. The Cavs are the top 2 worst teams in the league. Now in my mind what would I rather have? A chance to get to the finals and compete with this guy that’s just oh so much of a coach killer or letting this coach coach without that guy and be the worst team in the league? For real y’all haters need to get it together. What is it possibly that Luke can teach LeBron? They came out the same draft. Every great coach, player, analyst has called Bron a basketball genius. So honestly what is Luke going to teach him that he already don’t know? All players have done this at some point.


    • Wolf lovers says:

      flawless39 Well said

  19. Brandon Cooper says:

    This is why I don’t buy into the narrative that LeBron would win more with a great coach. LeBron has never been a great coachable player. LeBron wants to do his own thing and wouldn’t be better with a Phil, Pat Riley, Pop etc. Remember Phil was just a guy when he arrived in Chicago. LeBron wouldn’t have allowed Phil (who was just a decent player ala Luke Walton) to implement his system.

    • Lennell Sorrels says:

      It’s the same thing with Kobe Bryant he didn’t listen that much either only a coach he respect

    • Bill Latibay says:

      Олег Соломон lol youre looking at it as if coaches dont have a purpose in a team. I still believe lbj needs a respectable coach for him to listen. Cant imagine him snobbing coach pop.

    • My Ninja News says:

      He had a chance to play with what he calls a great coach in San Antonio twice and turned it down.

    • Mr. November says:

      +Sheldon Jackson see but that’s the thing great player make great coaches great coach. Look at it like this what team did Phil Jackson lead to the championship before he got Michael and how many championships did Michael win before he got Phil Jackson and you can do that Wilson most if not all of the most respected coaches in NBA history. The fact that LeBron has yet to have his quote-unquote Hall of Fame coach yet is dim the laughable because that shouldn’t be the question the question should be is LeBron James uncoachable

    • chris rhinehart says:

      I’m a laker fan but lebron doesn’t care he wants all the credit he didn’t play that shit with pat riley Eric spolestra had no worries

  20. Devin DeCicco says:

    For better or worse, ignoring coaching is what Lebron does

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