without you

without you

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without you · Tana Mongeau

without you

℗ 2020 Tana Mongeau

Released on: 2020-04-22

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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58 Responses

  1. Ivey League says:


  2. Kristi W says:

    I feel like I heard this before

  3. D says:

    How is this trending with only 117,000 views

  4. Lizbet Hernandez says:

    Love tf outta this future stripper love how much you’ve grown I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you on a personal level but I feel like I do and I just wanna say I love how we’ve grown quarantine Lowkey has been tough on me mentally hope you’re doing great we holdin on strong the songs a bop btw 🤍

  5. Alex says:

    I can’t get high without youuuu

  6. brownskingoodness gold says:

    Everyone is a singer and a rapper these days

  7. Steven Conley says:

    I can’t be the only one who only clicked on this to see if anyone remembered Ian’s videos about her, right?

  8. Mohammed Hussain says:

    My boy Jake Paul must be hitting these girls different, it seems like every one of his exes go from happy/loud/extravert/hot girl summer personality to depressed/introvert/humble as soon as he leaves them.

  9. Asmr Velvet says:

    This is such a good song but her voice is so bad and kind of ruins it lol like if Madison beer would have sang it it would be great

    • Luis Ortiz says:

      Lmao Madison is an actually good singer. Tana has no range and no experienced vocal training. Wasted this good beat

  10. Big X SPREZZY says:

    We all have to admit that very song was okay but this song is a straight Bop

  11. manga tween says:

    Plot twist: She’s singing about Imari

  12. Lyss Adrienne says:

    Tana missed the mark letting the topic page put this out instead of posting it straight to her page, 117k views in almost 2 days? I mean it’s trending but I know for a fact if she had posted this it would have a million views by now 😂😭 We’ve been waiting to hear this song since she previewed it on her show!

  13. Cabbage says:

    it’s friday, friday

  14. Rickety Cricket says:

    She’s obviously singing about the loss of her uncle Don Lewis…you know Carole freaking Baskin’s second husband.

  15. Dakota Duffina says:

    This is so auto tune heavy it doesn’t even sound like her. MTV is really stretching this girls career

  16. Logan Butters says:

    I can hear the pitch correction near bursting a blood vessel its struggling so hard to keep this on the rails.

    • kimberleyre09 says:

      archiessugarsugar I have to disagree. Violent Femmes was its own style for the time. It was an incredible dichotomy of his voice incorporated into rock/folk/punk. There was a reason for the incredibly unique voice. This is just someone singing into a computer system to put out a song to earn money with very little artistic input. I love ‘trendy’ pop music and not everything needs to be revolutionary, but just call it what it is.

    • Cptn Go says:


    • Awkward Small Tlk says:

      seriously why not just pay someone else to sing it

    • Sara P says:

      Lmfao I’m dead

    • k a r m a says:


  17. Raneem Hammouda says:

    I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve heard this before, wouldn’t be a surprise if Tana copied this

  18. Dorian Hand says:

    I cried when I first listened to this its too real, even with the auto-tone effect the lyrics don’t lie y’all…..

  19. lolhehehe Youtube says:

    You can hear the cheap autotune when she sings high pitch, bop or not? NOT

  20. Paige Ellas says:

    Tana, you are not allowed to be upset about the hate comments, because you did this. You reached your goal and made an amazing and beautiful piece of art that people will be listening to and loving forever, just like you.

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