Winner Gets $50,000! CashNasty vs. Matt Kiatipis 1v1 Finals

Winner Gets $50,000! CashNasty vs. Matt Kiatipis 1v1 Finals

Cash Nasty and MK will 1v1 in the HoH Creator League Finals on Thursday, April 21st at 8pm EST!

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51 Responses


    as much as i was rooting for cash to win, mk deserved it. good game on both ends 🔥💪

  2. ahmed issmart says:

    Mks defense against cash’s charges was very good. He took the charge to his chest while keeping his hands off as much as possible. That defense made cash miss multiple times. 👍

    • ahmed issmart says:

      @Idk Idk Yes there should have been more calls, especially on mk. In the end MKs sometimes no-foul solid defense, and his fast drive helped him secure the W. And his shooting. Both still had chances to take it home. And that’s coming from a friga fan boy.

    • Idk Idk says:

      @ahmed issmart U can say the same about MK vs Friga where he was fouling all game and didn’t get called.

    • Idk Idk says:

      @ahmed issmart Watch MK vs Friga and u will know why

    • ahmed issmart says:

      @313rdSoldier idk why their riding cash’s meat. They should call it as it is, a charge.

  3. WingMan says:

    Respect to MK for playing as fair as possible and he definitely needs it more than Cash😂💯

  4. Chris Rodriguez says:

    Cash was throwing shoulders and elbows the whole time 🤦🏻‍♂️ MK got that fair 💯💯

    • 8bit_mike says:

      @Awflic cash aint a hooper bro. those aint basketball moves. dude has zero game. anyone thinking he was gon win should be banned from talking ball ever again.

    • Blercii says:

      @Awflic mk fouled him one time stop it

    • Jae Austin says:

      @Awflic do you kids know nothing about basketball? You sound delusional..Cash was charging MK on offense and grabbing him on defense.

    • JimBob Westin says:

      Lowkey cash throws shoulders and elbows every game… He not hooper he a foot ball player

  5. Demascus says:

    Considering how many fouls the ref missed both ways, MK won this one fair and square

  6. AlphaAsset says:

    Bro, Cash rammed the shit outta MK during that second round 😂

  7. matthew chau says:

    MK was pretty much out-athleting all his opponents. Played physical when he needed too… showed he could play defense on anyone. I wasn’t a fan of MK early on with his game against Friga, but he grew on me. Deserved the win.

    • ¿Son Draco? says:

      @Midnight Movie Man you didnt say anything that wasn’t expected…

    • The Wiz says:

      @Rayshan Thomas lmao exactly. If cash could hit his shots he would’ve won easy.

    • Supreme Dreams productions Tito Concepcion says:

      But to be fair he definitely humbled up a lil bit when he realized the whole community didn’t like him. He surprised everyone with how good he’s gotten and he’s got a killers mentality. He definitely grew on me too. I’m a fan of mk now I can’t lie lol

    • Supreme Dreams productions Tito Concepcion says:

      @CDaffpunk his fouling and his extreme arrogance is why people hate him.

    • james bader says:

      I mean besides both Friga games it just look like physical basketball not to bad of fouls.

  8. T@tum says:

    LMAO Cash got the world record for fouls in a game. I just really wished this game was played in a more hyped atmosphere.

    • Midnight Movie Man says:

      I told everybody cash would only win if rigged. I explained he can’t shoot and he can’t finish.. I explained he was going to run out of steam as he did last match

      I explained Friga was better than cash and MK took him. I explained cash is shooting air balls and misses easy layups and MK don’t. Most told me to get lost and I was a hater.

    • C Liljon says:

      Shit was very awkward at the end…should of just left out the clapping

    • wokzilla says:

      Ya anyone know what happened? It’s like when Smackdown the fans via screens

    • Burt says:

      @Dale Miller it’s worth watching to see MK get what he’s been dishing out

    • Dale Miller says:

      @Mj 28 pretty sure he hates me lol

  9. Richard Becker says:

    Bro Cash with that leaping foul on MK had me dying 😂😂😂

  10. Sim says:

    that offensive foul/travel cash does everytime when someone more skilled than him is guarding him is insane, what’s the point of refs, Cash made MK look like he played clean against Friga 💀

    • Angel Winters says:

      @The Wiz mk was forsure doin that with friga and shit but this game specifically cash was hands down hacking more. the offensive off arm when driving that mk did almost everytime against friga that was clearly a offensive foul is what cash did to him. plus the grabbing everytime he got beat, travelling and getting away with it. the skill level is higher for mk clearly no hatin shit. cash really went mk mode on cam fr to make it here if you wanna be real

    • The Wiz says:

      All Cash did was match MKs energy. He literally played how MK played the whole tournament and even said on Live the ref was gonna let them play physical ball.

    • Dennis Moldovan says:

      Bro the Ref was 100% trying to get Cash the W. Cash fouls every single damn play and not just little fouls. Obvious shit that’s just not Basketball. No point having a ref if you wanna play prison ball. And then Cash gets touched and the ref blows the whistle so quick. This game was was hard to watch. Glad a hooper won

    • Angel Winters says:

      @DRIP To Wealth im not even a mk fan or nun but cash fouled him EVERY SINGLE TIME HE BEAT HIM. and he beat him almost everytime lool he would jus use his hands to grab or push him. made mk look like the clean one out there loool

    • Sim says:

      @The Sickone what are you on lmao *when* did I ever say cash was good?

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