Witness Vapes & Starts Driving During Testimony

Witness Vapes & Starts Driving During Testimony

During the defamation trial on Wednesday, a pre-recorded deposition of Alejandro Romero was played in court. During his testimony, Romero was vaping and began to drive while answering questions. Johnny Depp and other members of the court struggled to maintain their composure, some even laughing.

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34 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    This is the perfect example to show that not everybody needs to be all “formal” and “correct” in order to capture everyone’s hearts with the truth that he’s speaking.

  2. Kria says:

    You can literally see on judge’s face how she wonders how her career ended up in a point where a guy gives a testimony vaping and driving. Love the expression, so funny

  3. iben Dover says:

    The fact that these legal battles have been ongoing for nearly 4 years despite all the evidence that has already been presented is 100x more ‘bizzare’ than some random guy vaping and driving, not willing to sacrifice his free time for this clown show of a legal system.

  4. Valerie Dunn says:

    Alejandro Romero is a real person with a real job. He spoke his truth and the annoying lawyer kept asking him the same thing over and over again. He is a hero for putting up with the process.

  5. Aheront says:

    The judge just having to take a brief moment to process everything is absolutely gold. Especially when she finally snapped back to reality and closed the laptop screen. Felt like an episode in an anime I once saw in that exact sequence. Like a cliffhanger was about to emerge and they would conclude with a plot twist the next episode. 😂😂

  6. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    That was a first absolutely! But in this day and age, that will probably not be the last time you encounter this casual form of testimony.

    • Nancy C. says:

      Disrespectful or not, I definitely hope it’s not the last. This guy was a breath of fresh air in this miserably depressing case! He was also clearly authentic!

    • addybeans says:

      @horriblepancake Except, obviously he WAS needed because we just watched him give testimony. It doesn’t matter if it’s a zoom call. If zoom was around in the 1800’s they would use it in a legal setting, too. How old are you to be speaking about court decorum like that. Fut that 💀

    • ertren6 says:

      @BlueRidgeSilverhound the court system is incredibly flawed and is a joke in and of itself. Any lawyer will tell you that lol

    • TakeTheCannoli says:

      You’re saying it like it’s a bad thing.

    • Avalon says:

      They were making him late to work lmao. He’s not losing his job over AH and JD

  7. journeymanX says:

    Giving his testimony while dodging the cops with his 5 star wanted level
    In all seriousness props to him for actually attending this hearing and giving his time

  8. MJ says:

    This guy is a legend, he doesn’t understand why he is being dragged into this. 🤣

  9. B Real says:

    I find this man more believable than 95% of the witnesses here. “I didn’t see no bruises.”
    Boom done. Case solved, we cal all go home.
    Seriously though it doesn’t get more genuine than that. Also- he’s probably still having to work and do stuff. Not everyone can pause their lives at the whim of millionaires and a court system.

  10. Aero says:

    I can’t believe judge said that about a witness. I thought it was shameful and extremely unprofessional. He was absolutely a great witness! Loved him❤️

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