Will Smith apologizes for slapping Chris Rock

Will Smith apologizes for slapping Chris Rock

Actor Will Smith issues an apology for slapping Chris Rock at last night’s Academy Awards. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi 

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41 Responses

  1. Tassy McCormick says:

    This has “my attorney is making me say this” written all over it.

  2. citizen cain says:

    Apologizing with a post is not what I’d call “publicly” apologizing, especially in comparison to the actual public display of violence that was shown. Besides, it is a weird coincidence that he chose to do this right when the Oscars are now reviewing the incident a possible actions.

    • Paula Mostert says:

      @Lindokuhle Shandu exactly!!

    • Lindokuhle Shandu says:

      @Paula Mostert that is so true!!! We as people always have something to say. You can never do no right because it will always be wrong in someone’s face.

      I think the proof you’re referring to would be both Will and Chris and a witness addressing the issue and recaping on the conversation they had. That would be proof enough, at least to me.

    • Devin Smith says:

      @Professor Cookie There is no way you can be that naive. But OK, lets go with it for a second, why is what Chris Rock said before making that tacky comment so sincere but Smith’s apology isn’t?
      Someone earlier made the comment that there truly is no satisfying the shallow thinking online peanut gallery. If Will Smith didn’t apologize ( like Chris Rock didn’t) you’d all be busting his chops for that.
      But when he does take the time to apologize in public and online its “If he really meant it he would’ve done it in person and in private” Of course had he done it that way then you lot would be all like ” If he really meant it he wouldn’t have been all secretive and would’ve done it in public!” There truly is no satisfying people – especially not those that get outraged just because someone on some screen tells them they should.
      And even though Jada Smith was the only person that did absolutely nothing wrong, I’ll be damned if someone in one of these threads didn’t attack her about some rumor about her kids friend or something…basically just some B.S. IMO it is next level pathetic to be so programmed that you actually attack the only blameless person in the situation.
      Oh well, at some point someone on some show will conclude what everyone who thinks for themselves already knows – its just not that big a deal. And they will then tell y’all its OK to get over and move on and like good little programmed drones you will.
      In the meantime Im just having a bit of fun with how predictable and 2 dimensional you online people are LOL.

    • Professor Cookie says:

      @Devin Smith Chris even said, Jada I love you before making the G.I. Jane joke. Will Smith’s a hypocrite.

    • Mr DMc says:

      The “apology” came after the Academy announced they were investigating. Then he issues this screed which has narcissist written all over it. He never actually said “I’m sorry Chris Rock”. Will Smith will actually have his name uttered in the same breath as Bill Cosby.

  3. Mic Eyce Real Muzique says:

    When I hear Will Smith’s apologies. Especially you have here him intentionally apologizing to everybody except for Chris Rock after his act. All I can say is how fitting that that performance came at the oscars. That apology at the Oscars and this apology that he wrote to Chris rock. Was in Oscar winning Worthy performance

  4. Sea Green says:

    It is appalling that they allowed Will to go back on stage and collect his award after assaulting a fellow actor. If any other person had assaulted Chris they would have been taken out in cuffs and not allowed back in. Why is Will any different? They owe Chris and the public an apology for their double-standard behavior.

    • Ze Tuan Lim says:

      Maybe if they took him away… people will play up racial hatred.
      America is a ticking time bomb with religion and race.
      People just enjoy violence.

    • Mazhets says:

      @La Rochejaquelein Why you people have race problems? Why just not stand to politicians

    • Mazhets says:

      @La Rochejaquelein that’s not the point

    • S W says:

      Yes. Will created a workplace danger for everyone there, and the Academy condoned it. Shame on them.

    • La Rochejaquelein says:

      If a white dude had slapped a black man in front of everyone, he would have been cancelled. But because Will is black he gets away with it as if it were nothing

  5. Souvik Basu says:

    One word: He just dishonoured the Academy Awards!
    How the hell he got such an audacity to disrespect the legendary Academy Awards!

  6. TampaTec says:

    🤔 Oscars staff hugging Will Smith is called condemns?

  7. Mike Ock says:

    Here’s how Chris should’ve gotten his revenge: Before the apology, he should’ve told Will, or his publicist, or whoever wrote the apology, that he forgives him, and that he wants to help him restore his reputation, and that it would be a good idea to start the apology with “I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement”.

  8. Alcario says:

    “I’m sorry but”

    And there it is. Will, The people with more than 2 braincells to rub together are VERY disgusted and highly disappointed in your actions. We love you. We hope you get the help you deserve. You’re right, It’s inexcusable. Chris deserves a REAL apology. This ain’t it my guy. Tell your PR to do better next time.

    Seriously, take a break from Jada. Go on a long vacation, Find a shrink or therapist. Heal from what’s causing you to bleed on others. We love you brother.

    • S W says:

      Smith has assaulted people at least twice before—including before Jada.

    • knibloe jon says:

      @Star Dust so you too, would chose to be a hot headed moron instead of a grown man when it comes to dealing with mildly offensive jokes?

    • Primo Panda says:

      I think the joke was more aimed at the fact that she shaved her head. That was the GI Jane reference I’m just about 100 percent sure. He wasn’t aiming at her disease and it was taken out of context. Plus Will thought the joke was hilarious.
      The whole thing was ridiculous and he could’ve pulled him aside after the show or something instead of this whole situation

    • Star Dust says:

      Disgusted by what? By a man who didn’t let another man bully and humiliate his wife in front of their peers and the world? Because she has a disease that makes her lose her hair and she struggles with it. It’s not okay to embarrass people in front of others for comedy. I would have hit him too had he done that to my partner in public.

  9. Release DaKracken says:

    Making a public apology on a tweet is the equivalent of breaking up with somebody in a text message. What a clown and a coward.

  10. SupaDupaFli79 says:

    Will Smith’s PR person should also get an Oscar for that well written apology.

    • Mr DMc says:

      I’m sorry but this was written with narcissist written all over it. He never said “I’m sorry Chris” this was all about him. He actually blames Chris for making a reference to jada’s “medical condition”. Alopecia is a medical term for hair loss. It is not a life threatening condition. I have alopecia and it is unsightly at most. The reason jada has troubles is due to her vanity.

    • Beirut27 says:

      Probably his lawyers. But they must be paid enough to deliver the goods 😉 .

    • Amir says:

      @Stackuponguns no people are not stupid in this day age. But you are for sure😂

    • nyiamNkawg saiv says:

      Sorry damage already done!

    • gerraldotaylor1980 says:

      @Another Point of View what more should he have said then? they are men, real men just apologize and move on. dont know what you learned.

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