Windows 10. GMUNK. ODESZA.

Windows 10. GMUNK. ODESZA.

What happens when you combine one of the world’s hottest conceptual visual artists (Bradley G. Munkowitz aka GMUNK) with the amazing music duo ODESZA, and throw in some blasting lasers, smoke machines and falling crystal dust? Turn up your speakers and watch. Created at Microsoft by Swodniw. To see the making of this video:

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19 Responses

  1. The Beaver Cleaver says:

    Anyone on the Windows team who made this feel any irony when they asked to
    add the smoke and mirrors?

  2. John Kreese says:

    I love it. And I’ve only just touched the surface.

  3. Narayan Lewandowski says:

    Why did they change the name? :(

  4. 王海强 says:


  5. kittyhacker101 developer team says:

    Wow. Microsoft should make this the boot screen!

  6. cong duc dinh says:

    Does anyone know what is the name of the song ?

  7. The master of Games says:

    and this vid is amazing =)

  8. Zach Mc fly says:


  9. mitsos13ps says:

    This video seems like the people from the future gave it to us or someone
    spent days on sny vegas…..

  10. David Gruetzke says:

    Dieses Lied ist so geil! Wäre besser wenn es 3 Minuten laufen könnte! 

  11. DerHek says:

    This is a remix of the original secret song of XP *-*

  12. Petrick star says:

    Download more RAM !!!

  13. Nathan Cocarde (natheux) says:

    this video can be my futur Windows 10 bootanimation (shrink to ~20/30sec)

  14. Trevor Murphy says:

    So I was seeing all these negative comments on a windows 10 launch video, I
    went to post something and then “Comments were disabled for this video”.
    REALLY Microsoft? Try to help them instead of sugarcoating the Win10

  15. Shaikh Harith says:

    Cool! Still waiting for my Windows 10 update though…

  16. Othon Duarte says:

    The Best Windows is Here, forever.

  17. saad elgharbaouy says:

    new ringtone for my new lumia 640 XL 

  18. Metal Mixer says:

    Постоянно вылетает в синий экран с ошибкой kernel auto boost lock
    acquisition with raised irql.Лучше бы продолжал 7 пользоваться.

  19. sk1yn3 says:

    The best Windows yet…. The best OS yet… <3