Wipe Any PC in 2 Minutes!

Wipe Any PC in 2 Minutes!

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We investigate a USB key that claims to irreversibly destroy data.

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72 Responses

  1. ƬψƬ tentacion says:

    Oh god i thought this was HowToBasic

  2. nicoznam says:

    dd if=/dev/urandom of= and your’re done…

    • Alexander Daum says:

      +Marco Tedaldi I just tried on my machine and for me only /dev/zero provides output, /dev/null just sinks data.

    • kasparov hr says:

      +Marco Tedaldi No it doesn’t. /dev/zero is source, /dev/null is sink. Try to read /dev/null with dd and you get nothing out.

    • Serenity Laboratories says:

      +Dmitri Not substantially, not at a rate that’d matter with HDD IO.

      If you do this on an SSD… well forensics can still get data off it, wear leveling and such.

      Also overwriting everything with zeroes might get forensics enough hints because you’re either changing a cell or leaving it as is, with urandom it’s at least somewhat random.

      Not to mention encrypting and throwing away headers is always the superior way to delete files. With luks you can even back them up with plausible deniability!

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

      +Marco Tedaldi No it doesn’t. Trying to read from /dev/null returns immediate EOF (0 bytes read).

    • Vrex says:

      Why not /dev/fuck/

  3. Solkre says:

    So RedKey USB is just repackaged DBAN. I runs whatever HDD erase method you want, just like DBAN. It didn’t try to secure erase the SSD like a manufacturer tool would, at all.

    • Solkre says:

      +sisbrawny A regular HDD doesn’t have a secure erase feature. You have to overwrite the data on the disks, which takes hours to days.

    • sisbrawny says:

      +Solkre I used the secure erase feature built into my HDD. No downloaded software.

    • Solkre says:

      +sisbrawny What make and model Hard Disk Drive was it? I’d love to find one that could somehow do that! It would still have to take the time to write data to the platters.

    • sisbrawny says:

      ​+Solkre Hitachi 5K750-640. Now that I think about it more, I did use Parted Magic from the Ultimate Boot CD to do the secure erase. But it worked. I think there was a choice to use onboard disk features.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

      +Solkre I don’t understand how Secure Erase can be better than writing every sector. If it doesn’t overwrite every sector, then how can it be “secure”? If it *does* overwrite every sector, then it will cause just as much wear and tear as regular writes.

  4. Sabith Pkc Mnr says:

    I wipe my PC every 2 weeks using soft cotton 🙂

  5. Andrew KVK says:

    What’s the quickest surefire way to destroy data permanently? Hammer? Microwave? Fire? How thorough are these methods against a professional data recovery service? For research purposes.

    • Derp says:

      high enough heat would likely fuck with magnetism. Cut it into pieces, bend it, bury it in your yard.

    • Noah Darby says:

      Just throw your hard drives into a hot molten lava. Problem solved.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

      You are supposed to say “Asking for a friend”. 😉

    • serasviktoria says:

      Workaround: encrypt everything with a looong passphrase and non government software. Then: don’t tell anyone the phrase.

    • serasviktoria says:

      Alternatively get a small but fast SSD and put all your important stuff on there.
      the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250 GB has up to 3,3 GB of write speed (samsung benchmark). Because of that one pass is 76 seconds.

  6. /b/ Tard says:

    Execute “deletesystem32.exe”

  7. Liam O'Brien says:

    *2 hours

  8. Liam O'Brien says:

    NCIX should have used it.

    • Manu Saraswat says:

      ohh snap…

    • Fredrick Tuso says:

      They didn’t have $45.

    • the mre nerd says:

      +Fredrick Tuso DBAN is free

    • Fredrick Tuso says:

      +the mre nerd yeah… And that doesn’t have anything to do with the comment we replied to. We were roasting NCIX for their data breach and bankrupcy, not chatting about freeware alternatives.

      I’m awfully sure I’ve been using DBAN longer that you have and I know it’s free, it isn’t much use for enthusiests anymore because the free version doesn’t support SSDs but I’m sure the NCIX servers used spinning drives.

  9. Jesse Liley says:

    Oh no Linus! MBR is only 512 bytes and does not contain file system files, where are your fact checkers?


    1:34 i thought the video was brought by RAZER

  11. Marco Tedaldi says:

    Urm… File information is neither in the MBR or GPT. That’s just where the partition information is stored.
    It’s either the FAT (for FAT-Filesystems) or MFT (Master File Table for NTFS) on Windows…

  12. darkSorceror says:

    0:41 “entry for the file” wat … MBR and GPT contain entries for partitions.

  13. darkSorceror says:

    6:11 This is looking suspiciously like a DBAN skin. The thing about “for HDDs but not SSDs” earlier in the vid doesn’t add up with all these different “government” wiping methods that DBAN definitely also has.

    • JohnMcBane says:

      especially since Linus said in the beginning of the video, one shouldn’t overwrite the data on a SSD, because of unnecessary wear and then doing exactly that thing based on the time it took. using the secure erase function of a SSD should take a couple of seconds, not hours.
      Plus deleting a file on a SSD with working TRIM it is usually enough to destroy the data. Linus explanation of deleting files is actually only applicable to HDDs.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

      The usual case of paying more for some proprietary product that does less than Free software that is already available.

  14. Fighterpilot50 says:

    No man should wield such power…

  15. Gregory Rehm says:

    No, MBR and GPT have nothing to do with file records. That’s in the file system, not the partition table…..

  16. can we reach 100 subscribers without videos?? says:

    Try on your petabyte storage?️.

  17. IGR Gaming says:

    Recuva doesnt actually work that good, EaseUs works way better in recovering lost data

  18. Elkom says:

    “Wipe any PC in 2 Minutes!”
    *Wiping takes 2 and a half hours*

  19. error idk says:

    Just buy the USB Killer and wipe your pc in a second.

  20. 8D MUSIC says:

    *_Don’t try this at home, school, office or anywhere._*

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