Windows 10 Feature Highlights

Windows 10 Feature Highlights

It’s the same desktop you know and love, only better. It’s quick start up and more security. It’s Cortana, a new browser, and a one stop Windows Store. Windows 10 is coming July 29, 2015. Reserve your free upgrade today:

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20 Responses

  1. vigenlona says:

    anyone wondering what the song is: hallway swimmers – indigo

    you’re welcome :)

  2. 4230Steef says:

    Lol.. saw the upgrade thing on my bar, came to this.. I will get the copy
    and wait for the optimization for games

  3. Sandman says:

    Awesome, Plus Minecraft is coming to the Store? That’s great.

  4. krzys ja says:

    łindołs 10 sucks dick

  5. 14842 says:

    im scared, im really scared updating to 10 even for free, where is the
    secret snake hiding? windows 7 is good working fine :)

  6. Martin Lehrer says:

    já nevím

  7. Stephen Leslie says:

    It’s a PC Plus world. People have desktops / laptops + they have smart
    phones, Xboxes etc.

  8. Michael Mclain says:

    You can can download the OS to day, join me and let’s try it, and let
    everyone know what we think

  9. Twisted Umbrella says:

    They answered those questions. Read the FAQ in the update.

  10. Twisted Umbrella says:

    My 10 year old brother could find it. Get your shit together dude.

  11. Kingimmortal says:

    I get message in my pc today.

  12. Rettiwer says:

    This music is used in new Polish “Plus” campaign its name is “Ja+” it’s
    great, but this video is more epic than “Ja+”.

  13. LoGnomo says:

    Good job!! LIKE Windows. All sync with phone and pc. And free <3 . I will
    buy app in Store for you.

  14. SpyroPS1iscool says:

    Thumbs up if you will keep Windows 7 forever!!!

  15. PCMechanic Computer Repair says:

    Windows 10 feature highlights. Check it out.

  16. Diogo Souza says:

    Fable Legends!!!!
    +LionheadStudios, thanks!!

  17. Submarine Controversy says:


  18. hollyvelocitygrl says:

    I pre-ordered my copy today. No doubt someone’s already hacked my serial,
    and customer service already has double-barrelled automated service ready

  19. Ahmed7Jazi says:

    No thank, i got used to my 8.1 by now.

  20. batmanexit13 says:

    Does anyone know what the name of that laptop is?