Wiz Khalifa and Chris Jamison: “See You Again” – The Voice 2015

Wiz Khalifa and Chris Jamison: “See You Again” – The Voice 2015

Season 7 alum Chris Jamison joins Wiz Khalifa to sing “See You Again” from the movie “Furious 7.”
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Wiz Khalifa and Chris Jamison: “See You Again” – The Voice 2015

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19 Responses

  1. Cookie Monsta says:

    Where is Taylor John William?

  2. carlos aparicio says:


  3. Marissa Johnson says:

    chris jamison is my husband

  4. Citra Mahanisa says:

    03:24 it is SO Chris, I always love his voice <3

  5. Martha O'Donnell says:

    Chris is sooo amazing

  6. Danielle Lumpkin says:

    Every time I hear this song I think of the ending of Furious 7 and think of
    Paul. I miss him so much. It brings me to tears sometimes. This song makes
    me smile and wanna cry at the same time. I praise and thank Wiz and Charlie
    for this song. Paul is smiling down proud of his Fast Family. Race in
    Heaven Paul Walker! 

  7. JN ZA says:

    I love you,wiz khalifa.
    Rip Paul Walker

  8. Jasmine Bardere says:

    Hard to listen to this song without thinking of paul walker 

  9. Bunnie Luv says:

    Should of just let Chris sing….perfection!

  10. Jessica Loiola says:

    So proud of Chris *-*

  11. Hater123 says:

    Look are we gonna make chris a star or not? Tired of talent just being
    wasted in this world

  12. Maya Hakim says:

    Amazing ❤️

  13. Lisa Hansen says:

    Love this song and LOVE Chris! He nailed this last night!! Can’t wait to
    hear his album!!!!

  14. Jay Boss Brooks says:

    Wiz looks high as always. <3

  15. Khoa Huynh says:

    We are truly proud of you Chris-#ChrisJaminStar

  16. scchoi31 says:

    This song will always be linked to PW. but awesome performance. Thank you
    F7 for the tibute to PW. It was very touching and made me think more about

  17. angeezy says:


  18. Tim Duncan says:

    Seeing Wiz Khalifa doing this is good.
    But Pharell reaction is wack.

    I already hear this song from the film to the music video and others but
    never gets old.

  19. Ernest & Peter says: