Will Smith’s mother speaks about son’s first Oscar, stage confrontation

Will Smith’s mother speaks about son’s first Oscar, stage confrontation

Carolyn Smith is beaming with pride after her superstar son Will Smith finally won an Oscar.

“I know how he works, how hard he works…I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. When I heard the name, I was just, ‘Yes!'” said the actor’s mother in an exclusive interview with Action News.

On Hollywood’s biggest night, she got up early and was the first to send a text on the family’s special group chat.

“I started out saying, ‘Good morning, we’ve got to say good luck to Uncle Will,” Carolyn Smith recalled.

But no one would have predicted how Hollywood’s biggest night would unfold.

As the Smith family gathered in their family home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the actor’s mother, sisters and others dressed up and gathered around the TV to watch their hero.
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33 Responses

  1. V2 says:

    Feel bad for Chris Rock’s family. Must have been horrible to see him physically attacked. Will Smith’s behavior was inexcusable.

  2. Fernan Montevista says:

    That slap by Will will be more remembered than any awards given including him.

    • Rene Michelle Aranda says:

      @Alaina Buchholtz they didn’t take oscars back from Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski after sexual abuse and rape. That should happen first before they take one from Will for a slap.

    • love Grace says:

      Unfortunately, while I do advocate non-violence, Amerikkk have taught us that humans don’t usually listen to peaceful protests and requests. It literally took a civil war to finally free slaves. Christ-followers are called to turn the other Cheek, yet Christ shall return with war. Because I don’t attend such things as the Oscars nor listen to such jokes (the jokes of Chris Rock) nor watch the movies of Will (per my own Christian walk, by the grace of God and to His glory), I can say that the solution would have been for both of them to follow Jesus Christ, and, that particular situation would not have happened, as certain roads lead to certain evils. As a former well-skilled boxer and U.S. Marine trained to kill, kill, kill, fighting has been a key part of my life. Nevertheless, as a servant of the blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my warfare is a very different one. So, I have had to Refuse to engage in physical wars and fightings for the sake of the Gospel and the glorious Name of Jesus Christ. But, looking at the situation through wisdom, they both were in the wrong and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Much love in Christ Jesus forever!

      Apostle Thaddeus
      The Ministry of Pure Truth

      All glory be to God forever 🙌😊
      Praise Christ Jesus forever 🙌😊
      Hallelujah Holy Spirit forever 🙌😊 Amen.

    • Alaina Buchholtz says:

      They should take it back!



    • HOLDIN TUDIKS says:

      hey 😏 it’s mother russia 🇷🇺

  3. Ricky Mckinnon says:

    Not one of them mentioned that Will’s actions was unacceptable or that he should apologize. In my family we hold each other accountable. They know he’s the bread winner so they are pretty much “yes” ppl.

  4. Brad Holly says:

    the funniest thing about this though was that Will even laughed at Chris’s joke about Jada. But that soon changed when Jada gave Will the look to do something about it, and then the slap happened. Chris took it like a champ.

  5. j.h. frözt says:

    Translation – (regardless of what my son does, he got me a house, some jewelry etc, im supporting!) … proper mom/dad would go against violence REGARDLESS how hard you work or what you have given ! Your job as parent is to make a better version of you !

    • Riley Scott says:

      Actually, that’s not how this interview came across at all. Just the opposite. She did not even imply it was okay nor did she make any excuses for it. She said she was just as shocked as all of us and it was uncharacteristic of him. She would know. This interview went as well as it could have. It sounds like you are triggered and reacting more towards the burglary/shooting crime videos we typically see on the news rather than about the current situation…kind of like Will’s reaction. Ironic, isn’t it? Lol.

    • jay dee says:

      @99Moves Assaulting someone is not checking them!!!

    • 99Moves says:

      That’s all you got from that interview.. but when a cop murders an un armed black person everyone is quiet.. He ain’t kill Chris , he checked him !

    • Ryan White says:

      Terrible interview from his family. It’s OK to slap a person because u don’t like what the person said their proud of his money that’s why it’s OK what he did

    • Ryan White says:


  6. John Smith says:

    I just like Lupita’s reaction . Her facial expression is telling us she wants to know more.

  7. Sha says:

    As a mother you must be very proud of Will Smith!! Like father like son!! The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!!

  8. Amy Hurley says:

    Being a mom, “proud” is the LAST thing I would have felt for my son after he pulled that on live TV! Shock and sickening disappointment describes it better. In one moment, Will Smith defined his life….. not by his work, but for the violence he will ALWAYS be remembered for.

    • You're right, I'm wrong says:

      @Anna Budyn Nah, I think fame and money did that to him.

    • Anna Budyn says:

      I agree, I would have been mortified if it were my son. Sounds like a mother whose son was brought up believing that he could do no wrong.

  9. JJJ Love says:

    It’s wild to me how this genuine out of character moment occurred and completely tarnished Will’s reputation over the course of one night.
    I would feel conflicted if I were a member of his family. You want to feel proud that he finally got the Oscar that he deserved, but can’t help feelings of disappointment that he ruined his moment all by himself.

  10. Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    You don’t need to take away the award. Every time he looks at it or anyone sees it they will only remember the slap not what he got it for.

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