Will Our FREE Abandoned Airplane Finally Start? Ep4

Will Our FREE Abandoned Airplane Finally Start? Ep4


Today on Rebuild Rescue we get done a lot of work to be able to finally get this engine started! After a long night of completely taking apart and cleaning the fuel system, we finally get fuel running into the engine.

Once we are able to get the fuel injectors and lines reinstalled, we roll the Cessna 401 outside to see if the work completed so far will be enough to get this engine to finally turn over after over 15 years!

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26 Responses

  1. Luke Out says:

    The starter seems sluggish turning the engine over. You should check all electrical connections from the batteries to the starter. Use proper connectors rather then jump leads. If that fails, parallel another set of batteries so you have a higher starting current available. Can’t wait to see this thing fire up

    • Shaun says:

      @Alex Tivey16 it’s because there is no compression. Way easier for the starter to turn the motor over its actually a good sign because if it didn’t go faster = no compression.

    • Luke Loudermilk says:

      @abc a1340 24 VDC is primarily used for starting. Once the engine is started, the generator and voltage regulator provide the 28 VDC. Starters need all the AMPS, not volts.

    • jpdemer5 says:

      @Randy Oehlert Visble spark resolves that question.

    • jpdemer5 says:

      @Todd Child There is compression – that’s why it turns easily with the plugs out, and not easily with the plugs in. In any event, you need good compression for power, not so much for starting and running w/o a load. This isn’t a diesel.

    • C D says:

      @Aaln1 Aaln1 No they won’t, not even sure why you would think they would. A 12v battery fully charged is 12.5v – 12.8v depending on the health of the battery.

  2. RJM says:

    The magneto needs RPM to generate the minimum voltage requirements.

    Getting into the 150 RPM range would help the spark and also help with the cylinder pressure bleed off too. This bleed off has already been mentioned in a comment below.

    • MAXimum Effort says:

      @John Coldwell i would say both batteries, the prop seems to be turning very slow. In my opinion.

    • kiwidiesel says:

      @Gatea Catalin Absolutely, massive current loss over that length cable setup, jump straight to the starter solenoid to prevent this occurring especially in that warm weather.

    • imprezatt says:

      Definitely cranking way too slow, my pops had a saratoga with a lycoming 540 in it, obviously not the same engine but these things can be really tricky to start and if you’re not following the procedure right it’s just going to end up flooded and you’ll get nowhere.

    • Gatea Catalin says:

      Yes! But the guy trying to repair it, I would say he only read about internal combustion engines. There are so many times during this plane project when I was yelling, what is he doing there….
      Remove those jumper wires, use short wires, or stack the batterys on top of the other in the battery box and use short wires. Also if you don’t have sufficient RPM, remove two spark plugs so you have less compresion, you will run it in 4 cylinders as for trial…

    • tomislav082 says:

      @Naumann Tinray no it should be a 12 v buzzer there, no couplers on mags… so it needs more rpm for start… I fly regularly 414, and they are almost the same planes, when the battery is weak it’s almost impossible to start. Just need to plug in external power supply and it will fire up

  3. Longcat says:

    I’m so invested in this story, I think I’ll cry if I see this thing fly again 🥲 Best of luck, from a multi-engine flying instructor in the UK.

  4. zork says:

    Loving these series, can’t wait to see you get this running!

  5. Sean Taylor says:

    VERY satisfying to see someone who loves problem solving like me. I know that exact feeling of defeat at the end. If it was me I’d be struggling to fall asleep with a growing list of things to check in the morning. Excited for him when he finally cracks this thing!

  6. Jimmys World says:

    What a roller coaster! I got some 310 parts if you need em 😉

    • G Mac says:

      Bit of an anti climax. This video should be the one you have the first engine started!! Your milking it now lol. Any mechanically minded viewers like myself will start to get board now. You still have plenty content to get from this. Second engine to get started, interior to do. Then !!!!!

    • Rebuild Rescue says:

      The “mouse” and the “Birdhouse” 🤣😂

    • Rebuild Rescue says:

      Hey Jimmy
      I’ll be right over to grab em Brother !!

    • Naumann Tinray says:

      Hey Jimmy, in your opinion what is worse – bunches of rat nest remains in your 310 or what looks like a roost of seagulls partying in that 401?

    • Chaos Fleabag says:

      @Hector Collado plot twist, its Jimmy who put in the 20k bid for the plane! 🙂

  7. Shrey Gupta says:

    I was literally watching and going, “go on, start already!” I think I heard a few pops in there as well!
    Can’t wait for it to come to life again!
    You got this!

  8. skarobot says:

    It’s so close! Love to see this amazing progress – you got this!

  9. Angel Hurtado says:

    I feel like you would definitely benefit from a set of those snap-on speed wrenches. Would for sure speed up the process.

  10. Bobby Speaker says:

    I’m not a gear head at all, but these videos have been so interesting! Thanks for the window into this project, it’s so cool!

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