Will this BIG BLOCK Dodge Run After 27 YEARS??

Will this BIG BLOCK Dodge Run After 27 YEARS??

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Today we bring an abandoned 70 ramp truck back to life!

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37 Responses

  1. Junkyard Digs says:

    Go to https://buyraycon.com/jyd for 15% off sitewide! Brought to you by Raycon.

    • Carter Thompson says:

      Hey i have a 84 squarebody in drakesville iowa and was wanting to get rid of it and wondered if u would be interested

    • james azure says:

      @Krazy Mitch Adventures That’s what i was going to say but you said it. yeah put it on something else.

    • Mark G says:

      Another great video! Alao bought a set of Raycon Buds using JYD15…….Thanks.

    • BSM Connor says:

      You asked how to help with your empty trailer beating the crap outta you. First you wanna drop your tire pressure on the trailer only a little and rather than loading up your pick up with all of the tools you wanna put everything that has “substantial” weight over the axles of the trailer, it won’t completely fix the problem but simply adding removable trailer weight will help massively

    • herb tender says:

      So some brake cleaner is not flammable some is, but most of what is sold. Tetrachloroethylene Of a brake cleaner has no fire-causing properties here is some info
      chlorinated brake cleaners (often sold as non-flammable) use organochlorines like tetrachloroethylene and dichloromethane.Historically Trichloroethane was used, sometimes together with Tetrachloroethylene. It was phased out due to its ozone-depleting nature.
      Non-chlorinated brake cleaners use hydrocarbons as a main component; it will either be a low-boiling aliphatic compound or higher-boiling hydrocarbon mixture. (Aromatics like benzene, toluene or xylene may also be used) these are flammable .(The hydrocarbons used are sometimes made by hydrogenation from naphtha) these are flammable. The lipophilic liquids dissolve fat-soluble lubricants or oils. (Some products also contain polar solvents such as ethanol methanol, isopropanol, and acetone) these are flammable, in order to dissolve non-lipophilic substances. Many formulations are incompatible with various materials, especially plastics.

  2. b-rad98 says:

    Holding the spark plug wire further away from the plug caused it to have better spark because when you create high resistance (aka making the electricity have to jump an inch) it actually gains energy- aka then has great spark. This is an old hot rodder trick, whenever the engine would flood from fuel, they would pull all the plug wires off and just hang them on the plugs (make it have to jump a large gap before getting to the plug like you did) to allow it to generate greater spark energy and start even with fouled plugs

    • Blue51 says:

      Pretty smort

    • mopar man says:

      its much safer on a electronic ignition to use a spark checker holding the end of the wire from a ground is a good way to burn up the control module on the fire wayy . u can do that with a coil wire but its much safer to use a spark checker

    • bettingru says:

      Holding the spark plug wire further away from the plug only makes it look like there is better spark. There is no increase in energy, with respect to increasing current capacity. All things remaining equal, the available current remains the same.

    • Flofutz says:

      That was what i did in the middle of the night, being stranded in nomans land.
      And no cell phone service.
      On my single cylinder bike the plug went out.
      So i made a little fire using a fuel wet rag and spark from my ignition wire.
      So i had the spark plug happy enough again to run on extended spark

    • youtube sucks says:

      @markphipps3854  I have 7 old mopars and all champion plugs. Tried others and they ran like crap. Put champions back in. May not last as long but idc

  3. Jesse's World says:

    Drunk Mook and Kevin are so funny and it’s great to see what I’m assuming is a fun evening together just screwing around in the shop. Love the realism of it all.

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  4. Joseph Bugaj says:

    If you’re looking for a transmission for the truck, you’d probably have better luck finding a heavy-duty transmission off a larger application.

    A recommendation I’d make regarding a transmission for the 12-Valve Cummins is an Allison 2500PTS or AT545. You’d be able to find those from box trucks or school buses and those transmissions are quite stout for usage. School bus transmissions (due to constant stop-n-go use) have hardened components to hold up to abuse.

    The 12-Valve being used in various vehicular applications means there’s a whole bunch of adapter plates to mate it to various transmissions (mainly larger trucks and the heavy duty Dodge Ram pickup trucks) so finding an adapter plate for a transmission would be relatively easy, especially an Allison transmission.

    • Reese Williamson says:

      @Joseph Bugaj I know this truck is auto, even auto trucks are born with the firewall holes for a clutch master. Auto = boring. 12v and a getrag 6spd or a nv5600 would be absolutely perfect for this, not to mention any Allison newer than ~1980 is a turd and any one older is so wore out you need to dump the price of a getrag into itto have a good reliable tranny.

    • Joseph Bugaj says:

      @Reese Williamson this particular truck however is an automatic. And to change it over to a stick would involve finding additional components, like a clutch pedal, a master and slave cylinder, additional plumbing, etc. I recommended an Allison transmission both for how stout they are for heavier applications and ease of finding parts to bolt it behind the 12-Valve Cummins, like an adapter plate and other components to get it to play nice with the engine. Plus the Allison transmissions can have several mounting setups (both factory and custom mounting) due to the multitude of applications they are put in. Also they can have PTO available (depending on transmission) if so desired.

      If I had the truck, and I was putting in the 12-Valve in place of the 440, I’d pair it with an Allison transmission. A good pairing for the application setup.

    • Green Lint says:

      @Paul Roehm Was just going to say the same. They can take a lot of punishment. That one may have some dried out internal seals and might come back to life somewhat once they swell back up. I had a 1980 New Yorker that was sitting for a couple years before I bought it and reverse wouldn’t work until it warmed up. Over time, the problem got less and less until there was only a slight delay in very cold weather. It had a 360 V8/ 727 power train. Was one of my favorite cars.

    • Reese Williamson says:

      He wants a stick, an nv4500/5500/5600 would be a bolt-in swap on this truck as that’s what they came with factory.

    • Vintage tin trader says:

      The 727 in the ramp truck is certainly not robust behind the 440 😉

  5. Scotty. P says:

    More drunk Mook rebuilds. Pure gold

  6. Bailey Tillman says:

    Thank you for bringing Pole Barn Garage on to your channel and recommending him . Since the last video I have binged many hours of his content including the entire Holey Goat playlist. Very underrated channel.

  7. ed duffer says:

    Rocco chiero was a custom car builder and hot rod guy. Some of the cars he put together were simply amazing… Last known he was still alive in 2017 and living in chicago.

  8. Stony Springs says:

    Watching mook half drunk rebuilding a carburetor is hilarious. “Don’t hurt that I can see three of this bolt.” 😂😂😂

  9. Kenneth Mathis-Simpson says:

    Mooks carb rebuild was absolute gold, had me laughing the whole time. Love it!

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  10. K Barton says:

    She’s a nice rig. Definitely a fun addition to the fleet. But that carb rebuild was outstanding. Lol. Those thermoquad carbs are better than people give em credit for. And they can be converted for e85 use.

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