WINNER’S PERFORMANCE: Loreen – Tattoo ✨ | Sweden 🇸🇪 | Eurovision 2023

WINNER’S PERFORMANCE: Loreen – Tattoo ✨ | Sweden 🇸🇪 | Eurovision 2023

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Loreen’s winner’s reprise.

#UnitedByMusic – Liverpool 2023

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26 Responses

  1. Lk Ms says:

    She received over 300 jury votes, it was almost impossible for others to win.

    • Молли says:

      Да пора уже отказаться от каких то там жюри и давать выбор именно телезрителям. Так бы Loreen не победила точно со своей посредственной песней. Она куда хуже чем эйфория

    • DanFortesq says:

      That is how corruption works: It’s sad to witness but there is nothing you can do about it.

    • Emre Serin says:

      Well deserved tho

    • Jepega says:

      ​@DanFortesq There was no foul play at play here.

      People just like the song.

    • P. says:

      Australia got 320 jury points back in 2016 and no one moaned about it (guess what, she didn’t win because the public didn’t support her as much as they did with Loreen)

  2. Suzi Yang says:

    Her voice is amazing!!!!!

  3. Denis sshh says:

    Da Italiano, complimenti davvero eccezionale!!

    • Laura Ferro says:

      Concordo, mengoni nn avrebbe potuto vincere a confronto!!

    • Linox DG says:

      Mhè non sono proprio d’accordo… tanta scena ma la canzone non è nulla di ché; alla fine vince chi fa più rumore, e l’anno prossimo fossi un concorrente mi presenterei con 2 bombe e una chitarra, con luci stroboscopiche e fumo a volontà, vittoria assicurata.

    • Jose Manuel Ros Muñoz says:

      La canción se parece mucho a la que creó un DJ español en 1999 (flaying free)

    • Denis sshh says:

      @Linox DG si a qualità di bravura Mengoni non si discute, ma anche in questa la qualità è tanta e la differenza la fa la scenografia.

    • Daniela F says:

      @Linox DG – Concordo, sembra una canzone composta dall’intelligenza artificiale, anche se lei è oggettivamente brava.

  4. somee says:

    wow she even got a golden buzzer

  5. aganiesha says:

    This performance was fullfill with light. It’s hearable that stress was gone and Loreen let herself be carried away by the music . Love IT ❤

  6. AngelYuna says:

    Eres de otra dimensión Loreen. Quería que ganarás desde Chile! Reina felicidades

  7. Bekah says:

    This performance was much better than her official final one – much cleaner sounding

  8. Mackenzie's Planet says:

    Wow! Amazing performace! Sending support from Philippines ❤

  9. Emma Cicilia says:

    Always my favourite 🎉❤…with love from 🇨🇼

  10. 로제 says:


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