Will Smith grunt

Will Smith grunt


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44 Responses

  1. Darius Jebashaker says:

    The content we subscribed for. Proud of you, Jack!

  2. Kadz says:

    *_Top ten anime remixes_*

  3. Dora J says:

    I’m tired just thinking about all the editing that went into this

  4. F1r3Start3r says:

    Welp , it’s better than the actual rewind video

  5. Art Things says:

    This is number 4 trending in the Uk ?

  6. Harkonar says:

    hip-hop isn’t dead my guy, this is the proof.

  7. MR. UNICUM says:

    i feel sexual tension from this

  8. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    I feel bad for Jack because he had to temporarily like 2018 YouTube Rewind 2018 for that one picture

  9. Dasch says:

    Will Smith is gonna release a diss track on you soon

  10. Juwangsang says:

    Was that a slim shady refrence

  11. Danny o says:

    Put 1.5x speed for slim jack

  12. Annatar says:

    I hope you’re having fun with these more creative pieces, John. I know we are!

  13. Jake Ranney says:

    The chorus sounds so familiar but I can’t place it. What is this a parody of???

  14. saphireiry says:

    *AHH That’s hot, that’s hot.*

  15. ReyMe ReyMe says:

    After his burnout jacksfilms became much better.

  16. Thwomp says:

    Lol when he stole Eminem’s lyrics was an epic gamer moment

  17. Meme Lord says:

    The YouTube rewind we deserved

  18. deceasedpixel says:

    “Will Smith will smith.” is a grammatically correct sentence

  19. Krishy Trishy says:

    here before this gets more likes than youtube rewind

  20. suga glider says:

    You’re trending in the uk. Well done m’lady **tips fedora**

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