Winchester Mansion – Q+A

Winchester Mansion – Q+A

Is Ryan still afraid of ghosts?

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64 Responses

  1. Michelle Karas says:

    U know it’s a good day when u get to watch a video of Ryan and Shane while u do hw. Lol

  2. Jacqueline Foley says:

    Shane I support your decision to prolong the hot daga, take as much time as you need to really perfect your art. Also, *your words are scaring me. Is this the final season???*

  3. Zyara Jazzamine says:

    Shane is quite the artist😂

  4. Jordan Robbins says:

    When you go through Fenn’s treasure too dang fast and your budget gets cut

  5. coffeesweater says:

    best friends know if you scream their name, they must scream back. y’know, just in case they died or somethin.

  6. QueenSince1997 says:

    I love the background very reminiscent makes me very nostalgic

  7. Ace A.P says:

    Me: give a raise to whoever drew that horse

    Of course Shane drew the horse

  8. Number1HitsugayaFan says:

    You guys shouldn’t have explained the temporary background, so that the mystery would remain…..unsolved!

  9. Luna Park says:

    Shane’s horse head😵
    Ringo’s paint art is quaking

  10. Amberdawn Sese says:

    Shane please tell us when season two of Ruining History is coming

  11. Kaity Avila says:

    They better be dressed up as Ricky Goldsworth and C.C. Tinsley

  12. mahin mohammed says:

    ‘we are goin to dress up’ walk in dressed up as each other, swapping clothes.

  13. Eileen Zamby says:

    If Ryan and/or Shane are not dressed in Hot Daga inspired costume when the Halloween post mortem rolls around, or if their costumes are not at that god tier level, I’m going to riot

  14. Vicki Cupper says:

    The hot daga is the longest, most elaborate troll ever. Bravo, Shane.

  15. Abelle S. says:

    I hope they dress up as Bigfoot and Mothman

  16. Sajeeth Sadanand says:

    “You bring me comfort in perilous sleeping situations” – Ryan, 2018

  17. cerulean says:

    2:27 this sounds cheesy, but they’re honestly friendship goals

  18. Karla Fuentes says:

    Thank you so much for being you. Even when I’m feeling not the greatest, I see your videos and I manage to smile and feel a little better.

  19. cerulean says:

    That ending was amazing

  20. c h i n n y says:

    You can really tell they decked out the studio with the treasure money!

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